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  1. Cheers and I already have registered a complaint! I joined the Labour Party because I was invited, by two senior figures, a Mr Corbyn and by a Miss Eagle, who told me that "if I joined, I would have a vote in the leadership election"? Regards Biff
  2. Hi Cheers for input. As a "consumer", I paid my subscrciption to a join an organisation with voting rights. After I joined, my voting rights were taken away from me unless I pay an increase in my subs to £25.00? a)Did I enter into a contract and is there a breach of that contract? and, b)What are my rights/options? Regards Biff
  3. Hi I am sure plenty of members are aware of Labours National Executive Committees (NEC)decision to bar all members who joined in the last 6 months (100,000 people approximately) from voting in the new leadership race? That is unless you pay a £25.00 membership fee within the next two days? The questions I would like to pose are, a)Is it illegal to, retrospectively, change the constitution/rules to deny the’ new’ labour party members a chance to vote? b) How much would it cost to mount a legal challenge against their decision? c) Would the new Labour party members be willing to pay an extra couple of quid to finance the challenge ?( here is my £2) d) Would anyone from CAG be able to assist in setting up a secure holding account etc etc if required? Now whether it’s Mark Twain, “If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.” Or Ken Livingston’s twist on it (I think?) “If voting made any difference they would ban it.” Both quotes and the labour parties NEC decision give me grave concern in this world of “open and transparent democracy”. Regards Biff
  4. Hi Guys, Any ideas to recent letter from shabbey ? Biff1666
  5. Alrite m3Lavo, just hoping for some guidence off the gang from CAG:confused: . I will keep you informed of any news.Watch this space. regards Biff1666
  6. Hi Lula, nice to hear from you again,thanks for the response:) I was getting a bit worried. I wouldn`t be suprised if we get a few more post from shabbey customers comming in. Sis in laws surname comes early in the alaphabet so she might be one of the first. I may be wrong but are they trying to pull a fast one with the 7 day deadline? Thanks once again ps previous post answered my question Biff
  7. Hi all, recieved letter of shabbey as a result of OFT case(see last post). Would welcome advice:confused: TIA Biff
  8. Hi All, Been sitting hear twiddling me thumbs waiting for the judgement when Sis in law received a letter out the blue from shabbey. Being of a suspicious nature when dealing with banks I would welcome any advice or directions (see below) It’s a copy of a letter sent by shabbey dated, 25.03.2008, to the County Court. It rambles on about the case being stayed in Sep.07 and in the “light of the litigation tacking place in the High Court”(Jan –Feb) etc etc. and goes on about the preliminary legal case before Mr Justice Smith and the “complex legal and factual issues” and “certain preliminary issues were left outstanding” It further goes on “For these reasons, we respectfully submit that the appropriate mechanism for the resolution of these issues raised in the claim before you remains the OFT proceedings. In the circumstances, and in order to ensure effective case management and consistent and fair treatment of similar cases thought the county Courts, we would respectfully request that the stay on the above claim is extended and that the following made: “Upon reading the Defendants letter dated the 25 March 2008: And upon it appearing that the legal principles in the case are the subject of litigation commenced by the Office of Fair Trading against certain banks in the High Court of Justice, Case number 2007, Folio1186 ((“the OFT test case”) IT IS ORDERED THAT The claim be stayed pending the final determination of the OFT test case, to include any appeal, Permission be given to apply to lift the stay or set aside or vary this order within 7 days of the service of this Order. Any application shall be on notice to all parties and shall be supported by a statement setting put why this claim should proceed before the final determination of the OFT test case. Unless the Court has already given directions, the Claimant may within three months of the final determination of the OFT test case apply to a District Judges sitting at the County Court where the claim is proceeding for direction for the future conduct of this action” We would ask that this letter be referred to the District judge at the earliest opportunity. We should also be grateful if it were possible for the Court to respond before the expiry date. Am I right in thinking she can apply for the stay to be lifted and the case heard and should we be concerned with the of the “7 day dead line”? It’s been a while and I am a bit rusty so any advice would be greatly appreciated Biff1666
  9. Thanks Lula, any answers to the other questions? Anyone know if St.Helens Court is applying stays on all applications or just when a request is made? Thanks Biff
  10. Hi All, sent AQ as directed received a response 18.09.07 from St Helens Court. ________________________________________ UPON reading the papers IT IS ORDEREEDTHAT 1. The action be stayed untill 31 March 2008 or two months after the OFT case(to be heard in January2008) whichever is the sooner 2. Liberty to either to apply on notice:mad: __________________________________________ 1. Is it worth appling for the stay to be removed? 2. Why do they send an AQ knowing that they are about to stay the action? 3. Just about to send off N1 Notice for two other claims(these are for credit cards) IS IT WORTH IT OR SHOULD I WAIT UNTILL THE OFT DEAL IS DONE, SORRY CASE IS HEARD:mad: ? welcome your views Biff
  11. Thanks for the Bump Tilly, we will have to wait and see on that one! Bach to Bank charges:confused: No joy with Halifax regarding part payment/rejection offer,10 days are up, recieved a reply stating "I am sorry my previous response did not resolve the matter to your satisfaction As per our Complaints Leaflet sent with our previous corrospondence, your case has been escalated(Oooooooohh !) to Customer Relations and they will be in touch with you shortly. Should you have any further concerns about your complaint, please contact Customer relations direct on 0845 850 1368. your sincerely Lisa McPhee" Just about to issue N1 notice and have copied Halifax N1 from Sticky. However this refers to current account etc . Would it be OK to amend to Credit Cards etc or is there a specific N1 for Credit Cards? TIA Biff
  12. Hi Pingdagolf, my Sis in Law had a similar letter offering approximately 50% of climam(Biffs Sis in Law v Halifax) and she`s had a similar offer, approximately 50% of claim, from Barclaycard. My other Sis in Law also has had a 50% offer from Barclaycard. Is there a pattern developing from Banks pending the test case or is this just a coincidence? Anyway, we have sent a rejection letter allowing a further 10 days for them to pay the full amount proir to legal proceedings starting. Keep you informed;) Biff
  13. Hi All, sorry to jump in your thread but would welcome some advice. My Sis in Law had "Credit Card Repayments Insurance-Including Insurance premium Tax" which later changed its name to "Credit Card Repayments Cover" Is this the same as PPI and if so, is it reclaimable if she was missold the cover? TIA Biff
  14. Hi All, with reference to PPI charges, just been on Martin Lewis site and it is quite clear that if you meet certain conditions you could be ellageble for a claim.Although I do think that you have to pursue these independently of you bank charges. In addition my Sis in Law has a number of charges on her statements for "Credit Card Repayments Insurance- Including Insurance Premium Tax" ,this title later changed to "Credit Card Pepayment Cover" Are we right in believing that this is the same as PPI ans if so is she eligable to make a cliam on the grounds that she was missold this Insurance? Welcome your views Biff
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