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  1. received a letter from the rbs saying going to pay back charges happy days from sandy watt


    we signed the letter as it was the full amount and posted it off


    a week later received nothing

    telephoned them and was told her office did not receive it


    i posted another acceptance letter to them by special delivery telephoned to day and the auto tell me the bank has withdrawn all payments until next year payments of good will


    bad dirty tricks

  2. hi tigga.sorry about your bad luck.i am only new myself but i have picked up a few things on this site.you will see a few threads on kensington and what i would do is send them a letter with your £10 fee (data protection act) request to see all your charges i sent them a letter a few days ago we had them a few years ago now until we changed and paid more over the top in fees iam just at the start with them just sent my request off to then yesterday.first i sent them a e/mail about the.(meafs) then i got a letter off them the next day lol here it states. dear cleanslate,.i refer to your recent correspondence 02 may 2007.futher to the recent statement of good practice made by the financial service authority(fsa) regarding mortgage exit administration fees (meafs) we have now considered our position and would like to take this opportunity to explain it to you inrelation to your above numbered mortgage.

    by accepting your mortgage offer issued on 1 june 2004 you agree to become bound by all terms and conditions,which included any additional administration fees that may become applicable during the term of your mortgage. the tariff of charges that accompanied your offer clearly detailed the( MEAF) as the redemption administration fee the tariff also made clear that the fees shown were liable to change in the future and that you would be notified of any such changes as and when they occurred.

    i can confirm that the redemption administration fee is charged in respect of the additional work that is undertaken on behalf of a customer when their account redeems.the additional work that is involved during the redemption process includes.but is not restricted to the following.








    our fee compares favourably to those applied by other lenders in the market with the smallest increases made over the last decade .

    in consideration of this and the work undertaken i remain satisfied that our redemption administation fee represents a reasonable estimate of the costs we incur as a result of a mortage account redeeming, our fees are also reviewed regularly to ensure that this continues to be the case.


    the FSA statement explains that the lender, which in this case is kensinton mortgages should be able to justify an increase in any MEAF and with this in mind that i would like to explain the reasons why our redemption fee increased from £125 to £145 it goes on and on and on sent them a data protection act 1998 request this morning for my back monies will start a new thread and keep you all informed about this matter good luck with yours tigga your not alone

  3. yes you must be at the same stage as me yesterday 20th of april i received the same letter as the first but this time it was a photo copy sent off the letter my 3rd to andover to my mate debbie gilbert my last letter before action again with the breakdown of charges also i e/mailed them thanking them for my letter and informed them i had sent my last notification to them to give me my monies back.i have. been reading up on everything on this fantastic site.good luck ennael on your claim

  4. the mood I am in got a good mind to drive to west yorkshire have e/mailed ex-credit centre it just goes to show you need to check what info companys or low life firms put about you my free 30 day is going to worth it


    all the 30 days of it when i noticed this c


    l spent all day yesterday to trace this default got a return e/mail from credit centre


    looking into it i returned the e/mail telling them you better look into it and have your facts 100% right


    off to post office to send this request / demand notice


    thanks for all your help should be a law on what goes on the credit report

    what makes you mad is the fact we never had a bank account with anyone who says we owe this small amount of monies


    we have always been with Lloyds gone back five years to trace

    this we have never had cards


    asked my wife if she paid the milkman


    thanks again will keep you all informed of this strange and mad act

  5. if this lot read this post i hope you have got all your facts right


    we have traced our bank statements looked at our outgoings and find nothing regarding this lot of creeps


    also have informed experian who i take it act for all of the loan sharks


    i have also asked them to inform me of what gives them the right to put defaults on anyones file without looking at the facts and information about the person first when i find what this is all about i will not only sue them i go after experian yes 8 defaults (8) file up dated 18/03/2007 we have no record current balance (satisfied) i satisfie them lot

  6. cheers kenny / matt anyone got a telephone number for them on a high how dare a company like this apply something on your file when you know nothing about it really mad about this only got my copy yesterday from credit centre the law should change on this matter

  7. found this on my credit report company c l finance ltd account type bank default balance £17 current balance satisfied 8 defaults have no record of this firm company 8 defaults ready to kick a bit of dirt anyone know who this is we no idea or had any letters from a company of this name or do we pay anything from standing orders to d/d strange one this

  8. Hi m8 yes you need to send your first letter off to our friend debbie gilbert. Lloyds tsb.Andover service. recovery centre. charlton place, andover. hampshire.sp10 1re you might get back a standard letter like me

  9. just to up-date on my claim.received today the same letter back from my friend debbie gilbert from my letter before action yes the same letter photo copy letter well well well only thing about the letter which is not on the first letter is the date. lol ok off to file my claim good luck to you all

  10. good luck frugal not far behind you. sent my letter before action and time to get my court details ready nothing from debbie gilbert but still five days to go then i will file my claim i was in the bank yesterday my local tsb paying a bill and a guy in front past a letter in to the bank staff.he was told she would put it wilth the pile she already had with a smile :-)

    he was told also by her things are about to change the terms and conditions on each claim i take it with every claim made by ourselfs tsb are going to give us new terms we wait and see anyway best of luck not you will need any

  11. was told by rbs staff the bank only has six years of bank statements 2002 i left the rbs in 2000 but the staff said as i have settled the account which regarding my overdraft in 2006 which the royals past on to a collection firm will my past six years show on the statements back charges anyone have any idea

  12. need a little help please canot down load spread sheet wonder if anyone can help with this my claim is foe £1447 i need to know the 8% of 1447 from 2002 if anyone can do this for me also on the court claim form it asks for overdraft intrest will this be the 8% also the intrest under s 69 county court act £ cheers cleanslate

  13. hi new to this just found out via my credit record a name of kingshill iam paying cabot have you got a thread to a letter to send them to ask them to send me my agreement like you not happy two companys working the same way cheers good luvk with yours i will bewatching to see how you get on with them i have told cabot i will settle my old associates visa card £1400 by the end of the month reading your comments changed my mind also have you got the e/mail address of cabot chhers and good luck

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