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  1. Indeed Goldlady...... Check those watermarks. My daughter took a dodgy £20 the other day. It was very very authentic looking. My "experienced hands" told me it didn't "feel" right and I was proved correct, however they come from years of experience and this note had watermarks etc. Apparently there are some amazingly good "dodgies" about! Perhaps we should all stick to £1 coins?
  2. Marting is correct. If this debt was part of the bancruptcy it's very very unlikely they have an enforceable debt to chase. If there has been no contact/admission/payment of the debt for the past 6 years it's Statute Barred. I've reported this thread so it can be moved to a more appropriate forum where you should get some solid help.
  3. Just to clarify. (Retired Barclays Staff here) Cheques take 5 working days to clear through the system. HOWEVER when the finds are available differs from bank to bank and account to account. For instance: With Barclays (and I believe with Lloyds) SOME customers have an Authorised Uncleared Limit, whereby they can withdrawn up to £1000 against uncleared cheques. HOWEVER, should these cheques subsequently "bounce" the customer has to cover it. IE pay in enough funds to cover the debits. This AUL is over and above any overdraft limit. For example: £1000 overdrawn and up to limit. Pay in £900 cheque. Account can now sit at £1900 overdrawn (Cleared balance) until the cheque clears and shows a £1000 debit balance again. Barclays current accounts clear a cheque IN or OUT of your account Barclays to Barclays the NEXT working day. When a cheque leaves YOUR account does not necessarily mean it has cleared in the recipients account. To the OP: Check with your own bank. It may be that they will allow you to draw against uncleared funds and as a refund from IKANO is unlikely to bounce, you should be ok. I'm going to add a little disclaimer to the above information. Not ALL Barclays accounts (or Lloyds etc for that matter) have the facility I mentioned. (The AUL) Despite what many Lloyds customers think, since their advertising campaign, they do not "clear" cheques paid in immediately. They allow you access to the funds. If the cheque bounces, you will pay the price. They do give you interest on it immediately though (for what it's worth!) And also to bear in mind......Cheques can "theoretically" still bounce well after 5 working days, if the cheque is reported as fraudulent or stolen etc. It's unlikely, but it CAN still happen. And you thought there was a simple answer Sequenci!
  4. My first question would be: Did these accounts have a "Staff Marker" on them? If so, then as the member of staff (this would be the case with Barclays whom I worked for) , ie your ex - would have access to the department that oversee staff accounts and my therefore may have managed to get them to close them that way. Second Question. Have you asked your Solicitor to find out what they heck your ex thinks he is playing at? Third question: Did you not inform HSBC that you were no longer resident at the matrimonial home? Even though the accounts were joint there would no reason why you could not have statements sent to your correct address. Fourth Question: Given that HSBC have told you, as a Premiere Client or otherwise, that the accounts should NOT have been closed without your signature, have they given you any explanation as to why they WERE closed? I will hazard an educated guess as to why he wanted the accounts closed. But it is a guess. Although there may have been very little in the accounts your ex will be aware from Bank systems what the "anticipatory" overdraft limit will be on the accounts. IE the amount to which you can overdraw them before they are frozen or cards stopped etc. And he thought that you might just do that. Normal procedure in the case of divorce, and once the bank has been informed of the split, is for the accounts to be frozen until such time as BOTH parties agree to the overdraft or balance being split. Whilst I would think only a solicitor can advise you as to whether you can sue for reinstatement of the accounts, I would advise a very strongly worded letter to the Bank asking for a full and frank explanation of how the accounts were closed without your permission, expecially as they were part of your Divorce petition, a fact that your solicitor can verify. As someone who has the divorce Tee Shirt, worn it, grown out of it, discarded it and now using it as a duster, I can sympathise with you and understand you are angry. Get your solicitor to sort this out and try REALLY REALLY hard not to let your ex see that ANYTHING he has done has wound you up or caused you any upset whatsoever.
