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  1. As Buzby says this is nothing to do with Paypal.


    The "buyer" is a [problem] artist and, unfortunately, these scams are common. Normally it comes down to "once bitten twice shy".


    A paypal email will always address you by name, never ask you to click a link and if you ever get one that says you have money in your account, log in and check it's there before believing it.


    These phishing emails are very common, it's just unfortunate that you fell for it. Paypal NEVER hold the funds until you send an item. These "people" used your inexperience against you, and got the laptop for free.


    With the rise in the occurance of these scams many local Police Forces are taking notice and I suggest that you visit - not telephone - your local station and ask to speak to someone to report someone obtaining goods by deception. Take all the emails, but ensure that you have the Special Delivery details to hand as this will show the Police where the item was sent to.


    I'll be honest and say it's unlikely you will see the laptop or your money, and it's time to chalk this one up to experience.


    I would suggest ensuring that you are well versed in Paypal and how it works, and also suggest that you visit the Community Discussion Boards on ebay if you need advice as you will find a vast amount of knowledge there from fellow users.


    Another good site is: Welcome To A.C.E.S.

    This is NOT a commercial site, it is run by a group of ebayers, voluntarily, to help fellow ebayers and to give advice where necessary.


    If you responded to ANY links in ANY of these emails I strongly suggest that you change the password on paypal and ebay immediately.



  2. *Update*


    I have now got written confirmation that the loans have been cancelled. Written off due to disability.


    That doesn't let the off the hook though...They still won't give me back the £200 odd I paid when I SHOULD have been deferred for 3 years at a time due to receipt of Incapacity Benefit and DLA, so off to the Post Office I go - AGAIN!!


    ;) - Getting there!

  3. Thanks for all the comments!


    I've been promised a letter explaining how they came to the figure, as I've kept all the bills so it should make interesting reading.


    I worked out that the old meter was averaging at 19-22 kwts per day and the new one is registering at 12-13 per day. They agreed.


    They had to go back to the "old billing system" and work out what I would have paid with the now established ACTUAL consumption, and then do the same with the new system.


    Should make interesting reading.


    I thought of the postal strike too, but as I was potentially (before I got shirty!) not getting a refund at all, and then I was supposed to wait until May, I think I can wait a few days for the strike to pass!!



  4. Have received another call from them (Shock horror and amazement!)


    They are sending a cheque for £1020




    They have completely written off the almost £300 that was outstanding on my account. I was paying £99 per month at the beginning of the year, reduced to £72, then £40, now they reckon £30 should cover it and NO debit balance.




    Will update when I actually have the cheque!


    Thanks everyone.


    *Does little jig*

  5. I agree Surfer,


    I will write, as Buzby suggests and if they try and charge me in my maiden name I will say "who?" LOL


    I fully intend to dispense with their services if they persist with the charge, however, I run a business online from home and cannot be without the internet. I have SO many friends who have switched to Sky or BT and found themselves with no connection for weeks. I couldn't afford that!



  6. Back from honeymoon :D


    (Now need the money to pay for my shopping whilst there!)


    Rang BG and spoke to someone who actually took me seriously (Yes, the customer escalation team again!) and they are calculating it properly before refunding me in full.


    They tried the "we can credit your account" rubbish, I was insistant and they SEEM to have finally backed down.


    Will update - hopefully with large cheque in my hand!!



  7. AAArrrgh!!


    After spending a very frustrating morning changing my name with the various utilities I am now SO angry.


    I have broadband with Virgin (ex ntl) never had a problem, happy with what I'm paying, never missed a payment etc.


    I rang and was told it's £20 to change my name. I disputed this and was told "that's what we charge" - then i demanded to speak to a manager - who just repeated what the girl had said.


    This is how the conversation panned out:


    I asked what the charge was for - "It's what we charge"

    What is it FOR? I asked - "It's what we charge for administration"

    Can I have a copy of your charges in writing please? "No, that's not available to customers"

    Does this form part of my Terms and Conditions? " No"

    I am going to complain about this "Ok then"


    at which point he hung up.


