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  1. Hi everyone, A bit of basic background info, I bought a TV off Currys back in Feb 09, which simply stopped working overnight, it is a Toshiba madel and from what I can see the fault seems to happen quite often. The TV just decided it would not turn on and the light on the front flashes (if you google it you'll get an idea of what I mean ) I wrote to Currys back in October, including all the info I could find online along with a copy of the original receipt and a copy of the new receipt to prove I had to go and buy another TV, which again I bought from them I have had to call them 3 times as I have received no communication from them and I'm getting pretty sick of it, everytime I call them they advise someone will be calling us back and it never happens . . . . Can anyone help me put together a letter quoting SOGA or something along these lines as I am sure that it should not take over a month to respond or even acknowledge us. Any help would be brilliant, thanks all
  2. Hi all I just had a letter today from Clarity Credit (I know it sounds like a health spar) telling me they will use all means to collect the outstanding debt. I quote: "Your personal data will be used for thepurposes of collecting the outstanding balance from you and may also be combined with other data which may be obtained from THIRD PARTIES where we need to verify or supplement such data" Cheeky Idiots !!
  3. Hello Fellow Caggers !! I am back !!! Brief reminder is about the basics here, BMS got assigned (paid 1p for) a debt from Barclays, which as I mentioned before became statue barred by their own admission in the letter on 30/06/09 . . . Sent the standard statue barred letter to them (still have the signed POD). . . . and heard . . . . get ready for this . . . . NOTHING Now one year on and I have received a lettter from a company called CLARITY (sounds like a health spar) giving me notice that on 30/06/10 Apex Credit Management bought my debt, then passed it onto the health spar to chase . . . Being extra polite to me they have asked me to contact them to "discuss mutually agreeable terms" . . . . So my questions really are . . . where BMS allowed to sell this debt ??? . . . . Has anyone every heard of APEX or CLARITY ?????? I have a letter which I got from the forum here which I was thinking of sending . . . what do you guys think ??? Also could somebody give me some good points to place in it about selling or buying a debt over 6 years old after being told it was statue barred ??? . . . I will also be reporting them to the OFT BMS/CLARITY/APEX Dear Sir/Madam For the purposes of clarity and the avoidance of doubt, please take careful note of the following: 1. This letter is sent to you to avoid any “miscommunication” and to give an unequivocal statement of intent. 2. This letter does not acknowledge any debt owed to you or your affiliates, agents, owners or otherwise. 3. I understand this debt was last acknowledged over 6 years ago and falls within the remit of s.5 of the Limitation Act 1980 (which, in case you need reminding, states that an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after 6 years from the date on which the cause of action occurred). 4. I wrote to BMS on (xxxxxx) explaining that I had no wish to pay towards a debt that was barred by the Statute Of Limitations Act 1980, this was signed for by BMS on (xxxxxxx) A copy of the recorded delivery confirmation is attached along with a copy of the original letter to yourselves. 5. I am now of the view that your actions are of pure harassment and in breach of CPUTR 2008 in line with the Office Of Fair Tradings guidance on debt collection. 6. The same guidance states it is unfair to pursue a payment after a debtor has already stated they will not be paying due to it being statute barred. I am informing you as previously BMS, that even if the debt were mine, I would not pay it. 7. I am sure you are also aware of the provisions of the Protection from Harassment Act, which makes it an offence to harass a person with a demand for payment, or concerting with others to do the same. Whilst the Act provides relief, it is available only where it is permissible in law to take the offending action (which, as pointed out, it is not lawful as it is statute barred), as well as that action being reasonable. I trust the above is perfectly clear and I now expect you to forward me your official complaints procedures within 7 days or written confirmation that the matter is now closed. Failure to do so will result in me filing complaints with the Office Of Fair Trading, The Financial Ombudsman Service and Trading Standards. I hope this letter makes my position COMPLETELY clear Yours faithfully THANKS IN ADVANCE
  4. The email sent is as follows: Further to our meeting and with regards to the position agreed in principal, can you please confirm in writing via email that the information below is correct, prior to the transfer request being generated and fully approved by myself and while I am awaiting appropriate written confirmation from HR of the job position. The starting date at xxxxx will be 2nd August 2010 With a salary increase of £xxxxpa Working hours of xxxxxx Monday to Friday Working additionally 1 in 4 Saturdays of xxxxx Key Duties: Hidden due to my identity Regards I have kept copies and printed them also to show they were sent, I also have copied in my current manager . . . my place seems to dangle a carrot in front of the donkey (aka ME) . . . If I don't receive a response by Wednesday I will send them an email to reject the position . . . as I just don't trust them, I have seen them do it to too many people and the fact they won't respond to me email worries me
  5. Hi everyone, I have a strange one here, I have worked in my current position for 6 years and I asked the area manager I work for to give me the opportunity to progress. They came back to me and offered me a new role with a pay increase starting 2nd August. The problem is I have emailed the manager who is offering me the job twice asking for confirmation in writing of the position and pay increase (unfortunately they are renound for making promises they can't keep). My emails are being ignored and with less than 2 weeks I have no written confirmation of the job, working hours, pay increase or key duties. Yet they still expect me to start on the 2nd August. I spoke to my HR departement who were as useful as an underwater hairdryer. They have said to just leave it, things should be fine . . . even though they have no confirmation of the change in position or wages. They have said the new principal statement for the job may not be generated until after I start the new position . . . . which could mean I end up without the agreed terms that were discussed in me accepting the job, i.e the wage increase. Today I sent an email stating everything discussed with the manager who offered me the job, copying in the Area Director, stating I require confirmation in writing agreeing the terms discussed prior to my position being changed. Still no response . . . My current manager is happy for me to stay in my current position, but I want to know where I stand . . . I have signed nothing and as I have nothing in writing do I still have the right to officially decline the new position, without it causing any problems . . . . . apart from the obvious one that they may not be very happy with me . . . ???
