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  1. Hi guys just won £6500 against RBS in bank charges!!! But heres the twist I owed them £3850 in a managed loan which i was paying £115.00 per month They used my charges refund to pay off the loan in full and i collected the refund of the difference after a 1o day cooling off period. Thats fine i dont owe the money i had some change and i dont have to pay £115.00 any more per month. But when i checked experian credit report they have registered a default of £3850.00 Is this acceptable (i think not) I have written to they they say will emend it to satisfied but not removed (totally out of Order) What do you think guys??? Any feedback or advice will be greatly recieved. Kind Regards
  2. Can anyone point me in the direction of a letter template to get my default removed put on by Nationwide. Can i get it removed as the *******ing charges caused it in the first place. I am still waiting for my statements back then will give them some S**t Kind Regards Steve
  3. Hi does anyone know if you can claim rbs bank charges even if the account is now closed. Kind Regards p.s it was a business account Cheers Steve
  4. Thanks for reply thats superb do you also have a template to ask for the amount of charges they have taken from me or do i just ask for copies of all statements. Kind Regards
  5. Hi guys i need a template letter to claim back late paument fees added to my mortgage with ge money. I also need a template letter for my secured loan with them too Can someone point me in the right direction Cheers Guys.
  6. Hi can interest on charges be added on a court claim form even if you have not added them when you sent original letters to your bank/credit card company Kind Regards
  7. thanks kelly sorry to trouble you but can you show me what you wrote on the claim form i dont need personal details etc... just some help. and also did you claim interest?? Have you won your case? Kind Regards Steve
  8. did you use manual claim form Kind regards Steve
  9. Hi Can anyone show me a how to fill a mcol form in please just to make sure i do it correctly. Do i send the spreadsheet with the mcol form showing the charges etc and how?? does anyone have there form they can show me obviously minus personal details Would be so gratefull Kindest Regards Steve
  10. hi all thanks for all the superb help on this site i have told all my friends and family keep up the good work s.l.w
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