  5. Hi again Lizzy, As I've already said, I did think that this would be mentioned somewhere and it is exactly as I described it to you. The reason that they use the word "may" is because some customer have an "Authorised Unclear Limit" whereby if they pay a cheque in it doesn't need to have cleared before they can draw on it (normally up to a limit of £1,000). I should stress this is not ALL customer, just SOME and you would need to ask the bank themselves whether you have this facility. Other than that, whether you think it's fair or not, I was right in thinking it would be buried in the Ts and Cs somewhere. Hey, at least you know now and can make an informed decision as to whether you want to continue to bank with them now.
  6. Well, it's not like it's not easy to misinterpret it is it? Plain Englaish award to Barclays - NOT!! The cut off time actually depends on what the item is. Instructions (presumably meaning DD mandates and Standing Orders etc) are processed on the working day they are dated for. HOWEVER Barclays actually process them at 1.30am in the morning (ish) Automatic credits ie wages payments etc are processed at the same time. However Counter Credits (ie when you go to the bank branch to pay in) and online credits (ie when you transfer money from one Barclays account to the other) are processed "as and when" and, as it states, some branches differ. NORMALLY it's 3.30pm-4pm and any credits after that time will be processed the following working day. Although I believe it's 5pm on-line, I'd need to check to be sure. What they have very carefully omitted to say is that the DEBITS processed at 1.30am could well put you over-drawn or cause a payment to bounce and yet a CREDIT paid in that same working day will NOT cover it. That's why they state that the account has to have enough in it the working day previously. I obviously haven't got a full list of Ts and Cs here, and can't remember off-hand if this is stated anywhere else. It would be best to check, rather than taking this one piece of info from them, to the exclusion of the rest of them. I, as staff, always just accepted the way I've explained it to you as the way it works. I never questioned it. Perhaps I should have. If you honestly feel that the Ts and Cs don't explain this properly I would always recommend that you COMPLAIN!!! Get someone in the branch to show you where it states in the Ts and Cs that the money has to be in the previous working day. See if they can find it! My Ts and Cs for my staff account are different to an "ordinary" account, so therefore what I have here will not tally with yours anyway. It's obviously really easy to misinterpret the "legalese" way the Ts and Cs are written. I'd personally be putting a staff member on the "hop" and getting them to show you exactly how, before I explained it to you, you were supposed to know this, from the literature they have sent you.
  7. I have just had a read of your other two threads on this subject and have noted that you haven't been advised to go down the CCA route before. Basically, just by way of an explanation.... You need to establish that they : 1. Have the right to persue this debt and 2. Have an enforceable Credit Agreement That's what the CCA letter will do and will cost the grand sum of £1 to find out this information. IF they come up with a valid agreement then we can help you to negotiate with these "people" from there. Meanwhile I think you are best advised to stop telephoning them, sending the letter in the library with this regard and to send the CCA as soon as possible in order to establish the facts. Send it and the "stop phoning" letter. Sit back and wait. If the telephone any more tell them you will only correspond in writing. Don't enter into discussion with them AT ALL.
  8. Hi MAV The good people on here have shown you a way out of this nightmare. You really need to STOP CALLING THEM right now. Sorry to shout, but it's a pointless exercise and it only increases the stress, nothing more. You need to send the CCA request now. Letter N in the Library. Then, if they have not provided you with evidence (ie everything you ask for in the letter) after 12 days+30days there is no need to continue to pay them ANYTHING until they do. If courts/bancruptcy etc are being bandied about you will NEED this information anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone and get the request in. Once they have responded we can advise further. It really is as simple as that for now. DON'T sign the letter with her ordinary signature (make one up and use it just for them) and send a Postal Order for the £1 payment. I have learned, as have many others on here, that taking this one step at a time not only relieves the stress, but gives you control. Let us know what the response is once you have it.