  6. Lol, that's what I was thinking, i can see they still haven't had their licence renewed either !!! Dirty tricks from them, I can also see that they normally like statue barred debts, so they probably bought one of mine for 1p and I'm sure will want the whole lot . . . . . . Some how I think not
  7. Howdy everyone, Long time no speak !!! I thought I was job done after my influx from DCA's last year . . . . stupid me !! Ruthbridge have today wrote to me . . . . doesn't tell me what it's about, just a standard please contact us, ref (extra long number) . . . or I might get an agent calling out (sounds like something out of men in black). Firstly I would again like to thank you in advance for al your help, some of you have been a fab support over the past few years !!!! So I know all my debts are statute barred, I believe my last one was statute barred in 2009. So a couple of questions . . . Who are they likely to be chasing a debt for ??? . . . . . Are they another dodgey division of Mac Hall ??? (shudder) As they haven't stated what they want or are after yet (apart from my sanity and patience) what's the best letter/ avenue to take ??? (A statute barred letter ??) Thanks again my beautiful amigos And I was in such a good place this morning . . . . . even with a nasty cold
  8. I'm also dealing with Lowell seperately and from what I know of them they'll hound me to my grave . . . At least I can laugh in hysterics at it all now, maybe I'm on the verge of going insane . . .
  9. You've done me Cerberusalert, I was just looking for a template letter along the line of being in breach of the CCA request . . . . I like your letter though
  10. I'm no expert but I am pretty sure if it's unsigned it's unenforceable, but I am sure others will back me up on this . . . Also if you sent the CCA request in July they are well over the default date to return it to you
  11. Groovy, I'll have a little look now . . . I'm lucky that all of my debts are statute barred now, so being slightly twisted I'm enjoying writing to them, especially when I'm well informed . . . not the moral route I know, but it's feels so good when you know there is nothing they can do and you don't have to break down with every letter you get !!! Still don't stop them bugging me . . . . . . My mission is to get every single one to confirm in writing it's statute barred. Then I'm throwing a "and finally" party . . . to celebrate it all . . . had one party when I knew it was statute barred from the default dates on my credit file !!! I've got 3 in writing already . . . only about 4 more to go . . . one thinks
  12. I already know the debt is statute barred and am sending that back in the morning. I was just trying to get some info on them you know to arm myself . . . lol. I am trying to figure out the food chain in my head
  13. If they are writing to you Angry Cat is right they know who you are, you don't have to prove it !
  14. Hello everyone, Just a few questions on Aktiv Kapital. Which debts do the normally deal with ?? Is it anything they can get their hands on or would it be credit cards or bank accounts etc ??? My defult file shows the type of debt as "bank" - would this be a current account or credit card ?? It's soooooo old I can't remember. The other ones show "current account" that's why I'm a little confused. Also do Aktiv Kapital have connections with bottom of the food chain Lowell ??? Reason I'm asking is one letter off Lowell has a RTS address of PO BOX 8743, Bellshill, ML4 3WU, which is strangely the same address on the back of the envelope for RTS to Aktiv Kapital . . . . Feel free to fill me up with knowledge on these bad boys ready for war :D:D
  15. Hellooooooooo Again. I need a little help here caggers . . . I recieved the letter from Bob with regards to the HBOS debt, I sent back the statute barred which is showing as being delivered but an POD is not currently available online. Today I've got 2 letters, one sent to my parents address from Aktiv Capitol and the other to m actual address from Lowell again !! Both stating to be chasing for a HBOS debt . . . I only have 1 !! Aktiv Capitol have offered me a 70% reduction and the letter makes out like I've won the lottery and they are the best thing since sliced bread. Lowell state that they will be sending a lovely debt collector all the way from their office on Mars if I do not respond to them . . . . although this letter is dated the 4th from them and I know they had my statute barred letter on the 2nd . . . My question is where do I go from here ???? As I'd say they both don't have the right to chase for the same debt and I'm confused as too how they have very different amounts I owe. Even though I know it is statute barred. Do I write back to both of them with the template letter for statute barred ????? . . . . I'm assuming that Lowell have ignored my 1st one . . . they must have got used to all the other statute barred letters they've had off me . . .
