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  1. thanks remus, ha ha , he did call me on a mobile number..............
  2. thanks for that mate, honestly that is what he said, i felt so stupid on the phone, especialy when he aked why i wanted a copy of my credit agreement when i know the debt excists. i told the bloke, they sent me my application form instead, he dident seem that interested, he said i should get intouch with citizens advice becouse they know more on the subject then trading standards do, i said, citizens advice closed my file, becouse i took another loan out with provident last year. the bloke went on to tell me there are lots of debt help lines out there who will help me, i told him about th
  3. hi everyone, ive just got of the phone to trading standards, i feel quite upset to be honest he wasent much help at all, he told me it doesent matter if the debt was sold on to lowells, i should of sent the request for my cca to capital one and not lowells, he said (john harris) that there is nothing they can do. i told him, what about the phone calls to my parents house, telling them i owe money-surly thats not aloud, he said hes unsure on that. (even i know that they ent ment to do that!!) and about the threatening letters i get from both lowells and hamptons, he basicaly said they are
  4. thank you for your reply, so you dont think it was becouse of that cheque???
  5. hi everyone, my friend paul and his friend was today refused a joint morgage with alience and lester. he is going 50/50 on a house with his friend,who owns his own successful buisniess,paul is employed and has been so for years, paul is now stressing believeing him to be the one,has to why they were refused this morgage. around a year ago he sold some funiture over the internet,to these people who paid by cheque,a week later the cheque went thru, and the money was in pauls account,paul withdrawed the money,it was about £1500. another week later the bank wrote to him to say the cheque
  6. thanks guys for your replys, yes it is gonna be a joint morgage,his friend is self employed,he owns 2 sucsesful restaurants, paul is employed, and he earns a very good wage,and has been in this job for many years. another thing was his friend who is going half with, was gonna pay 10% up frount too. xx
  7. thanks paul, i realy hope some one out there can shed some light on the matter,my friend is deverstated xx
  8. thanks for replying, the letter i sent (cca ) i sent to impact collections, thats the one i have recorded delivery slip for, so why have the got another debt collectors on to me, i take it they are just making out they havent recieved the letter. xx
  9. hi everyone, my friend paul was today refused a morgage with alience and lester. he is going 50/50 on a house with his friend,who owns his own buisniess, paul is now stressing believeing him to be the one,has to why they were refused this morgage. around a year ago he sold some funiture over the internet,to these people who paid by cheque,a week later the cheque went thru, and the money was in pauls account,paul withdrawed the money,it was about £1500. another week later the bank wrote to him to say the cheque had bounced,( but why they had put the money in his account????) this mo
  10. hi, thanks for replying, i phoned my local trading standards this morning,the call got divirted to consumer direct, i told the lady all about the trouble im having with lowells, she said she will get some one from trading standards to contact me, she said they are very busy at the moment and it may take up to 5 days before the contact me. sue..your right i did send a letter of to vanquis asking for a copy of my credit agreement, the debt collectors they were with then were called IMPACT COLLECTION SERVICES ive just found the recorded delivery slip, but... i got a big feeling i dident
  11. hi everyone, ive made copies of all my letters ive recieved from lowells(should i send originals or copies) along with copies of the letters i have sent to them, and recorded delivery slips, i know this is going to sound so dumb, but what do i put in the letter to trading standards?? sould i put in it, the fact they have gone over there 12+30 days they have to produce a copy of my signed credit agreement,the threatening letters they have sent me , and not forgetting the phone calls at my parents house,(which i moved out of years ago,and wasent even in debt when i was living there- they
  12. hi everyone on friday i recieved a letter in the post from hillesden securities (acting on behalf of citi financial) they write to tell me, further to our letter dated 24th april regarding the above account i can confirm and advise the following... 1.we are foolowing up your request for a signed copy of your original agreement with our client citi financial europe, when this becomes available we will foward you a copy. 2.your account is on hold and all futher action has been suspended in anticipation of recieving the documents required. should you require any thing furt