  9. i would advise seeking advice from a proper Independant Financial Advisor. You say you need an income from this money, therefore you need someone who has expertise in the field of long term investments. I'd be suprised if any bank, given the amount of investment you are talking about, refused you an account. In my opinion, as a retired bank worker myself, you would be best served making an appointment with two or three banks and explaining your needs. Their helpfulness/advice should be easy enough to weigh up and will quickly tell you whether you want to bank with them. Meanwhile find a Financial Advisor who can recommend low-risk investments, giving you a monthly income but ensuring your lump sum is safe. Good Luck.
  10. Noomil is correct. Send a letter demanding they sort this out immediately, or alternatively give you your loan for this year, in order for you to complete your course and MEANWHILE you will be willing to negotiate with them for repayment once you have all the information requested in the SAR. I would NOT telephone them as they will not talk to you about anything else except the "arrears" that they claim you owe. You can try if you really want to, but be prepared to INSIST on speaking to a Supervisor immediately rather than the trained monkeys. But, to be honest, I doubt you'll get very far, from experience. Good Luck.
  11. Hi MMP 1. Have you given them written permission to check your credit status? If not they can't. If you have given them permission it's unlikely (in my opinion) to cause a problem. I know of quite a few Bank Staff who got their jobs with Credit References that were very much less than perfect. 2. If the default is marked as "settled" and there is a notice of correction on it I doubt it will cause a problem. As you have taken a loan with them i think it's highly unlikely it's going to be a problem, however I think it may be wise to discuss it with the Human Resources people if you are offered a post. Always best to be honest and up front in these situations. 3. I can't help with the interview as I never worked for RBS. However I may be able to give you some pointers if you can disclose what the role you have applied for is. You said you have a face to face interview, can I infer from that that you have had a telephone interview? If so, what sort of things were asked? Good Luck and pop back to give us some more info on the job. I'm sure there will be someone who has either been in a similar role or interviewed for such.
  12. Steve, Don't sign the letter with your "normal" signature and my advice is to send a Postal Order. Meanwhile get an appointment with the Welfare Office of the Uni and see if they can help you sort finance whilst you are battling the clowns in Glasgow.
  13. Steve, you can use this as your "Starter for Ten" with SLC. See what this throws up: Customer Assistance Team, Student Loans Company Ltd, 100 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7JD Dear Sir/Madam, I hereby make a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 1998 and request that the Student Loans Company Ltd. supply me with the following: 1) a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my history with your organisation (trading as either the Student Loans Company, Smith Lawson & Co [which I understand to be one and the same], or any other name); 2) where there has been any event in my account history which has required manual intervention, disclosure of any indications, notes or other evidence by any member of staff or any other person, which either caused or resulted in manual interventions in relation to my business with you (If you are unable to supply this data because there has been no such manual intervention, then please be so kind as to confirm this in your response); 3) records of decisions and communications relating to any changes to my credit status/history made by your organisation. I enclose a cheque for the statutory maximum fee of £10 for which I would like a receipt by return of post. As per the Data Protection Act 1998 you have 40 days from the date of this letter in which to comply with this request. Failure to do so fully will be reported to the Information Commissioner and I will seek compensation through the Courts
  14. Exactly noomil - can't believe these clowns!! What we need to ascertain is whether the account was deferred correctly until the supposed "death". If it was then no way can Steve be liable, as he didn't tell them he was dead and they stopped writing to him. If it wasn't then the charges up until the notice of the "death" will probably be more difficult to fight. An SAR will disclose this information, although they may well be reluctant to cough it up!!
