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  1. i would like to say a big thank you again to all of you on here who helped me and supported me with all your words of encougement .thru this nightmare. i dont here from any of the debt collectors regarding these debts any more, im still paying provident, i give them £2.00 a week, money owed is about just under £300, im ok wid paying them just £2.00 a week but thank you for the little known good advice dizzyhead90 i will def be keeping that in mind xx
  2. hi everyone its been a while since last logged on to this web site, i would very grateful if i could get your help again, a friend of mine is in a spot of trouble with some debt collectors calling him and sending him numerous letters. back in 2000 he had a morgan stanley credit card ,he honestly only remembers applying for one, and never signing any other documents apart from the first one. i wrote them a letter requesting a copy of the signed credit agreement i got the letter from this web site. Barclays wrote back and wrote a long 3 page letter explaining my friends rights as well as
  3. hi everyone, every thing is pretty much the same,i only hear from about 2 debt collectors now, one to say they are still chasing up getting a copy of my credit agreement (that was for citi cards) lol, it makes me laugh becouse it was all the way back in april i requested it! some how i dont think they got it. the debt i had with capital one, it turns out was made up of all unfair charges plus there was extra they owed me, i had a company who claims it back for you, sort it out for me, just as it was about to be took to court they wrote a letter to say, they will use the money to pay of the
  4. a big thank you joa, for your fantastic advice and support, i have took note in all what you have said. xx
  5. hi thanks for your reply, they wont replace the door, becouse i have already done this,out of my own pocket i was told a few months ago that i could do this myself, by two inspectors. i did this believeing the door was to never be replaced by a new one, ( the inspectors told me, the windows and not the doors will be done) now ive just found out the council will be giving its council homes new pvc doors as well as windows. the reason why im so upset, is becouse i paid all that money for nothing, the woman i spoke to on the phone told me the inspectors new all along that the doors woul
  6. hi please dont think im a fool for what you are about to read, but 590 pound is such alot of money, and im gutted, ive screwed up big time. im sat here in floods of tears, i live in a council house with my 3 children, i am a single mother. a couple of months ago i contacted the council repair line, to complain about my frount door, it lets in the rain and has a whooping big gap at the bottom of it, they sent a inspector out to look at it, and he told me he will get a repair man out to re-seal it, and replace the glass, as for the whooping great big gap in it, he told me thats th
  7. hi gizmo, i requested a copy of my credit agreement back in april, when i had debt collectors threatening to come to my house and take goods ect, i do have a thread going about my problem with debt collectors,and alot of kind people are giving me support.it was on that thread i was adviced to request my credit agreement. it was before i had discovered this web site, that i got in touch with this company who trys to get back your unfair charges, to be honest at that point when i contacted the company,i would never of had a clue on what to do if i was going to do it myself. michelle
  8. thanks linz i hope the company will let me pull out they should do, they have just made 173 pounds of me with ca[ital one. im gonna tell them, if they use the same tactics as capital one did and use it to pay of my debt, there wont be anough money to pay them. michelle xx
  9. i would like that. but i do find the whole going to court thing nerve racking, im such a shy person lol, it is true though! will i be able to take of where the reclaim compay as left off? i would ent have a clue where to start! xx
  10. hi sequenci, thanks for replying, i had a credit card with citi financtial a few years ago, im no longer with them, back in aprill this year i requested a copy of my signed credit agreement, from the debt collectors the debt was passed on to, the debt collectors (hillesden securties) write to me,every once or twice a month to explain they are still in the process of getting it from citi financial, and as soon as they recieve it they will pass it on to me. i was gonna get a company to reclaim back my unfair charges from this credit card, the company are at the stage where th
  11. no i dident do it, i was young and foolish back then, its all about the money at the end of the day, and companies like that would do any thing for a sale,including abuse there staff, and yes i know it was only a mobile phone shop, lol,thats what makes it very funny! but imagine what other huge companies out there could be up to, if a phone shop could go on like that! michelle xx
  12. hi caro EDIT i did tell them my situation about being in debt with all these credit cards and bank when i first started dealing with them. the lady asked me last night if i wish to continue with citi, they have already sent them a few letters, now they are about to take them to court. i did tell her yes, but im sure i could change my mind if i tell her, there wont be enough money to pay them if citi keeps the money to pay towards the debt. i requested a copy of my signed agreement from citi back in aprill,the debt collectors acting on behalf of them write to me every once or
  13. i am happy with the debt being cleared, at leaset that one debt out of the way! im seriously thinking of doing the citi one myself, the claims company are sending me out court papers to sign and send back. if i tell the company i know longer wish them to act on my behalf, do i take on where they left off?, taking them to court, the thought does scare me a little, a the good thing will be the claims company has worked out how much citi owe me, and do i need to get hold of the statement copies the company would of got of citi?, the company might still charge me for them gaining the s
  14. tell me about it, when i worked in my shop, i was told to go out looking for customers in the street,and give the blokes the impression if they came back to my shop they would get more then a mobile phone, i also got a warning from my area manager when i refused to go out for a meal with a customer in exchange for him getting out a multi contract deal for his firm, he apparently worked for. michelle xx
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