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  1. hi thank you for your kind message it ent good in gloucester at the moment , luckly the floods never got to my house,but it was flooded down the road 4ft high. electric was off at the week end, and we have no water since sunday! and not likely to be back on till around 2 weeks time!! people are bulk buying every thing at the shops and them water pumps are always empty! i tryed hand washing some clothes today (ive 3 children, 3yr old a 2 yr old and a 9 month old, its so hard to keep em clean! lol) but the washing dident go to plan, the clothes are still all soapy,i dident want to waste to
  2. we will ! and i want to thank you again for all your help on my thread. theres apart of me now wishing i did all my reclaims myself instead of getting one of them companies to do it for me, you have inspired me remus!! xx
  3. hi sue, that was realy nice what you put, i and im sure most people can relate to it very well, before i discoverd this site, any letters that came thru my door from debt collectors was put straight in to the bin, my phone would be constently ringing driving me mad, letters dca would send to say they were gonna come round my house on such a day would leave me bricking it. my blinds in my front window was always closed shut,and i never opened that window, (cos i had seen a debt collectors show on tv, where the man turns up at a house and goes thru the window,and apparently he is well within h
  4. im so very greatful for everyones help on this web site, it realy has changed my life, i know at the end of the day i still have my debts,but since discovering this web site i now feel im incontrol of them , ive learnt alot and there so much more to learn.ive had the most fantatsic support,far more then i thought i would get,and it means the world. thank you xx
  5. hi remus, ive just read thru your thread well done you !!! xx
  6. hi mate, thanks for replying, il wait and see what they send next. they sent me exactly the same letter on the 24th april and the excact letter again on the 22nd june???? 3 letters!! xx
  7. hi everyone, i recieved a letter from hillesden securities yesterday, they have took over the debt i owe citi financial, they write to tell me they have requested a copy of my signed credit agreement from citi. how long does it take them i requested that months ago! xx
  8. when the bloke asked me why i was reqesting my credit agreement, i cant remember saying any thing, i was so gob smacked i realy wasent expecting that. xx
  9. thank you all so much for your support,you guys are my inspiration and with out you here helping me, i would never have done any of this,THANK YOU!!! A while ago,i come across a unfair charge lloyds had took out of my account (£35) becouse it was so little,i dident bother passing it on to the company i have sorting out my others. i thought to myself, so what if its just £35 its mine, so used a letter of this site and requested it back, they replyed with a letter to say that my letter had been recieved and they will get back to me within 4 weeks. they today sent me a letter saying th
  10. hi everyone, when i told the bloke at trading standards that hamptons (lowells) rang my parents house and told my mum what they did, he dident realy have much to say about the matter. after reading lots of threads on people having fantastic results after contacting trading standards,i was very gutted,that i had some one who was not interested in helping me. the only thing he seemed remotely interested in was why i was requesting copies of my signed credit agreement when i new i was in debt with them in the first place. the thing is i couldent prove they contacted my parents
  11. hi spiritgirl, thats a good point you have made, maybe is becouse they are more likley to get the smaller debts owed payed sooner,so they act this way to get them, where as the bigger ones take more time ???? xx
  12. whoops!! and again , my children are climing over me,and i keep haveing edit my message.and it wont let me simply delete it
  13. thanks everyone for replying, some realy good points were made, im gonna start making a log of there calls, and a point monty2007 made was about its a criminal offence for creditors causing humiliation, thats just what lowells (hamptons) did when phoned my parents house saying they needed to speak with me cos i owe them a substsantial amount of money,( i owe them £366 thats hardly alot). thanks again michelle xx
  14. thank you for replying,your support is worth alot! last week i recieved a letter from c.a.r.s, they reckon some one was gonna come round my house on thursday,( i presume they ment thursday just gone, i recieved the letter wenseday, there was no date) no one came..... i have sent them a cca letter and also sent one to the original debtor vanquis,(over a week ago) they have both started calling my house, vanquis every now and then, c.a.r.s about 10 times a day. thankfuly i have caller id on my phone,so i dont answer it, the odd occation i did when they asked for me, i made out i wase
  15. thanks for replying mate, i have today sent the s.a.r letter to vertbaudet and the cca request to c.a.r (vanquis) and a letter to the debt collectors dealing with the vertbaudet catalog, to tell them ive s.a.r verbaudet, becouse i believe the debt to be made up of unfair charges, so there for im in disput with them. im gonna look more into contacting the councillor, il do it thru that web site, and wait and see if i get a responce, big thanks for all your support and advice michelle xx
  16. hi any advice on this subjest of what and who i need to write to would be very much appriactied, xx
  17. thank you everyone for your support,i realy do apprictate it , i was reading with interest about others who have had not much luck with trading standards, so im thinking maybe i shall give my local councellor a try,getting his/her name and address would not be a problem,its what i write in the letter i havent a clue what to put, any suggestions i would be very greatful for. and is it my district councillor or my county councillor i need to contact, i just went on a web site called writetothem.com, and it gave me a list of councillors for my area, but when i clicked on reasons they might b
  18. thank you all for replying, lowell, had bought the debt of capital one, infact i have just this moment found the letter from lowells which reads.... we hereby give notice of the assignment of the debtdue to us from you in resect of the balance of £363.33 out standing to capital one. on 12/12/2006 your account was sold to lowell portfolio i ltd (yea sold it to them for about £50 i bet !!)
  19. thank dx100uk for your reply, but what i dont understand is why trading standards told me different?? xx
  20. hi, and thanks for replying, its been over 2 months since i have requested it, i have no idea what to do now, trading standards say they wont help me unless it was capital one who was messing around, he told me the debt collectors are not the ones to send the cca letter to in the first place even though they no longer own the debt. xx
  21. hi every one, i have sent many of cca letters to dca, some own the debts while others are collecting them for there clients. i have one imperticular debt collctor giving me a load of grief, they never produced a signed copy of my credit agreement with in the 12 + 30 days, all they sent me was a copy of my application form. the debt collectors (lowell) own the debt which was originaly a capital one credit card of the amount of £363. i was this morning on the phone to a man from trading standars, he told me, i should of sent the cca request letter to capital one and not lowell
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