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  1. Sorry to bump my thred again, im just stuck as to what anybody thinks i should do next?
  2. Hi there, im writing this looking for advise on behalf of my brother as he isnt a member on here and asked for my help. He has just returned for staying in the Marriott in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. On the last day they checked out at 3pm as thier pick up for the airport arrived at 3.30. When checking out they were told that they owed $100 US for a late check out fee. I realise that usually check out is late morning, but this was his 1st holiday abroad and he had no idea. He argued that he was never told and was told by the hotel that they should have been told by the rep or they should ha
  3. Hi buzby, and everyone else who has helped so far..an update..and sorry for the long post as it contains 2 letters! Following your advice the last letter i sent was as follows: Dear Sir / Madam, I write in response to your letter dated 27th February 2009. This letter stated that my account had been put on hold for 8 weeks while a conclusion to the matter was made. It clearly shows from this letter that aswell as continually not supplying correct true documentation, you also show quite openly that you are chasing the wrong person for any monies said to be owed. You have previo
  4. Thanks for that buzby i wish i had your faith that this isnt as bad as im thinking! In refrence to your post yes i wasnt taxed on it as a benefit in kind perk. I have also checked my credit file with experian tonight and there is nothing from Yes Telecom anywhere on it from over the last 6 years or whatever it covers. As for anybody else who works there i cant remember any except for one who now lives abroad i think and iv never spoke to here since we left the company. I have however done some digging through Companies House and have found the info on the company going into liquidati
  5. Hello buzby, thanks for taking the time to look into my problem its greatly appreciate, sorry i didnt get back sooner...ok... To help with your outlook on the case it was just for a mobile phone, not a landline aswell. The phones were given to us all while we worked there everyone in the building was given one. I remember mine just being given to me with work numbers etc all entered into it and it was only ever used for work calls etc. I can remember taking the mobile back to a partner in the firm once we knew they were going into liquidation and i was leaving and them teling me theyd sor
  6. Yes there has been a complaint sent to Ombudsman and also Trading Standards who were investigating them last time we heard due to a high number of complaints. I am sure if it did go to court as you say there wouldnt be a chance of them getting it, but id prefer it to be sorted before that stage if possible. No offence to you locutus thanks for your reply, but this has been going on for almost a year on and off and been posted in the debt collection agency section, and as is now down to the small details it seems (as i listed in my long post previously) i wonder if theres anyone who can he
  7. Thanks maroondevo, I hope somebody in here will help me out now its been moved to here, sorry you may have to re-read the whole story as its been in the DCA section for a long time now. Thankyou in advance to anyone willing to help a very stessed out lady?
  8. Helo again to everybody involved in this along the way! I thought id not be back here again but theres been another update unfortunatly and i REALLY need somebodys help... After sending a leeter from what was suggested in the previous posts back in November, I have just recieved a letter today (7th March) dated 27th Feb 2009 from Advantis Credit once again. As i cant scan it i will write it out now so as al the details are there for anyone willing to help me so sorry for the long post again... Dear... We write in refrence to your account with our client Yes Telecom. We have prev
  9. Hey all just to let you know if this case is sill ongoing... iv been having his carry on since June this year ..jus keep wih the leters, never sign anyhing, never phone and dont panic. Iv had all the leters, threaening, crown litigaion services, notice if this that and the other..dont panic!!! They are a set of chancers with no proof of anything!! rant over.
  10. im sorry im not sure how to i dont have a scanner im sorry Im going to contact trading standards again to reopen the case i 1st opened with them in the morning, but then i would love to know what to do next wih Advantis. If anyone needs to see the so-called credit agreement i could take a photo and put it up if its possible to do so, would need to know how to do it safely as it has phone number etc on there. Hope someone can advise me again quickly and stop me panicking. Thanks for continued help, Fern x
  11. Hi, thankyou so much for you helping me and taking the time to write out that letter for me it is realy appreciated!! Im sorry for another long post but im so stressed with this i really appreciate your help so much. Today i have just recieved another letter from Advantis saying it is wrote in response to my query i raised regarding the Yes Telecom account and that a itemised invoice is included, and then asking to call them again which i wont do. No timescale is given this time although the previous letter with the costs etc on stated 10 days..which is 4 days from today. Okay so the
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