    Can someone give me some advice please, to say my heart rate is up and I would cheerfully thump something at the minute doesn't begin to explain it!


    I know it's only £20 , but it's the principal!


    Why should I have to keep the account in my maiden name or cough up £20?


    Can they really refuse to send me a list of charges?


    Any help gratefully received. :mad:

  8. If it is showing under the Direct Debit Scheme all you have to tell the Bank is that you are claiming under the Direct Debit Indemnity Scheme. The money should be back within 48 hours (normally faster).


    Make sure, as advised, that it's cancelled, so they can't go taking any more.


    Your bank will want their money from the SLC, who may write to you again. Tough. Their mandate is not valid, as you had deferred! :D

  9. Ok,


    The item number and auction refer to the seller as shop4militaria


    644squadron is No Longer a Registered User, but also in Country Antrim. Strange.


    Why do you refer to the seller as 644 Squadron?


    The feedback on the ACTUAL seller of the phone auction you linked to is here:




    Doesn't make pretty reading.


    Can I just say that I think you are being a little too trusting. It was NOT paypal that requested that the payment to you be reversed, it was the seller. Unless the seller didn't have the funds to complete the transaction, in which case the money would never have hit your account.


    There is something dodgy here and the guy knows more than he's obviously telling you.


    It looks like he is breaking several rules, claiming the items are with him, when in fact they are cheap copies from China. I could go on.


    The point is the seller IS on ebay still and therefore as the buyer of the item you can request their contact details here:


    you can request additional contact information directly from eBay. First, click on the "Advanced Search" link under the "Search" button in the eBay header. Next, click on the "Find Contact Information" link on the left-hand side of the page. Note: In order to obtain contact information from another member you have to have a transaction in common.




    You can call them (if their telephone number isn't phoney) and ask them where your money is.


    I wouldn't bother telephoning the police, you need to go and SEE them, I would advise copying out all the correspondence from the seller etc and Paypal and going to see your local police station.


    Unfortunately you only have 45 days to raise an "item not received" claim with Paypal, thereby freezing the funds until you are refunded. You only have 60 days to raise a complaint with ebay. However, as the transaction was done through paypal, you would have been referred there anyway.




    You can also try posting the problem on the Ebay Community Board here:


    eBay: Community: Discussion Boards


    Good Luck

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  10. Hi,


    Sorry to hear that you are battling illness. You should get lots of help and support on this site.


    To try and answer your questions as best I can:


    Medical Retirement

    The help you will get will depend on many factors, for instance do you have a works pension? If so then you need to ask your employers for the information pertaining to this, in order to see whether you will get a lump sum, a pension (and how long for etc)

    Disability Living Allowance

    You need to request the forms and then fill them in honestly, however, as a claimant who has a rare illness, and not one that is "visible" I know this may be a bit of a battle. Many on here will help you.

    You need to take the forms to your local Welfare Rights Office (google it and make an appointment) This way you should get the application form filled in properly and ensure that you describe your day to day problems as if it were "worst case scenario" There is no points saying "on a good day" because that's how they will treat you. You need to answer as if it were a BAD day.

    Other Benefits

    You should look into Incapacity benefit. Once you have been signed off sick from work for x length of time and are no longer receiving sick pay you are entitled to this benefit. It is a fortnightly sum (mine's at the long term rate of £179 a fortnight) and is counted towards "taxable" benefits for the Tax Credits.

    Tax Credits should be informed if you are still working (even if off sick) and you get granted DLA as this will entitle you to the Disability Premium at a certain rate.


    My main advice is to get PROPER advice as soon as possible, and the best place is Welfare Rights, not the CAB etc. They know what they are doing, don't charge and can help if the DLA, Incap Ben folks get twitchy.


    Hopefully, once you have a handle on all of this you will feel more in control and that will, hopefully, lift your mood a little.


    Good Luck


    Please let us know how you get on.



  11. In order to advise properly:


    HOW did they take the money?