  15. Hi Steve, Well, no problem about giving advice, it's important to ascertain certain things to make sure you get the RIGHT advice! This had been deferred from the time I left university in 1994. So you were filling out the deferment paperwork regularly and sending it bak with proof of income? Was this always done on time and have you got the paperwork stating the loan was deferred until x date? I've had no communication from them from 1998, they girl said today that the account with them was closed because they believed that i was 'decessed'. This was due to somebody's else's account mixed up with mine. I will deal with this in a mo. Not sure what charges have been applied to the loan, probably substanstial from 1994. In order to find out what has happened re: charges etc, you are going to need to send an Subject Access Request. You need to request FULL disclosure of all data held on you, including, but not limited to, the Credit Agreement, statements since the account was opened and all records of calls etc. Once you have requested this they have 40 days to comply in full. The letter you need can be found in the site's library. When you say you have had no contact with them, how did you defer then? What I think is likely is that, whether the account was deferred properly or not, they have been adding charges once they ceased to be able to contact you. Did you inform them you had moved? Now, re the information regarding your death being somewhat premature(!) I think it's important that the Local Authority also thought you had passed on, and had your info confused with the deceased party as they will be able to confirm to you (and therefore the SLC) that this was the case. What I don't understand is why they closed the account because you were supposedly in your grave, but have also managed to seemingly add charges here and there to an account of a "dead" person, whose account they had supposedly closed. All the above aside obviously it's imperative that you get your loan for this year to ensure you can finish your course, this is where the Welfare department of your Uni will be able to help.
  16. Copied and Pasted the above into the other thread.
  17. OK, I've had a think about this one. I think the most important thing is to ascertain why they are saying you can't continue to get help to complete the Course. This seems to fly in the face of what they were set up for in the first place. Whilst you are supposed to start paying off your loan once you have left your Course and reached the earnings required, it's not reasonable to expect you to repay what you have borrowed until you finish, in my opinion. Unless of course you weren't going to return. However, I have a few questions, in order to try and give the correct advice here. You say you returned to Uni. When did you return? They sent you a letter stating you owe £485. Has this loan been deferred since you left Uni, on a regular basis? How long was each deferrment? Have you had any statements from them since you last wrote to them in 1998? I think it's important to ascertain why the figure quoted on the 'phone was £1400, did the operative specify? Has the loan had charges attached to it? Have you moved since you last wrote to them? Did you keep in contact with them to ensure deferrment etc? Sorry to question you, it's just all the above make a difference as to how you should approach this.
  18. Copied and pasted from the other thread..... Let's see if we can break it down. So, your Local Education Authority say there should be nothing barring you from finishing your Education as far as they are concerned... Good, get on to them immediately and let them know what the SLC said. Next, the SLC. Firstly, Do NOT, whatever you do, no matter how much you are worried, or how much you want to let off steam, talk to the again on the phone. You are wasting your time. Completely. They are trained rottweillers whose only pleasure in life is to make everyone's life a misery. Not only do they not know the law, they make threats and, as you have seen, are completely unreasonable. I'm not sure about the issue of "Statute Barred" with the SLC. I seem to remember that they are exempt. The best place for advice is the Welfare Office of your University. They will no doubt be well versed in the SLC and their tricks. Whilst you have been disabled the loan shouuld have been being deferred for 3 years at a time and, if you are now in full time education, should not require payments in the meantime. The Welfare Office at the Uni and the Student Union are really the best people to help here, however, I'll take some time to check out the rules and come back to you at some point this evening.
  19. Hi Steve, Firstly I'll PM a MOD and ask them to make this a separate thread as it's important that you get as much advice as possible and it will get "lost" tagged at the end of this. OK, now on to this (rather complicated) problem. Let's see if we can break it down. So, your Local Education Authority say there should be nothing barring you from finishing your Education as far as they are concerned... Good, get on to them immediately and let them know what the SLC said. Next, the SLC. Firstly, Do NOT, whatever you do, no matter how much you are worried, or how much you want to let off steam, talk to the again on the phone. You are wasting your time. Completely. They are trained rottweillers whose only pleasure in life is to make everyone's life a misery. Not only do they not know the law, they make threats and, as you have seen, are completely unreasonable. I'm not sure about the issue of "Statute Barred" with the SLC. I seem to remember that they are exempt. The best place for advice is the Welfare Office of your University. They will no doubt be well versed in the SLC and their tricks. Whilst you have been disabled the loan shouuld have been being deferred for 3 years at a time and, if you are now in full time education, should not require payments in the meantime. The Welfare Office at the Uni and the Student Union are really the best people to help here, however, I'll take some time to check out the rules and come back to you at some point this evening.
