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  1. It is H and T pawn brokers, I used to cash my personal cheques there back in the day with a post dated cheque and card.
  2. Thats the issue DX athough I recall a few defaults around that time I can not say hand on heart this was one, I guess I am looking to establish if after 8 years without any communication they can mark my file with a default? With the SB can they still default after such a long period of time?
  3. Guys would the fact that no payments or contact had been made I. 8 years mean this is SB ?
  4. Sorry dx I need to prove it or them ?
  5. The date is August 2016 on credit file which is weird as I have had no contact in 8 years
  6. Good Morning CAG Been good of late trying to rebuild my file when out of the woodwork , boom someone has the idea to trip you up and back down goes your score. Back around 2006, had an account of cheqeue cashing with a PB, i had a few financial issues and blah blah. I was mentally unwell at the time and I am fairly certain I was issued with a default in around 2008 but not entirely sure, the period of my metal instability. No payments made since then , no contact. On having something turned down I was certain I would get, I checked my file this week and a late payment entry has be
  7. Good evening Had a letter today threatening county court action. These guys had a default on me which lifted in October for around 14k. Having followed advise on here I made no contact and it did indeed disappear from my file. They are now threatening court action having not made any attempt to enforce during the 6 years of defaulting one of the options is to send a "field contact manager" round to discuss, good luck with that they will find it uncomfortable with a wooden their faces I shall not be speaking to them. Realistically, are they able to enf
  8. Leakie Yes sir I have had various letters in differing guises. I can categorically state, because I was home ill for 6 months etc., that they NEVER ever knocked at the door, I live in a studio and everything is close to the door, bed seatee etc. my neighbour saw one of the visits and described what looked like a kid running back to a car and driving off with the occupant. I can only assume this is to legally charge the visit fee? Anyway yes I have this card and reading these posts I am not going to call it but wonder what can be done? If they are using clandestine operations to get a respons
  9. Just had one of these offending items! It was letterboxed and I was on my way out saw a male running to jump on his scooter and gone , had no parcel etc so I do not intend calling them!!
  10. good evening I posted here a few months ago re yes car credit welcome finance etc. I had 6 years of defaults and it has now dropped of my credit file. However I have now had letter from hoist apologising for the lack of default notices that I was supposed to have received , and they have now sent them for a 5 year period. Don't really intend responding but curious, if a company enter default on credit file but acknowledge they did not send me the correct notices is there an offence there?
  11. Good evening Having recently been turned down for credit I checked my credit file and found a default for what would have been yes car credit. It was registered in November 2009. This morning I received a letter from Robinson way totally out of the blue. In short I had a car from yes car credit. Had a mental breakdown due to marriage breakup. Had a visit from yes car credit asking for the car keys back As I had paid almost 6 k to them and spent a further 4 k on "wear and tear" I dropped the car back in a road next to office and put the keys b
  12. Sounds basically to be a fact find investigation , as above don't worry too much keep us informed.
  13. JP See friend req re pm not enough posts to respond!!
  14. I think it unlikely. Most companies have separate policies on timekeeping and disciplinary , the timekeeping would normally be incorporated under the attendance at work. It would be extremely unusual to use that in conjunction with the final written as they are in effect 2 different policies unless of course they have deemed the poor time keeping as gross misconduct.
  15. I am a union rep and also following this with interest. It has been discussed at European and British level such is the expected outcome. They >think it may be the first week in October for the outcome and as I am led to believe due to the ability to cause employers a deluge of back pay requests there may be a cap placed on it.
  16. It depends on the collective bargaining agreed with the regional officer and the employer, in my workplace for instance there is the following 4 x union reps one for each area north south east west, 1 health and safety rep , one conveyor, and 3 equalities reps. Then you have secretary chairman etc
  17. Guys/Gals Had a final notice posted to me fromJBW last week with charges for an alleged PCN, amounting to nearly £600. I wrote to them for a full cost breakdown. They replied that the original was put through the door on a certain date, the strange thing is, my door was off the hinges due to a new door being fixed so i know they did not attend. The one charge I have been hit with over and over is for 15 telephone calls to my aleged answerphone on a landline number I used to have over 2 years ago. They state this was given to them by a service provider. I have checked the bailiff fee scale
  18. No probs. Discrimination is unlawful and employers face huge fines for overlooking it. Given the severity of any outcome, they should have invited you in to discuss the outcome. Write to the director/Chairman, demanding he intervene and deliver the outcome. But also let them know you are considering applying out of time to the Employment tribunal. Watch them fast track the outcome! best of luck.
  19. Ok accepted. You have 2 options here, perhaps 3. Firstly presuming you followed the correct course of action, by submitting to line manager, you should write to his/her line manager with a copy of it and a covering letter DEMANDING a hearing within 7 days of receipt. Send this by special delivery which will provide you with a name and signature. Should that be successful, raise a further complaint about the grievance policy not being adhered to. Now by law you are out of time to submit a complaint to an employment tribunal(ET1) You have basically 3 months less one day, from the date of the gr
  20. Can i be so bold as to ask the grounds of Discrimination, only to offer further guidance as to possible legal recourse
  21. Did you have a meeting, with union representation or workplace colleague, and also are you in a trades union
  22. Ok firstly are you still at the company, if so what does your company grievance policy state about responding to grievances
  23. wow AWESOME i intend to donate to your site as your advise is always invaluable chjeers to all at CAG
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