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  1. thanks priorityone ive just printed it up now,and will send it recored delivery. xxx:)
  2. hi again, today i received a letter from CALL SERVE LIMITED, (acting for it reads on the letter for debt managers ltd-for my debt from a catalog called vertbaudet i owe £1925.776) on the 4th this month i sent them a cca letter,and the letter about debt collectors are not to call at my house unless they have made a appointment with myself,or they will be seen to be trespassers,i sent them fisrt class recorded with a £1 postal order. i checked with royal mail and they did recieve this the next day. CALL SERVE LIMITEDS letter reads i have been ignoring them and they are gonna instruct on
  3. hi there,it does feel good to be taking control over it all now. thanks for your support and i hope every thing works out for you too xx:)
  4. hi there, nothing more yet,to report back,i only heard back from the one debt collector,i quite cant believe it,how no one els has not responded to the cca letter i sent them all. (not sure what to think of it myself) xx
  5. thank you so much priorityone im getting a copy of your letter done right now,xx
  6. hello everyone,today i recieved some letters in the post the first one is from DEBT MANAGERS LTD they are now acting on behalf of littlewoods,i sent my cca letter to the debt collectors littlwoods was using last, called NDR, becouse i had only just recieved a statemant/letter from them,now they have changed debt collectors do i now have to send these new ones a cca letter?? ( i know for a fact i never signed a agreement with littlewoods) the second letters are from LOWELL FINANCIAL (a debt they bought of capital one) the first letter is dated the 11th april,which is a final demand letter
  7. hello everyone today i got 2 letters in the pose both from BUCHANAN CLARK + WELLS. ( ace cards and gifts catolog) the first letter is to tell me that they do not hold a copy of my credeit agreement at there ofice,as they are noy the creditors. they have returned my £1 postal order i sent them and have also wrote they are putting my account on hold.# the second letter from them was posted to me the next day, which reads, "i can confirm that i have arranged for a copy of the invoice to be sent to you, this will be with you has soon as posiable." invoice??? is this my agreement, and
  8. i to have a letter to do with a old loan from hsbc, i recieved a letter a couple of days ago from a group called nco, acting on behalf of vf-1
  9. hello im not sure if what im writing is at all related to what you guys are on about,but i owe hsbc alot of money from way back, ive had metropolitan after, until yesterday i recieved a letter in the post from a group called nco,they write....... "we have been instructed by our client FV-1 to recover the out standing balance of £1589 previously owed to hsbc", they give me a payment hot line for them selfs and a contact number for FV-1 which is 0870 152 5680. i phoned nco and asked if the debt had been sold on (becos im currently trying to get back all my unfair bank charges from hsbc,whic
  10. hello everyone, today i sent off the cca letter to some of my debt collectors, BUCHANAN CLARK + WELLS (ACE CARDS AND GIFTS) NDR (LITTLEWOODS) LOWELL FINANCIAL (CAPITAL ONE) RUSSEL + AITKEN (VERTBAUDET) Ive also sent a letter explaining they cant come knocking at my door unless they have a apointment,and im only prepared to communicate with them in writing. i put a £1 postal order in each and sent them all recored delievery. tomorrow i will post letters out to the other two........ it feels so good to be taking charge of all this now. thank you again to all who have been h
  11. i had a letter from this company dated 18th jan this year, writing to tell me they are sending a debt collector around my house
  12. hello everyone,thank you all so much for all your kind support. some thing i dident mention was i contacted one of them "claim back your unfair bank charges companys" (they do all the work for you) becos i had all my old bank statemants from HSBC,and noticed i had payed alot out to them in overdraft fees etc. i did this before i had first been on this website,(about 2 weeks ago)becouse i wasent sure on how to go about doing it,so i thought i would try out my luck. it wasent till after i had signed the contract giving this company permission to act on my behalf,i realised that this mon
  13. thank you every one for giving me your advice,you have put such a smile on my face,its so wonderful to know that there are genuine,kind people out there wanting to help others, ive been reading with much interest, i couldent get the letter templates to come up on my screen,my pc kept saying errors, also sorry to be demanding.... but is there a full cca i could paste and copy,becouse i dont know the full act word for word, and i will make a start and send my debt collectors this letter, along with the letter that priorityone whote out for me,for the debt collector who supose to be visiting
  14. ive been so foolish by ignoring my debts,after reading your website ive realised i need to sort them out once and for all it all started by taking out a loan with HSBC,when i stoped paying them,i was contacted by a debt collecting agency called METROPOLITAN COLLECTION SERVICES, i owe them £1605, but its been nearly a year now since i last heared from them. I also had a credit card with what use to be called diamond which is now called CITI FINANCIAL, they passed my debt on to "DLC" direct legal & collections, the debt is for £1525, the last letter i can find from them was dated march
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