    Was it by Direct Debit, Standing Order or Card Payment?


    If it was by Direct Debit you will need to call your Bank. Tell them that you were informed by SLC that the deferment was in place and that the sum has therefore been taken without your consent. Tell them that you need to invoke the Direct Debit Guarantee and that you wish the sum(s) to be refunded, the Direct Debit stopped and a blanket stop to be put on any further DDs from them until further notice.


    If it was a STO then this would have been up to you to cancel it. Therefore cancel it now and write to the SLC telling them you have done so and require the payments taken since deferment returned forthwith, on the basis that they were not owed.


    If it was a Card payment you will need to speak with the bank and explain that the payments were NOT authorised and therefore fraudulent. You require them to refund the payments, cancel the card and issue you with a new one.


    Good Luck and let us know how you get on.



  12. Hi Dimebag.


    Sorry to hear that you have been conned. Unfortunately this is one of the ways that Paypal's 24,000 word User Agreement assists those who are less than honest in conning those who don't know the rules as well as the con-artists do.


    It's fairly obvious that the seller sent you a paypal payment (rather than hit the "issue refund" bit at the bottom of the transaction) and did it on a credit card. That way, should he want to recall the payment Paypal would have no choice but to refund the Card Company, given that the CC Co would think the payment had not been authorised by the seller.


    This is why it's advisable NEVER to spend more than you can afford to lose using Paypal, whether with ebay or not. Ebay will wash their hands of this with their usual "We are only a venue" excuse, completely ignoring the fact that if they wanted to they could ensure ALL sellers were verified before allowing them to sell high end items.


    So, after that background, what to do?.....


    Can you give us the item number, or the seller's ebay id? That would give us a clue as to what we are dealing with. I'm wondering whether it could have been a "hijacked account" and the real owner of the credit card quite legitimately recalled his payments because he didn't authorise them. Again, unfortunately, this is not all that uncommon on ebay.


    Meanwhile Paypal have some questions to answer, as, if you are correct in that you were not the only one "done" like this by the seller they will already be aware of the fact.


    You need to get a "law enforcement officer" - as paypal call them, we call them Policemen, involved.


    I would advise copying out all the correspondence from the seller etc and Paypal and going to see your local police station. Many have officers who deal with ebay etc, as it's becoming a bit of a hot potato.


    This is FRAUD. Plain and simple. This person took money by deception. If you have an address etc from your Paypal transaction I suggest you give it to the Police. Along with email addresses etc. I would also suggest getting in touch with anyone else that you know was turned over too. This helps your case and you in turn help theirs.


    Good Luck.



  13. Take a look at the frightening figures at the bottom of this page:


    House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 04 Dec 2006 (pt 0040)


    Guess it goes to you show you that we need to go back to using beans.


    Unless of course someone has a scare story about them too.


    Whatever method of payment used there will be someone who comes up with a reason why one shouldn't use it. EG Credit cards - could be cloned, subject to fraud, identity theft etc, Debit cards - ditto. Bank Transfer - risk of sending irretrievable funds to the wrong account, many UK bank customers mis-trust of something "new", bank notes - could be counterfeit, coins - could be counterfeit, Cheques - take up to five working days to clear in some bank accounts, the list goes on and on.


    hence I'm unsubscribing now. I think the original question's been answered! ;)

  14. Well if they are processed next working day then why not make it available? Because they want to hold onto it as long as possible and collect the interest.


    That's my view anyway


    Well, I think that's obvious, as previous stated.


    However, perhaps considering moving your account to a bank that WILL allow access to it once it's processed would be the answer.



  15. Hi Sally


    I can quite believe it.


    I am always amazed at the differences between banks and accounts on this subject.


    It's all down to how the clearance system works, which used to be explained in GREAT detail to bank employees when they started (even down to cartoons of the little van full of cheques driving between the banks!) but I suspect isn't anymore!!



    Natwest aren't daft of course. You can pay the cheque in but can't withdraw it until it is "cleared" . However you CAN transfer it where they can keep an eye on it, ie another Natwest account, from where you can withdraw it, but guess where they'll take it from should it "bounce".





