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  1. hi again, i have a total now of £1311.36 (it was originaly £1925.76) xx
  2. hi everyone, what im doing is taking my grand total and minusing all the adjustments and late charges. sorry i must sound so dumb! xx
  3. hi everyone, i today recieved a phone call from the bloke at trading standards, ( yes.....the same bloke who told me he couldent help me, the same bloke who told me if im debtwith a company why should i request a copy of my credit agreement in the first place) he phoned to ask have i sent him any info in the post regarding lowells, i said no, you wasent interested. he said, did i recieve my copy of my credit agreement in the end, i said no, i havent heard nothing from them in a while. i then told him i have sent info on to office of fair trading,after they sent me a letter showin
  4. hi priority one, thank you for replying when you say add up the account minus the charges , do you mean charges, like insurence, the adjustments total and the 2 late payment charges ??? (sorry im in a right muddle with this). xx
  5. hi, thank you for replying, so i can claim the ajustments/total cover?? from when i last placed a order. (sorry im a little confused:confused: ) xx
  6. Hi sue, the £1.00 wasent for the cca request, this £1.00 was in november last year. the adjustments and total cover total, gets bigger every month, even from august last year the total keeps rising ( july last year was the last time i ever ordered any thing from them) up untill prestent. xx
  7. hi everyone thank you for all replying to me. looking thru my statements ive misseds lots of repayments, but i can only see two no payment charges. from july last year im a little ashamed to say,thats when i started missing most of the repayments, they recieved £1.00 of me november 2006, and the £10 i sent them with the s.a.r letter in july 2007. thats all in between these dates. the interest in between these dates go from £35/£40 a month and the adjustments and total cover goes keeps changing from june 2006 £32.77 july 2006 £32,96 aug 2006 £34.60 sep
  8. hi, most of it looks like it was made up of adjustments, total cover, the total cover is the insurence and im not sure what adjustmnets is, (it all works out at about £30 a month) xx
  9. yes they have sent me my signed copy of my credit agreement, its the one i sent you sue, xx
  10. well that was quick,lol i only see 2 late payment charges a £10 (22 feb 05) and a £12 one (22nd july 05), the statements go up untill 30th nov 2006 the last payment i made was £1.00 then below it it reads 27th jan 2007 account closed then there is another statement i noticed they have used the £10 i sent with my s.a.r letter and marked it down for payment for july this year the last time i ordered some thing from the catalog my balace was £1679.72 with a £1500 credit limit please forgive me if you think im stupid,but im realy quite confused! lol xx
  11. hi mate thanks for coming to my rescue so il add it all up now, what about interest do i not bother with that?? xxx
  12. hi, if anyone can give me some advice on what i should do regarding the letter i today recieved from verbaudet i realy would be so greatful, thank you xxx
  13. hi mrsl, ive just read thru your thread, im gonna subscribe. im wishing you all the best mate xx
  14. hi mrsl, thank you, you should start your own thread too, i would never have got this far if i never had done this. the good people on the web site has gave me so much strength with there advice, support and encouragement. i wish you all the best. michelle xx
  15. hi remus i hope your good thanx for replying, i too thought them puttting there records dont go back pre the ofsted report a bit dodgy. looking at the statements, adjustments and total cover was quite high. just over £30 a month, i only claimed twice on the insurence, wish i never had that now. xx
  16. hi everyone, i would be very greatful for your advice on what i should do now. this morning i have recieved a letter from vertbaudet, regarding the s.a.r letter i sent them. the letter reads.... please find inclosed a complete set of your statements to cover the trading period of your account from 22 march 2004 - 27 january 2007 you will also find enclosed servral sheets headed vertbaudet query answering system. this is a record of events which have occurred on your account back to 1st march 2006, we no longer hold any data prior this date. i note your comments regarding
  17. hi everyone, a big thank you for all your kind words of support it means so much. xx
  18. hi, thank you for both responding, hopefuly some thing will come out of it! xx
  19. hi thank you for both your replys, im gonna send them all the details today, the water we have been told should be back on today, but its not yet, xx
  20. hi everyone, i have had some good news today in the post. when i first emailed trading standards i also emeiled the office of fair trading, as i heard nothing i guessed they wasent interested. i have a letter of them,which reads.... i am contacting you regarding a complaint you made to consumer direct on 16th may regarding a company called lowell financial ltd the above company holds a consumer credit licence that is regulated by thr office of fair trading (oft) it is the oft duty to consider a companys ongoing fitness to hold a consumer credit licence . if evidence excists that a
  21. lol !! hi, i might just do that, its very tempting, ive been bathing them in a bucket! lol, they love it., and my hair.......it looks like a style from a shock waves advert! thankfuly a friend is gonna take me down to a laundrette tomorrow. franmc12, thank you for your advice,im sure ive heared that in the past that ddc have no power. thinking about it im sure the show i once watched on tv was called baliffs. thank you again, xx
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