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  1. Hi Tori, Glad to hear you had a great holiday, and the in-laws wern't as bad as expected. Sorry to see your date is not until August, but at least you have one now. I am of to Florida tomorrow, so will be away for 2 weeks, i will check in on you when i return. Good luck Talk soon Caz:p
  2. Great lucky you , i would say Krysta Campbell is probably the best one at Barclays litigation team. She is lovely very friendly and helpfull. If you need to phone her, she is probably the quickest at responding Good luck
  3. CONGRATULATIONS YOU, Well done, have fun spending you dosh. I am of to Florida in 6 days on my win, so enjoy every penny
  4. Ok Calm down, you may not need to send all this stuff. Phone the Courts first thing Monday morning and ask if they have a court date for you yet. It seems to me that if they are asking you to send of your court bundle you should have a date very soon. If the date is within the next month get straight onto the phone to Krysta at Barclays and ask if they would like to settle. I bet they will. Try this first !!!!!! Good luck hope all goes well
  5. defently keep going, dont stop until the money is cleared and in your account. Hopefully it should be by the weekend, mine came through the day after they received the faxed acceptance letter so hopefully you will be as lucky Well done you!!
  6. excellent, well done Daz. Success at long last, mind you no statements on your doorstep yet. Lets all keep everything crossed and hope for once they are telling you the truth and you get them in the next 7 days. Good luck.
  7. Good one Daz, I have been of line for a while as I am having terrible trouble with internet providers AOL, I have a new computer and they are saying that their wirless routers etc are not compatable with windows vista so i cant go wireless, so i have now cancelled my contract with them and am searching for a new one, so i may be on and off for the next few days. Good luck though, its so frustrating that they dont seem to listen to you I have no idea why bb are so bloomin ignorant. Oh well talk soon. ps only 8 days till holiday yay !!!!
  8. You have nothing to loose by trying, phone her and explane what has happened and do they intend to defend or not, before you enter judgement by default. Otherwise if i were you i would enter for judgement by default. But give Krysta a call and see what happens Good luck
  9. Its a pleasure, just ask if you get stuck, and it is Caz by the way, it makes life easier, the Kat bit is for my daughter Katrina and the Joe is my son. Not sure why i did that but who knows how my mind works
  10. Dont hold your breath Penny, I had Kate. She is lovely but not the quickest at replying to emails. However what i would suspect she will do is pass the SOC's onto the accounts dept and they will deal with it from there. You should get a responce from her in the next day or two telling you what is going on though, once she has heard from them. I could be wrong, but that is what happened to me. Good luck
  11. Ok write to them explaining their mistake, and do NOT give them another 40 days, stick to your timeline, tell them how long they have to get you the correct information, and then go onto the next stage. Good luck. Remember your money, your timeline, not theirs Caz
  12. Oh dear Tony, they saw you coming didnt they! LOL LOL LOL Oh well lesson learnt i guess, Please everyone remember it is your money, it is your time scale, you tell them how long they have and not the other way round. They are just delaying time, well done on learning the lesson tony, I have no idea how you waited that long, i would of gone mad. You must be a very calm easy going person, unlike me, i was chomping at the bit to get to the next stage Good luck
  13. OMG Daz, how are you still functioning, I take my hat of too you. !!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi hazyjog, I have been a member of this site since begininng of February and i have only read of one person having their account closed. So i dont think it is that common but you shouldnt count on it. Hopefully you will be fine, I was, i claimed won and they never closed my account So good luck go for it
  15. Well done, early congratulations. Yes you can, if you give them the details or you can ask for a cheque. iF you get a cheque pleas dont cancel the court until the cheque has cleared, as some people have had to wait a week or so for it to arrive and then clear. Good luck, well done.
  16. Right if you havnt submitted the MCOL yet, you have plenty of time to worry about the court bundle. At least 33 days, till they file a defence. Then you will have at least a couple of weeks to get a court date. So i really wouldnt worry about a court date yet. Just read up about the MCOL, i did it this way and it was so easy. Good luck and remember think about the now and dont worry too much about the next stage. you will be fine, by all means read up about the bundle,but concentrate on the MCOL Good luck, if you need advise just ask, we all know how you feel, we have been there, and come out the other end. Caz
  17. you could always phone the local court, and just ask them, once they have received the reveral how long ahead are they booking dates for, this will give you a rough guide, if you cant bear the waiting that is. This is probably one of the worst times, apart from waiting for the money. As the days just drag. You will get a date soon, i will predict Friday this week, so lets see who is right, me or Daz. good luck it wont be long now.
  18. Well done, not a bad amount aye! Dont forget you eventually will have to add interest but not for a while. That will add another £100 or so. Prelim is easy, Good luck, keep going the fun starts now
  19. I know Daz but i put it on top of the fridge so it was safe, i am decorating the house at the moment, just finished the living room and started stripping the hallway, so not very organised at the moment, so its safe up there. Oh boy i am so out of practice with all this, i will promise to get my act together tomorrow. I am off to bed now, and thanks Saintly i will be dreaming of Florida Oh Daz, That site you gave me on my hotel gave me information on the spa, and i have booked in for two 20 minute massages, oh boy i am so excited, never had one before so this is my treat and my time away from the kids just to chill. Talk soon from a very sore looser, but proud to be in a race with such distinguished opponents. Caz
  20. Hi Les, when i got my statements through i noticed on one occasion they charged me £30 for going £1.50 overdrawn, and i got payed the next day and they knew it as i had always banked with them so oh boy did i enjoy it when i finally got all my money Caz
  21. Oh saintly, you did it again. Ok i give in, i am going to bed, i know when i have been well and truly beaten ( in my dreams!) sorry couldnt resist that one. Good night everyone, thanks for the entertainment Caz
  22. Sorry got distracted, Daz does that mean i won that race? Please, or do i have to say snap. Ok looking up the number skeggsy, it is in my file somewhere in the kitchen, off i go now BRB
  23. I know i felt the same, Daz (Dar$n) is amazing and will answer everything for you and is always there. An absolute star, I learnt all i know from him, so it is nice to now be able to help other people, you never know you could be helping someone else out in a couple of months. Caz
  24. OY you two, i was just answering this on personall message from Skeg, i am going to make sure i have all this information to hand from now on. The race is on caz
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