  16. Just a quick one, I've double checked this and am still confused. . . . the default showing on my credit file for HBOS is £2023 back in 2002, the filed up to date bit shows a balance of £3500. The letter from Lowell today claims an outstanding amount of £1500 . . . . . Now this is wierd as my credit file was only checked about 6 months ago, I know it shouldn't be on there after the 6 years . . . . . so who is telling fibs here ??? Why would I have 3 different figures ????
  17. Howdy there, you're not alone with your fight against them . . . they even threatened me with a statutory demand . . . I sent the statute barred letter back and have finally had confirmation that I have won one . . . still have another 2 ongoing . . . but the letter really does work !!! good luck !!
  18. Howdy fellow Caggers Hope you're all doing good . . . I feel crazy today in a good way :grin: I'm here with news some exceptionally good, some not so good . . . . The news so far is that BMS have not responded to the statute barred letter in over 3 months, so it's fair to say they've played good and gone away. Now as for Bob (for those of you who don't know this is Lowell Portfolio, Lowell Fiancial, Red Debt collection, Hamptons Legal . . . . such an endless list) I'm still awaiting a response on one of the statute barred letters. I've got the standard we're looking into it reply, but that was 2 months ago and I haven't had anything back yet on the 1, but . . . . . . starting to do a winning dance . . . I've got a letter on the Ebay auction one stating that they agree with me . . . . the limitation act applies and they have apologised for troubling me . . .:grin::grin::grin::grin: I've finally won one :lol: So a massive thank you to everyone who has been supporting me . . . I actually cried when I got the letter . . . then decided to go have a good few JD's instead . . . I can't tell you how good it felt to feel in control for once. But today . . . back to the same old fight . . . Bob has bought another one of my debts . . . I'm sure they have bought all of them and are just waiting slowly to send them one at a time. So Bob own's 3, BMS owns 1 . . . . I think there is only 2-3 more worms to come out of the woodwork !!!Needless to say with my slightly crazy head on now . . . . bring it on This one is for HBOS, which I think is Halifax . . . my brain is frazzled . . . your standard letter from lowell financial, instructed by lowell portfolio . . blah blah blah . . . now the wierd thing about this is if I am right and this would be my Halifax debt then the amount stated on the letter as the balance doesn't match the amount that my credit file shows as a default . . . it's actually less . . . . my default shows around £2k, the balance outstanding on the credit file is £3.5 . . . but this letter is for £1.5 . . . . mmmmmmmmm:confused: It's still statute barred anyway, but why would this be I ask ????? Any suggestions . . . . . apart from the ones where Bob is incapable of adding up even with a calculator . . . . :lol:
  19. I've got home now and managed to have a look through my file I keep on this debt . . . Some more intresting points about their lack of brain cells arise: This letter from Lowell is from a Kevin Allmark (Account review manager apparently) . . . the letter is offering me a "unique solution to the outstanding debt I have with their client lowell portfolio 1" . . . this is wierd as it's on lowell portfolio 1 headed paper . . . But Kevin Allmark also sent me the last letter on RED headed paper, the one I just sent the statute barred letter back on, where apparently he is collections manager (does he get double the wage??):lol: Cause I would want it !!! I believe it's fair to say when they sent me the opportunity of a lifetime:lol:, Kevin forgot to change the headed paper in the copier machine:lol: Anyway, let the bidding begin call Kevin on 01133086069 should anyone wish to take up the opportunity of harrasing me for an eternity :lol:
  20. Apparently all bids need to be received by the 27th July, so should anyone wish to purchase it to set up their own DCA feel free . . . .
  21. Maybe I could go as far as to make a complaint of harrasment to the OFT about myself . . . . I feel like I have split personality disorder coming on
  22. I know, I just had to share it . . . can't wait to see who actually buys it . . .
  23. I found the same thing in the past 6 years, I get all or nothing, I can sometimes go 6 months without anything, then idle threats of court action and SD's turn up, then it's oh so quiet again. I think they have a meeting every 6 months a draw people from a hat . . . If they chose you, you'll get an influx of their junk . . . . maybe you haven't been plucked out of the hat this month . . . . keep smiling though, you'll get there in the end
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