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  1. My husband took out a catalogue a couple of years ago and thanks to the charges hasn't been able to afford the repayments. The original amount was around £150 now Hamptons want £403.80! He has been ignoring the letters that have been from lowell first then on to Red now it's gone to Hamptons Legal. Just had a letter from them this morning about litigation from the litigation department saying they have got a copy of his credit file from Experian to search to see what other financial commitments he has and to search for his assets and overall abil
  2. no, to downgrade it means just a cash account which you cant have DD or SO going out and no card!! don't understand what the point of the account is cause you cant do anything with it and you can only get money out if you go in a branch. Now because of the court case i have to have another offer letter sent to me, surely now they cant offer me an account that will cost £10 a month with charges reduced to £17 because the court case will probably put them lower that that anyway? I'll post as soon as i recieve the offer letter.
  3. surely if the banks have been allowed to hold complaints until the test case is sorted then we should be able to put a hold on all the charges they take from us until that time as well? Anyone else think this would be fair?
  4. on my 1st claim with natwest i didn't have the money to go to court so i gave them the 8 weeks they told me it would take, i phoned them nearly everyday to see whether the claim was sorted, and 3 days before their time was up i recieved an offer for the full amount i asked for. Just thought i'd let you know the other option. Good luck whichever way you decide.
  5. hello i have just recieved this response to my 2nd claim the start of the letter just says that they believe their charges are fair but then it goes on to say this: As a gesture of good will without admission of liability or errorwe are prepared to offer the amount of £357 in full and final settlement of your complaint. By advancing your claim for repayment of these charges, it is evident that you do not accept the validity of the charging structure which applies on your existing current account, etc,etc. If you would rather continue with your existing accounts on their present
  6. thank you i'll send the letter off today. I must look so bad after doing the claim and getting charges straight away
  7. has anyone claimed charges a 2nd time after getting paid the first time? Let me explain why I need to. After i recieved the money from the 1st claim they sent me a maestro card, i always had a solo card before. I made some purchases and spent the money avaliable, the a couple of days later i did my shopping online as it said i has an avaliable balance. I knew i had money going in at some piont that week but wasn't sure when and i only checked the balnce on the phone so i just presumed that it was that. Well the next day i had £210 worth of charges,i didn't know that the funds that were showing
  8. Choice have been saying they can't provide the statements before the account numbers were changed in July 06, is this correct or will they still hold these accounts? Also does anyone have the address to send the prelim letter?
  9. i want to file a claim against cap 1 the forms have arrived. Can anyone tell me what to write in them or is there a link or post to do this? most of them are for the MCOL. Also do I send the form to cap 1 or do i send 2 to the court and they send it on? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated
  10. Just phoned Natwest and they recieved my offer letter on Monday they have 10 working days to get it to my account which will be 5th June so hopefully will have them by then!! they have been charging me on this account since i started this claim and it's now over £100 overdrawn, i plan to pay them back with this money but will i be able to claim these extra charges back even though i accepted this offer?
  11. I've just had a letter sent from cap 1 and thay say "We only add these fees when a customer breaches their contract in this way" Will this go against me in a court case? With all the fuss going on about the Lloyds case i'd just like to know do you have to be in breach of contract to make the charges unlawful or can you not breach the contract? Please help as i want to go to court but don't want to end up footing their legal bill.
  12. i've just seen that motley crue is hijacking alot of other threads why hasn't he been banned yet? people are allowed their opinions but when it's stated this site is to help people, you don't need posts to put you off. When he started on my thread i nearly gave up he might do that to other people. Anyway thanks for the advice i'll do that, i have the court forms here ready, i was going to use them on Natwest but they are paying up.
  13. sorry guys another long one. I've sent my LBA and recieved this response: Thank you for writing back to me again about my offer. I'm writing to you out of courtesy as I've already sent my final response. I realise that you want me to refund all the charges we've ever added to your account. However, because we've added them correctly, I'm unable to do this. My offer to refund £196 still stands. We do not feel that our fees are illegal, they are in line with the fees other banks and financial institutions charge. We only add these fees when a customer breaches their contract in thi
  14. i haven't put a claim in at court yet
  15. still waiting for money:( They said it takes them 4-5 days to open the letter then it needs to be put onto the system which someone checks daily to put the money into the accounts and this could take 7-10 working days, so i sent the letter Friday and now have to wait for them to open it!! will let you know when the money is in my hands.
  16. linzi2011

    Bank Won????

    i have heard rumours that a bank won yesterday, can anyone let me know what happened, why they won and which bank it was please? As it isn't front page news i wanted to know if it would affect my offer the bank has given to me. I haven't recieved the letter yet and i wondered if this was why.
  17. just to let everyone know, i phoned Natwest on Friday and they have given me an offer, which i will except, but still waiting for letter in post!! I phoned them again today and they said they will send another one so hopefully in a couple of days i'll have it in my hand. It took them 8 weeks to sort out the offer, but i'm glad i waited, i got offered the full amount without having to go through the hassle of going to court. Thank you everyone for your help.
  18. congratulations, how long did it take you from the first letter till they sent an offer?
  19. Motley, what give you right to slate people on here? You have also claimed against a bank. Maybe you should start your own website in favour of the banks rather than putting your unwanted rubbish on here. If any bank had won then the charges would have been found lawful and it would have been all over the press and banks would not keep paying out.
  20. i'm going to give the letter a try, just been typing it up!! i'll send it off in the morning. I think i will be exempt from the charges as i recieve tax credits but how do you do it? do you fill in the exemption form with the claim form and submit them at the same time? i have all the forms sat on the windowsill waiting to be filled out. Thank you both very much, you have helped me more than you know.
  21. I have sent both the prelim and the LBA and i've given them the 8 weeks that they said they needed to respond, i know i should've filed at the court 4 weeks ago but i cant get the money at the moment, what i wanted to know was, has anyone sent their claim to the FOS instead of the court and what was the outcome? If it isn't as successful i'll go to the court at the end of next week if i have no response from the bank, up till now i haven't even had 1 letter from them to even say they have recieved my claim!! I know that you get the court fees back but i'd much rather not have to put myself in
  22. regarding sending the complaint to the FOS, has anyone done this and successfully got their full charges back from the bank? i have given Natwest the 8 weeks which is up 15th May and have spoken to the FOS and they said i could either send to them or go the court route. At the moment i cant afford the £120 to put the claim in and if i do get an AQ i'd have to find another £100, if i could do it through the FOS i wouldn't need to find the money but i want to be sure that it is a successful route before i do it.
  23. thank you thats all i needed to know for now
  24. thank you everyone, when i read the first response i thought maybe it's time to quit, but after reading everyone else's i will go for the full amount. I sent the LBA today. Will they be able to send it to a debt collection agency and put a default on my credit file while the account is still in dispute?
  25. i had a letter through from cap 1 about the payment plan i had set up. I don't make payments as i have this claim on going, i rang them and the man i spoke to said that if i don't pay i will have a default notice put on my credit file and the account will be passed to a debt collection agency. Is this a scare tactic or can they do this? I was led to believe that when an account was in dispute they cant do this. Anyone have any opinions? Also he said the offer they have already made was a final offer and they would not be offering any more should i
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