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  1. ;-) I have been paying £35 a month for Broadband with NTL (Now Virgin Media) for over a year. I received a card from them yesterday telling me that they are very kindly going to put this up to £37 next month. "Oh are you?" Was my reply and the OH checked the pricing on their website, finding a 2mg broadband for £10 per month (We are 8mg, but to be honest it makes no difference to the way we use the PCs) Anyway, I telephoned them, and, after being given the run-around somewhat I got a nice lady who, and I quote, said: "Brand New Customers Only" So I said "Oh, ok, thanks, so what happens if I decide to become a Brand New Customer Only with another Company then?" Guess what? I now have the £10 a month deal. She laughed so hard at what I said (once she realised what she had said !) that she told me that whilst the deal on t'internet is £10 for the first 12 months, she can offer, if the customer insists, the deal for 6 months to existing customers. She then advised me to take a note of the date and then check t'internet again just before the 6 months is up and repeat the process, as they don't want to lose any more customers! nice lady just saved me £162 that I would have paid if I hadn't checked AND gave me the opportunity to tell you good people.
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