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  1. Thanks dx, Yes, I'll scan in all the relevant docs, this evening if I can I should have probably done that in the first instance because my head is literally spinning the more I look at the paperwork Thank you all for your help and I'll be back ASAP with my spreadsheets and the rest Kat xx
  2. Well... .nothing further from Natwest regarding my PPI refund request, and from my calcs, the amounts they claimed to have refunded to me when my accounts were closed, are over a thousand pounds below what I have paid up to now in PPI. Also, the outstanding loan still has PPI on it, the same policy that they have canceled and refunded according to them. I have for now, contacted the ICO and asked them to look further into this complaint as Natwest are now clearly making documents up to send to me, and I really can't see what they are achieving apart from digging themselves a deeper hole. I believe there's alot more to this than meets the eye and I have clearly struck a nerve with Natwest. I will continue to update once I hear back from the ICO Kat x
  3. Thanks I can try that, but this is from the email I received from them..... "The bank's letter to you of 6 November 2013 was our final response on the matter. If you have any issues, you need to liaise with the appropriate area of the Bank, Robinson Way, who have responsibility for your accounts, or take your case to the Financial Ombudsman as outlined in my letter. There is nothing further to add and any further correspondence received from you in this regard will not be responded to." So I doubt they will respond, they haven't even acknowledged the letter I sent direct to the PPI team. The quote above is from the Chief Exec Team Kat xx
  4. Also, the amount they say was refunded is different from the amount I have paid so far, by over a grand!
  5. Thank you again Slick I will contact the FOS on Monday about the PPI, but after looking through the latest SAR documents I'm a little disturbed to find that they are now claiming that I have already been refunded over £4,000 in PPI to my "customer account" in December 2012.... Unfortunately, they had closed my accounts at the beginning of 2012 so this would be impossible! Unless they have refunded themselves? Plus, the balance of the outstanding loan has not decreased so the PPI is still on there! I really believe that they are just making stuff up now, but I will forward the info on to the ICO because it's not the first discrepancy I have come across in the SAR docs. Onwards I go! Hopefully the ICO will take action against them this time Kat x
  6. Hello again, I did as suggested and just asked for PPI with the relevant department. They didn't respond at all so I emailed the Head Office person who said their letter was the Bank's final response and told me to contact the DCA who they say now have my accounts! Or complain to the FOS. The remaining SAR documents were meant to have been sent on to me in October, according to the ICO, but they are still arriving in dribs and drabs....! Head Office still insist that the ICO have never been involved and say I should just pay the DCA. I have pointed out that the amount they say I owe is mostly PPI which I have requested back, but they don't want to know Should I do the FOS route or small claims? This saga has been going on for 2 years or more. Any advice surely appreciated! Kat x
  7. Thanks Slick I'll send a spreadsheet and just ask for the PPI for now. Kat x
  8. No I didn't send a spreadsheet :s I wrote to the chief exec's department with my concerns, which included complaints about the PPI, the excessive charges/penalty fees, the six DCA's Natwest have chasing the outstanding loan balance (which is made up of all PPI), the hardship their actions caused when they closed my accounts and the fact they are in default still with the SAR and have admittedly lost all the paperwork regarding the loans. In their reply to me they claim the address I am writing from was not on their records, (they have been writing to me at this address since I moved here 6 years ago, and then they deny that the ICO have been involved, (even though they have acknowledged this in another letter) and of course the complaint leaflet was enclosed :/ Is it worth asking again? Including a spreadsheet? To be honest, I just feel like they have been ignoring me for the last 2 years, it doesn't look like they are about to take notice now either. I actually want to take them to court, but reading around a bit there are alot of people advising against court action in relation to PPI
  9. Sorry about the delay, thanks for the responses too, I've worked out the PPI, it was front loaded. I've looked but can't find charges added to the loan, all the charges are on my accounts only. I have written to them to request they refund the PPI and also have asked them for a refund on some of the charges added to my accounts, but they have written back basically saying go away if you aren't happy go to the FOS. I am now considering my next steps kat xx
