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  1. i've given Natwest the benefit of the doubt and given them the 8 weeks to respond, which is up on the 15th May, when it is up and i haven't had a response i can put the claim to the financial ombudsman or go to court. Has anyone been via the ombudsman and got their charges back? at the moment i cant really afford the £120 to take them to court but if the ombudsman route isn't as successful i'll have to find it. Can anyone help?
  2. thank you for replying, maybe i'm being thick but it doesn't actually state o/d excess fee. I'm claiming for myself from natwest so i don't even know what the charge is for, has anyone else claimed this charge back?
  3. i've looked through the FAQ etc, but it doesn't say about the o/d excess fee, on the statement of charges they put fee as the name but on the column where it says type it says chg, please can anyone help?
  4. i am helping my friend claim his charges back from Lloyds TSB and wondered if you can claim the account charge? I know you can claim unpaid item charges, but can he claim o/d interest and o/d excess fee as well?
  5. I've spoken to the customer relations department and they told me that it can take 8 weeks to respond because of the sheer volume of claims, maybe it was a good idea not to rush to court, does anyone else think this? i was told that it would take 8 weeks from the date they recieved the 1st letter and they have until the 16th May to get an offer to me, maybe i'll be as lucky as you? congratulations pacman69
  6. i know this is off topic but has anyone claimed late payment charges back from catalogues, not store cards just normal catalogue accounts. I just wanted to check before sending off the sars letter
  7. Hi all this is my first post in here, I'm already at the the LBA stage and found all the information on this website really helpful to get here. I have just phoned the court to get the claim forms sent through the post (can't claim online as i don't have any cards to pay with) but now i am worried about what information i will need to take to the court when i file the claim. Things like: will i need to copy all of the statements Natwest sent me? and do i need to take a copy of the interest statement i sent to natwest? Also can i re-do the interest statement because there will be another month
  8. just a quick reply but i've been phoning customer relations on a freephone number 0800 0154212 then select option 1 then option 1 again. Save a couple of pennies when phoning them.
  9. i suppose if i waited for their letter they'd offer me a stupid amount where as if i carry on using my timescale then it'll go to court and they will have to pay the full amount + interest + charges
  10. thank you park and fendy, i will keep to my timescale, i'll be off to the court to file a claim in about 1 1/2 weeks. I was going to do this last september but chickened out, the bank isn't going to be so lucky this time, not now i've got people to advise me when i need it. thank you Linzi
  11. hi thank you for your advice, the only reason i phoned was because i've sent my 1st letter and my LBA and not heard anything they said on the phone they'd recieved my first letter 20th march but they hadn't even had the decency to respond, not even a letter to say i recieved your letter. anyway thanks again Linzi
  12. i spoke to a lady at the customer services office and she advised me that the OFT have given them 8 weeks from the date of the 1st letter to respond to the case. is this true? She also told me that is why most people are ending up in court because they don't have the time to sort the claim out, is this true? i'm supposed to be going to the court to claim my charges on the 11th April, but she advised me that it may be better to hang on then i will save myself having to find the money for the court costs. I'm stuck, i was thinking of writing a letter stating that i will give them to the end of a
  13. hi well done so far, i'm trying to claim against crap 1 how long has it taken you to get to this stage from the start?
  14. thank you deller, i've just spent hours reading your natwest thread, i'm also claiming against them, well done and i hope i get mine back too. Has there been any cases either natwest or Cap 1 that haven't been successful, that you know of?
  15. can you claim against a catalogue or is it only if you have a store card?
  16. thank you for your reply, do i send the letter now or do i wait until the statements come through to get the total i want to claim, the only thing is if they do take 4 weeks to send them through then my 4 weeks to respond to his letter will be up so i wont be able to claim
  17. Hi all this is my first post and sorry it's probably going to be a long one. I sent a letter to Cap 1 asking for my statements, today i recieved 2 letters, one saying that they have recieved my letter and i may take 4 weeks to look into my situation and the other one:- Thank you for taking the time to write to us about the fees we've added to your account. Details of the individual charges are being sent separately. I understand you think these fees are unlawful and i'm sorry you feel we've treated you unfairly. To explain, we automatically add late payment
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