  13. i.would like to say a big thank you to you all, my dads okay, we have sorted it for him. with my credit agreement i have recieved im going to write to the debt collectors and tell them my vertbaudet account is in dispute. and im going to send a S.A.R letter to verbaudet, any ideas on what i should write would be much appricated, do i just ask them to send me copies of my statements and send a potal order for £10.00 with this letter, i have seen the letter on this sitewhat to send when sending a s.a.r to banks, is it the same for catalogs?? many thanks again for all your support and help
  14. hi mate, thanks for that,i will write to the debt collectors and tell them im in dispute with vertbaudet. and i got the letter that as been written on this web site, thank you for the link. my dad was attacted the other night he was beaten up by 4 lads, becouse they threw eggs at his house and he confronted them,hes 76 years old,hes okay but since the attack hes a changed man,hes lost his pride. so at present im finding it quite hard to consentrait on getting my debts sorted. i am trying to get that agreement scaned and i will send it to you,and hopefuly put it on my thread, b
  15. hi everyone, ive just read the above message and its got me thinking,alot of my verbaudet debt will have been made up by unfair charges, i foolishly remenber throwing out all my old statements a while ago, how would i go about S.A.R (i dont even know what it is,) should i just write to them and ask for copies of all my old statements many thanks every one helping me michelle xx
  16. hi kennyparkroad i cant scan it, but i do no it is one. years ago after ordering some thing from the catalog, after the item was delieverd i recieved the credit agreement in the post, to sign and send back to them. which i did. does it matter if they have produced my copy of my signed agreement, out of the time they had (12 + 30 days), that i still would have to come to some agreement with them, even though they took far longer to produce this agreement. many thanks michelle xx
  17. hi everyone, today ive recieved a letter from debt manager ltd acting on behalf a catalog called vertbaudet. the debt is for £1925. 76 they have sent me a copy of my signed agreement. on it has the title credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, it has all terns and conditions on it and payments etc. it is the credit agreement. so im guessing now, it doestent matter that they failed to produce this with in the 12 + 30 days, (its been nearly 2 months) i would be so very greatful if anyone out there could give me some advice, thank you so much miche
  18. lol!!! what must of i been thinking about!! i better change it, thanks for pointing that out xx
  19. hi there:) the address i have at the top of the page reads... impact collection services p.o. box 57037 london ec4p 4xw and at the bottom of the the letter in tiny small print it reads impact collection services is a trading name of vanquis bank ltd registered at colonnade sunbridge road bradford bd1 1lq consumer credit number 532364 data protection registration number z767493x
  20. thank you everyone for your kind words of support , ive sent the letter of, so fingers crossed!! on saturday i recieved a letter off a group of debt collectors called impact collection services they are collecting for vanquis credit card when i applyed for my vanquis credit card i did so online, does ticking a box and typing in your name class as a signature for accepting the tearms and agreement in a credit agreement?????? becouse i never have signed any thing pen to paper wise with these. the debt is for £621.91, and the letter reads about court action will be taken ag
  21. thank you so much, i will use that letter, and send it to them, the last letter they sent me was from hamptons legal (trading style of lowells), it was more or less saying the same thing, thank you again xxxx
  22. morning everyone:) today i have recieved a letter from lowells, the title reads notice of intention to issue a county court claim, then reads... take notice that legal proceedings are currently being propared to be sent to court for service upon you. should you want to avoid this happening you should contact us in the next 3 days to arrange settlement of your current debt of £363.33 it goes on about what is a county court claim and what will happen to me.and tells me how much the court fees are and solicitors cost and interest making it a total of £476.47 that i wil
  23. hi remus, thanks for that i will call them on tuesday, it does make sence to call them first, it was embarrising having to explain to my mom why hamptons legal kept calling there house,i dident want to lie but i told her i dont know they are, and next time they call to tell them i dont live here any more havent done in years. (that still doesent stop them from calling there to ask my parents have they passed on the message to me to contact them) the joke is i never even had the debt when i was living at my parents house. they know dam well i live here and my home phone number .
  24. hi remus, oft,they were the other i complained too, i sent them a email,about all the trouble im having with lowell, and ive not heared a single thing back, i still have the message i sent them in my sent box. xxx:|
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