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  1. thanks for that remus .... i had a look, i have reported lowells to ts, but all trading standards did was give me a debt managment helpline telephone number. i also reported them to another company, who i never heared nothing back, maybe i should try again xxx
  2. hi everyone:) i posted the letter priorityone kindly done for me, ive not heard nothing, all the debt collectors have failed to produce a copy of my signed agreements. the request was sent out on the 3rd aprill, and has been 54 days now:D
  3. hi everyone, what are they up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mum has just rang me to tell me she keeps getting phone calls from a man asking for me at her house.(i moved out over 3 years ago) she gave me the number and a sort code, i rang the number, and heard hello this is hamptons legal. i then put the phone down. i cant believe they are calling my parents house, my mum told the bloke i dont live here no more hasent done for 3 years but they still keep ringing there. hamptons (lowell) know excactly where i live i recieved a letter from them today,:-| xx
  4. i should shouldent i.... i looked at your letter its very good, thanks for that:) i just also heared from the reclaim back your bank charges company, i had asked them that becouse i have debts with all my credit card companies and hsbc, can i still get the money, and they not take it to pay of there debt. she replyed yes you will get your money:) xx
  5. hi mate thanks for that. i reported lowells, they also said that if they do commit a criminal offence i should contact them again, all the dca 12+1 calender month are up now, xx
  6. hi again, i spoke alittle to soon lol i have just recieved a letter in the post its from hamptons (lowells) it reads.... you have failed to respond to us to make any realistic arrangments to settle the amount outstanding to are client. legal proceedings may now be issued and served upon you without notice through the county court, which would incur you with payment of the following costs:- current outstanding debt £363.33 court fees £50.00 solicitors costs £50.00 interest £11.87 total: £475.20 you can prevent this action being taken by calling us
  7. morning everyone, it been 44 days now, since i requested a copy of my signed agreement from my debt collectors, has you know only one (lowells) sent some thing which turned out to be a application form, 2 others wrote to say they have handed the debts back to the client and the rest dident botherer to reply. i did check online to see if they recieved my cca letter at the start and they all did (5th aprill) i contacted trading standards and the other place, one has replyed giving me a debt help line number, can any one tell me what to do next???
  8. hi fran yes you can, this is what i have done. all the best michelle
  9. hi bonnieday:) yes you can find out if a postal order has been cashed im sure of it, they all have a individual number, ask at the post office, you many be able to go on line and find out when they do cash it, like you can go online and find out when they have recieved some thing you sent recorded delivery:) xx
  10. hi bonnieday, yea just send them a £1 stamp from the post office, thats what i will be doing from now on. xxx:)
  11. thats excactly what i was thinking too, it would make things so much easier just sending them stamps
  12. hi mate, the account was shut down some years ago, and in the last year the debt was sold on. xx
  13. no but im sure,this company will get it all back for me, i havent told them im in debt with them. im gonna have to wait and see, if they do take the money to pay towards the debt il will say then about all my other debts, and the money is mine and i will decide who gets what. xx:)
  14. hi mate, i had a debt collector (to do with a book club), sent me the same sort of letter the other week. yes it is good news. remember the reclaim back bank charges company i told you about, they are taking hsbc to court, i had to sign papers the other day:) xx
  15. morning everyone, ive just recieved a letter from DEBT MANAGERS LTD (for littlewoods) they have wrote in there letter they have been unable to obtain a copy of the signed agreement, so they have closed the account and returned the file back over to littlewoods. all future communication should be with them direct. xx
  16. thank you so much mate that means alot, i do feel quite proud of myself, and i couldent of got this far with out all of you helping me. i sending out loads of hugs and kisses now with this message, lol! xx:D
  17. i have just made a complaint to both trading standards and financial ombudsman services regarding lowell financial xxxx
  18. hi again everyone, i just contacted my local trading standards,and emailed them regarding lowells. i put down every thing what has happend along with all the kept letters and recored delivery recipts i have. xx
  19. hi and thanks so much for replying i hope you are all good, what happens when i report them? xxx
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