  10. Finally an update of sorts! Following my complaint to theICO, they have 'investigated' and asked Natwest to send the rest of my data, I have an email from them explaining Natwest's excuse, and the excuse in letter form from the bank, along with the rest of my statements for the SAR I sent them in Jan 2012. Statements go back to 1994, but hardly any documents relating to the loans I have had with them, just a few printouts, no agreements, no terms & conditions, no info relating to the PPI, except a printout with how much the policies were worth. As it has taken almost 2 years to get these statements, I understand it might be too late to request charges are refunded? Unless I can prove hardship? I have just become aware though of the the BCOBS and COBS and would actually like to sue the bank for breach of statutory duty or breach of contract.... if anyone has any advice at this point, it would be appreciated.... I will keep updating when I've read up a bit on taking banks to court Kat
  11. Hi Poolie, I don't suppose they were my docs they sent you were they...?! I've only been waiting a year for Natwest to comply with my SAR, they really are a joke. I've sent them a lba and now going to fill out the paperwork to take them to court for non compliance. Did they send you all your stuff in the end? They assured me after the 40 days had passed that they wold forward the rest, but they never did Best of luck to you, hope you take them to the cleaners! Ally
  12. Hi all, today I've recieved a Court claim (Northampton) from Howard Cohen on behalf of Santander. The amount they are claiming is £174.09, from an old dorothy perkins/ GE Capital storecard. I intend to try to counter claim but not sure exactly how to go about it Basically I SAR'd them in January this year and they sent a copy of the agreement and a few statements. From the statements they did send, I was able to work out that I have already paid around £2,000, including PPI which I tried to cancel twice. Three things were purchased on this card in total amounting to less than £100. Yet even after I cancelled the store card I was still paying PPI on a balance entirely made up from late charges and PPI! Is it worth counter claiming? Any help appreciated, Ally
  13. Hi all, thanks for your reply Slick, I stopped the child support payments going to them, transferred everything to a new account. I haven't made any complaints yet, sent the usual letters asking for full sar, but 6 months on and still waiting for statements so I can work out PPI and charges. They sent a few bits of information relating to the loans, told me the rest would follow, but it didn't. Would it be a good idea to complain to this guy Stephen.Hester@RBS.co.uk ? I spoke to an ex bank employee who told me I should get a response the same day if I email a lengthy complaint? Has anyone else tried this? I have no objections complaining to the ICO or whoever else, but would that interfere or cause further delays if I intend to take natwest to court? many thanks Ally
  14. Help! Still nothing further from my SAR to Natwest but Triton credit services are sending letters thick and fast and calling non stop as they want me to pay back my student account overdraft and remaining loan balances Can anyone suggest what I should put in a letter to Triton? I intend to attempt claiming back PPI on 3 Natwest loans and a whole mass of charges, which would hopefully more than cover what I owe them Natwest are using my child support at the moment as it is being paid into my student account weekly. Should I attempt to set up a payment plan with them or wait for the SAR? I really can't afford much at the moment having already fallen into mortgage arrears I feel physically sick this is really worrying me Ally x
  15. Hi Andy, this is just a support message, I'm 'fighting' Natwest at the moment too, they have made my life hell for months, and like you my health has suffered Please don't give up, have they sent anything at all in response to your SAR? I got a letter stating they were having difficulties locating information on my accounts! This I don't understand as four of them were still active, but I sent them another letter (template somewhere on the site) reminding them they are in default and giving them a further 14 days. Still nothing from them (they have a few days left) but I think it's important to leave a paper trail, Natwest's non compliance should go against them in court (hopefully!) Sorry I can't offer much advice as I'm not sure what my next steps should be either, but this site is fantastic and you'll get the support you need, I too will be donating soon Ally
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