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  1. Glad to hear that some one has managed to soften the hearts at the former A&l. In my case all my pleadings fell on stony ground both with the A&l and a judge that I had a second hearing with. All the judge said was that I had learnt a lesson well, the lesson being of course to manage one's finances better. And as for pleading on the grounds of money being taken from benefits, this would have to await the outcome of the main hearing as to whether bank charges were illegal or not. So I, like many others, find myself sitting on a fence waiting to see if I/we get anything back, especially now that the A&L has been taken over by another bank. As for hardship, it still exists as without an overdraft it's quite hard to keep all one's balls in the air. Squarebob (another very frustrated client of the (former) A&l).
  2. Push ma messarge to ze top of ze hil az i do not want to be left behind!!!!!
  3. Hello Sea-lady, I am 'Squarebob' of the many faces and travellings. At the moment I am enjoying ze vacazions in the Caribean, tomorrow...who knows where I will end up, ze reason for 'Ooking On To Your Tail' so to speak is because your messarge it seems to be the most frequent, (az evereyone gone to the sleepings?). So my question is this 'Ma Petit Ladee Of Ze Sea', are we going to get anything from ze Alliance & Leicester or..as I zuspect....'Nuzzings'! Ze A&L ave been taken over by ze famous Santander bank, somzing i suspect that haz been in the pipeline for a varry long time, so how do we penniless orphans stand? When ze rumours first flitted around, I telefoned ze A&L from some foriegn land to ask vot is going on, and ze reply was zat all was in ze ands of ze sharing olders...and yet a few days later....mon deu...I finds out that A&L iz no more..............Am I sweet ladee, or indeed are we..........'Up Ze Creek wizout Ze Paddle'? Wiz ma gun loaded...I...cherie...await your reply. Squarebob xxxxxx
  4. Sorry Old Girl, The claret is a bit 'Musty' (like me!) Glad to hear that you are well though, I'm a more like the Scarlet Pimpernel these days, the banks seek me here, the banks seek me there, and if they coughed up, then there would be no more seeking me everywhere! Give my best regards to the White Rabbit. SQ or ?
  5. Alice, Methinks you shall be down a rabbit hole for some time yet, so don't cry too much!
  6. Madame Kia, have I, Louis the III had such a profound effect on you that you appear in public in your night wear?
  7. At the quayside monsieur, my yacht it awaits the ladies of ze Procul Harlem Patient Louis
  8. Ze English zey ave no manners, no pleases or zankyous, jost 'Wham Bam, Thank You Ma', is ow u say it. Louis IIII
  9. You see Madam, zat iz wot maakes a Frenchman..... C'est Magnifique. Tout Sweet. Louis xxxxxxx
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