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  1. hello everyone, i sent out requests for my cca on 4th of april, only one sent out some thing (which turned out to be a application) so, the 12 days have long gone by, and the 30 days they get, we are now on day 26 into that, so if i dont here of nothing in 4 days time, what do i do next?? im so nervous becouse,none of these debt collectors ent realy relying to all this, apart from one who sent a application form (lowells/capital one), and another who have requested one (littlewoods-which i know there ent one), why they all being so quite?? xxxx
  2. ive changed my colour, lol thanks for all you replys, ive not heard nothing today.........no news is good news xx ...... i hope
  3. the application form they have sent me was a photo copy, put you can see the 3 lines down the page, where you would have to fold it up and post it off, when applying for a credit card there is no letter with terms and conditions, just the form you see on this thread, and a letter from them selfs
  4. hi pam, when i sent a cca letter to them this is what they sent me along with a letter from them selfs saying i should contact the in 7 days to make a payment plan with them selfs. i sent them a letter saying that what the sent me wasent a credit agreement, they replyed saying they are only obliged to send me a copy of the original agreement which was sent to me on 19th aprill, and they sent me the same thing again,but this time they highlighted the small print, they go on to say in there letter that by signing this i was accepting the terms and conditions of the consumer credit act .
  5. thank you so much for all your doing for me:) i think it must be a application form too,ive been reading around, and from what people are saying , it is. why is it though that lowells are saying,that the title and wording of the small print make it a credit agreement?? so bascialy becouse it reads credit card account agreement credit card account regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, this does not make it a credit aqgreement
  6. no i havent i will have a look at it now, i cant do what you said about doing putting it on another thread it wont let me paste it, xx
  7. thank you so much for doing that for me, im realy greatful xx
  8. hi everyone, when i last heard from lowell the sent me a copy of this agreement/ applicatiom form again, and highlighted the small print, they said that this section makes it a credit agreement becouse it says so:confused:
  9. hi there, so you think it is a application form, becouse as you know lowells are saying it a credit agreement, i sent them the letter you done for me the other day xx:)
  10. if anyone out there would be kind enough to let me email them, my scanned credit/application, so i can have your guess on what it is i would be so very greatful, pm me your address and i will send it you. many thanks michelle xx
  11. evening everyone, i gave my friend the copy of my application form/ credit agreement to scan on her pc and send to mine, lol the thing is i cant get it to come up on this thread, ive been looking at some other threads on this site this evening to do with credit application forms, and im even more confused now
  12. thank you for you words of support, i wish you all the best too xx:)
  13. thank you your so very kind, i must admit i am very nervous about all im doing, but it realy does feel so good to be takeing control over it all. i wish you all the best xxxx
  14. another thing, is , its been over a month now,since requesting agreements after sending the cca letter and i havent recieved any agreement i take it that this is good news xx:)
  15. morning everyone, today ive recieved a letter in the post from SCOTCALL DEBT COLLECTING SERVICES.(acting for a book club i apparently owe £109 to) they have wrote to tell me that due to the content of the letter i had sent them scotcall will now return this account to there client, and i will here no more from scotcall regarding this matter, the account has been returned as dispute. i will now hear direct from the client regarding this out standing amount, if i have any further queries or problems i am to contact the creditor directly. i wonder what will happen next xx:|
  16. hi there, contact them and tell them you are in dispute with barclays, you dont need to be paying them until you have sorted things out with barclays, even if the debt was sold on:)
  17. thats what im am gonna do, im sure the reclaim bank charges company will get it all for me too, at the end of the day they are gonna want paying too
  18. i ent with any of the banks and credit cards now,havent been for years,and most of the debts with them were sold on to debt collecting agencys.
  19. i did this with hsbc bank who had sold the debt on to a company called nco, i rang them and said im currently reclaiming my unfair bank charges from hsbc, ive not heared nothing from them since.... do you agree that even though i have debts with these banks and credit cards that i would still get my money in full, and they will not deduct the debt from it??
  20. i have on my letter from hamptons, members of, ccua civil court users association also members of the ccta consumer credit trade association next to there address it has company reg no, 4558936 also consumer credit licence no, 528607
  21. yes they are very good in keeping me up to date capital ones 40 days runs out next week. your all gonna think im a right silly moo now, becouse i did not tell this company i have debts with them, i did this becouse i have heard that it makes no difference,its your money and if you want it back in full then so be it. would anyone els agree with this???
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