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  1. hi, i put a claim in which i started in sept 06 wich payed me back all i asked them for by the time they payed out it was jan 07.


    just wondered as they charged me about £400 in charges from sept 06 -end jan 07, i am now in a position to keep better control of my acc so just wondered if i should or could claim for my charges since sept 06 to present??

    or would they close my account or something?


    any advice please?

  2. You have to draft a warning letter to them - inform them that you are very upset with their delaying tactics, your initial 40 days deadline is ticking and that since you have enclosed the statutory fee twice (of Which they have re mailed back to you), you could and will use that as evidence when you report them to the body dealing with DPA


    i have only sent them the £5 fee once and they have sent my original letter back sayin that it will cost a £5 fee.... almost as if they havnt received my £5 postal order but they must have as it was with the letter that they have just returned back to me again

  3. hi , wondered if its just me or not but i wrote to natwest requesting my previous 6 years worth of statements showing charges from my account.


    i sent off my first letter on the 1st mar , i have since received this back along with a letter (my original letter i sent them has a stamp `recieved 2nd mar my local branch & also 6th mar )

    this letter request`s a £5 fee to be sent via return in the way of a cheque or postal order payable to natwest.this was a fee to cover the services i had requested. i sent them a postal order for £5 as natwest wont give me a cheque book... this was sent back to them on the 12th mar.


    i have now just received my original letter back again now with a stamp sayin received 28 mar along with another letter requesting a £5 fee for this service this letter is dated 4th april


    the thing is they have obviously received my £5 postal order as it was with this letter that they have just sent back to me again . are they seeing how many £5 postal order`s i will send them also i`m still waiting for my account information


    is this normal or is there anything i should put in a letter that i shall be returning to them...not with another £5 though...

  4. the charges are mainly for dd on loan not going out due to insuficient funds, this in turn making my account go o/drawn then getting charged for going o/drawn again.

    charges on my currant acc with loan dd coming out of this amongst other activities being charged up to £70 per transaction not per month so my charges have gone into thousands over the past 6 years...


    but ive only just been told this should`t of been as high via this site

  5. hi, new to this so i`ll try to keep it short;


    basically i used to have my main bank account with lloyds took out a loan with them for £12000 about 8 years ago at about 5 years ago my circumstances changed an i could no longer afford payments so was getting behind but my wages were still going into the account so there was still a steady input of cash, but as i was missing their loan payments they were charging my acc each month up to £200 this went on for many years and now the debt has raised to £18k even though they were still taking money from my acc but not for the loan just for the charges.

    i have estimated the charges to be around £4-6k over the last 6 years,


    i still have letters from them demanding money that i cannot afford to pay due to my circumstances but the outstanding amount has got considerably worse because of there charges.......can i or should i try to get my charges money back that ive had taken out of my acc or would this **ss them off more and make things worse for me??


    sensible help/advice please

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