  16. I have heard of this, and that people are charged for it, but it's never happened to me.


    I have my insurance through my Union, as it's cheaper.


    My mortgage is through Morgan Stanley and they didn't charge me to insure elsewhere. They asked to be marked as an interested party on the BUILDINGS (but then so they should, as they HAVE an interest!!), which involved one short telephone call. They have never asked for a copy of the policy, other than the spare copy the Insurance co sent my solicitors for this purpose on completion.


    I think it's a bit steep to charge YOU for them to do NOTHING and if, like me, their "own" insurance simply isn't suitable or financially worthwhile I would think it could be classed as a penalty to attempt to stop you going to a suitable insurer.



  17. bellenatur has just posted what I was thinking....


    If you have claimed for your child-care costs through WFTC then they are already assisting with this.


    Whilst I realise that this may be a mistake in the way it is calculated I think you need to be careful that you don't suddenly start getting OVERpaid and then have to pay it back at some point.


    The letter from the Nursery will state the fees, it won't state what contribution the WFTC make to these, so I think you need to be clear about this when you submit this "proof" so as not to claim relief against it twice.


    I hope that it turns out that you've been underpaid, however I'd advise caution for the time being. I think it's highly likely that your childcare costs haven't been "taken into consideration" as you are receiving payment for them and therefore they are not the expense they "seem" on paper.



  18. News to me. It seems to take 5 working days and I've been with them 7 years.:-?


    Weird Al - You may not be aware that you have an Authorised Overdraft Limit. Only way to find out is to check with them.


    They aren't given to every customer. It depends on your "marker".


    IE have you been a good Mr Yankovic? Not been over the limit or been charged in the past few months etc.


    If you've been a good lad the chances are that you CAN draw on the money, just that they haven't told you.


    If you use Barclays online banking you would still show as being over the limit in the "Balance" at the top of the page. The balance you would be interested in in this case is the ledger balance, the one at the end of the previous days transactions.



  19. Hi Catherine,


    Well, I'm sure with the help of a good solicitor and some moral support from forum members on here we'll have you fitted into that T-shirt in no time and no doubt looking fabulous in a "look what you are missing" type way in no time!


    So, to those pesky blighters at the HSBC for want of a better name...


    1. If the accounts didn't have the staff marker on the ex shouldn't have had any more say, or any "alternative" way of dealing with them.


    2. PLEASE make sure your solicitor knows about this. It demonstrates ex's intentions and his continual belief that he is "in control". Make sure the solicitor asks the HSBC some very taxing questions, gets some answers and, hopefully, some compensation for you for the distress and worry.


    May I ask (please feel free not to answer) if there are dependant children involved?


    May I also ask whether you have ensured that you are claiming all the benefits to which you should be entitled?


    Let him meticulously plan what he likes Catherine, you can do the same. Just make sure you give him no clues!!


    3. / 4. If you told the HSBC your correspondence address they are BANG out of order saying that they "couldn't contact you". Again your solicitor needs to be made aware of this.


    The accounts should have been frozen and they should have left that way until BOTH signatures were obtained. And they know that. Let them try and squirm out of it with your hot shot solicitor!


    It's not just about the balance, it's the principal hun, and I understand why you are so angry.


    They aren't justified, as they had an address for you.


    Very pleased you have adopted a "don't get mad, get even (or everything and more) approach", it boosts the self esteem and allows you to look in the mirror with your head held high every day.


    My only other advice, apart from above is to be careful about landing yourself in debt just now. Don't borrow money unless you have to.


    Housewives are often in the best position in Divorce cases, as I'm sure your lawyer has told you. There were you, keeping house, entertaining hubby's hot shot friends, keeping nice whilst he was empire building. As has been proved last year in the Divorce courts, if YOU hadn't been there his empire wouldn't be what it is.


    Now you can enjoy taking it down brick by brick.


    Good Luck hun, I really mean that! :D

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