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  1. Like Ethel said I've got to wait for the solicitors to get the excess back from the third party. I questioned it been as the third party had admitted liability but that the way it works apparently. I spoke with the claim motor engineer today about the valuation on of the car. He was like "good news, because of the additional extras we can increase the value of the car by £490 so that would make the total value £5690. " I said don't you mean £5990 as I have already been offered £5500 for the car. He said this was an error and the actual value was £5200. I tried to argue you it but he
  2. I'm really surprised. I honestly thought it was going to be at least £1000 less and I'd have a battle on my hands. I think I might look at for some evidence and make a counter offer. Don't ask don't get and all.
  3. Hi everyone, I've heard back from the insurance company and they have offered £5500 - excess of £340 = £5160. Any advice on what to do? thanks
  4. I removed the satnav disc as I didn't want it going missing while the car wasn't in our possession. Was this the right thing to do?
  5. Well I've been to see the car and taken lots of photos and a video. The only damage to the body work is the accident damage, there's not even any supermarket dings. The tyres all have good tread on them and spare is brand new. Two of the alloys are slightly kerbed. The inside could do with a hoover but there's no tears rips, stains or other type damage to the interior. The only thing I couldn't see was under the bonnet cos there was tape holding the lights and bonnet together. I feel much more confident that the car is in good condition and the only thing they can quote as a negative is
  6. The car has done about 5k since the MOT It had no work done and only had 2 advisories which were 2 tyres that have since been replaced. I wouldn't have even thought of checking the spare - great tip! I'll have to work the car in sections so there is less chance of missing anything. I'm dreading dealing with settlement dispute and while it would be good to get it sorted asap, my son has been provided with a car through an accident management company (whole other concerns about this!) so he can still get to college and work. So we can wait it out. When they do make an offer, do I co
  7. Thanks BankFodder and Gick for the advice. The car is currently at a garage about 2.5 hours away from home. I intend to go see it tomorrow and I'll make sure I get lots of supporting evidence. Getting someone's view in relation to its condition might proof more difficult due to the cars location - it's in Hereford if anyone knows of anyone BankFodder, the car is a 2011 (61) VW Polo 1.6tdi SEL its got 72500 miles, it's been well looked after and I would say its in good condition, FSH, if it makes a difference it has xenons, Alcantara interior, heated seats and sat nav, it had its MOT in
  8. I ask as I’ve heard horror stories of cars being sold on before a settlement is made and if I need to challenge anything I won’t have access or knowledge of where the car is.
  9. Hi all My son recently had a no fault accident and the car has been deemed a total loss. Having spoken to Hastings they are looking to have the car collected by their salvage agent. Should I refuse this and ask for the car to be brought to the home address while a settlement figure is agreed? Thanks in advance
  10. MBNA said they weren't able to tell me as they sold the debt but I found an old copy of a credit report that shows when the payments to Link stopped. I was off sick from work and I went on to half pay and subsequently lost my job due to ill health its just a mess and I want to cry. it looks like i'm going to have to deal with these people.
  11. I’ll let you know when I find out. Cheers Dx
  12. Will do. You must be pulling your hair out because of me by now
  13. The CCA was sent as soon as I got the letter. I’ve done nothing with the PAP yet. Didn’t realise it was that important. I’m doing something with it now though! It will be in the post tomorrow
  14. Yeah one like that with boxes a to i and a financial statement. Does this change things?
  15. I’ve had a letter of claim form. Is that the same?
  16. OK thanks dx. I'll phone MBNA tomorrow to see when the last payment was made and I'll ignore anymore Kearns letters that come through the door.
  17. I thought as they had produced something that I didn't have a leg to stand on. Will it still be classed as failed or have I fluffed it up?
  18. The outcome of this has been that Cabot have been unable to provide a CCA and a stay has been put on the claim. I haven't heard from them regarding this account since so that's a relief.
  19. Ah ok ... I'll phone them in the morning to ask. I've only written to them for the CCA request and again to notify that I cant read the agreement. I suppose I'm panicking as the last thing I need at the mo is court paperwork dropping through the door.
  20. Sorry for the late reply DX its been a hectic day. I've attached the t&c. You got better eyes than me cos I didn't even see it said virgin. I asked the solicitors firm for a statement of account including charges and payments thinking that they would provide me with the last payment date through the CCA. Is this not the case? And I've received a letter from Kearns today stating - As previously stated, we are yet to receive an offer of payment from you with a completed financial statement. If you fail to provide us with the requested document within the next 7 days,
  21. I didn’t notice that this was posted in 2017. Lesson learnt! But totally agree, it would be interesting to know how they got on
  22. The OT has to consider the future of your wife's condition when writing her report. As she has a deteriorating condition there is no guarantee when she might need the recommended adaptations but on the balance of probabilities she will. If the housing association offer to act on the recommendations of the OT in your current property, or has offered for you to be rehoused in a suitable property then they could argue that they are making reasonable adjustments as outlined in the Equality Act 2010.
  23. I asked for a clear copy and they have sent this again but included additional T&Cs but these are on A4 font size 8 or maybe smaller font. I honestly don't know if it was a virgin card. All I know is that it's with MBNA, the account was opened in 2009 and the balance. I must have been closed for 6 years as its no longer showing on my credit report so I asked for the Credit agreement and full statement of the account to help me figure it out.
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