  20. Try sifting through this information from the FSA. Hopefully one of the accounts listed here will fulfill your needs. http://www.moneymadeclear.fsa.gov.uk/pdfs/bank_accounts.pdf
  21. Hi, Before you consider thinkbanking PLEASE read this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/word-banks/113357-new-type-bank-account.html and consider whether it is really appropriate. I always think it's best to consider all the options!
  22. Hello mypinkstar and welcome to the site. Can I advise that you need to PM a Moderator or Site Helper and ensure that they know you are Bank Staff? Bank Staff are not allowed to post on the site without prior permission. As a retired Bank staff member I would also advise caution. Whilst I am sure that your intentions are good, it's important to remember that the members of this site are here because of Months and Years of being charged, not just the odd "oversight" and therefore you may encounter a less than positive response to your offer of help if you don't stick to absolute facts. It's important, in my opinion, that bank staff do use this site, as our expertise in some areas can be invaluable. However I also believe we should not set ourselves up as experts and certainly not lecture or have any sort of agenda, other than helping others. What I would suggest, as you work for First Direct, is that you post in the First Direct sub-forum and see what you can do to help there, bearing in mind the advice I've given.
  23. If you need to change a Standing Order payment date it SHOULD be done the day before lizzy. ALL debits, unless over the counter, ATM or card payments, are taken in the early hours of the morning. However, if you absolutely need to you can stop an STO going out on the same day. The way to do this is to call telephone banking, tell them you need to recall the debit immediately and cancel the STO. Then you can re-start the STO the following day, either with the person on the 'phone or online after you've recalled the debit. Of course most organisations prefer DDs! That way THEY control when they remove the money, and THEY control how much they request (for instance if you've missed a payment and they want two this month). Standing Orders give YOU the control. You will need Sortcode and Account number for each company you pay regularly. Online you can cancel your DDs, however I'd recommend ringing the bank to cancel them, that way you have an audit trail, and request a STOP on the DDs to ensure none of the Companies "accidentally" request the money next month. Once each DD is cancelled simply set up a STO to each one. You do this by choosing a start date for the first payment and then what date you want the money to be sent every month forthwith. You are then also given an option to send the money x number of times, for x number of months or "until further notice". You can change the date and the amount that is sent, online, whenever you want, right up until the day before it's due. Obviously if the money is due to go on a Monday the funds will need to be there on the Friday. As a retired Barclays staff member I wish Barclays had been more helpful too. However, hopefully you are now armed with everything you need to get planning and have the account work for you as you need it to. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask. I'll do my best to help. PS Seeing WHU back in the top four is about as likely as the banks WILLINGLY turning over and getting their bellies tickled and just handing back the money they've been taking of their customers for years.
  24. I'm glad we were able to allow you some reflection time! Often, as is said time and time again, if it looks too good to be true, it is. My recommendation stands Mauritius, get your salary paid into an account, work out what you have to leave behind every month to cover the bills (with a little "movement") and transfer the rest to another account. That way you know your bills are covered and when your "moved" money runs out, you'll have to wait until payday!
  25. Think Money is run by RBoS However a quick google tells you that "Think Money" itself is owned by Gregory Pennington, as is Friendly Mortgages and Loans, Freeman Jones Debt Solutions, Wilson Andrews (Debt advice in Scotland) I also found this: Account opening and monthly management fee payable. Personal bank accounts only. Proof of identity will be required. The think banking account is a managed bank account run by think banking and held with the Royal Bank of Scotland. think banking, Pennington House, Carolina Way, South Langworthy Road, Salford Quays, M50 2ZY Company registration number: 05530040. Registered in England and Wales. The think banking card is issued by Newcastle Building Society pursuant to licence by MasterCard International Incorporated or its affiliates. Newcastle Building Society is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is entered in the Financial Services Authority Register under Registration No. 156058 Cynical? Moi?
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