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  1. statement of charges just came back finally... now for the next step lol...
  2. hi, i put a claim in which i started in sept 06 wich payed me back all i asked them for by the time they payed out it was jan 07. just wondered as they charged me about £400 in charges from sept 06 -end jan 07, i am now in a position to keep better control of my acc so just wondered if i should or could claim for my charges since sept 06 to present?? or would they close my account or something? any advice please?
  3. cheers , just sent back my reply to RRR see what happens hey
  4. it had £5 written in the letter i had from natwest
  5. un fortuanutly i sent a £5 postal order which now the post office just print out and stuipid of me i didnt make a copy or note the number
  6. hi thanks for reply`s everyone the £5 is in my ... data protection act - subject access request letter with the ticked boxes- the tick is ... `the fee for this service is £5, which covers all accounts requested but ive already had the same letter before and sent off the £5
  7. i have only sent them the £5 fee once and they have sent my original letter back sayin that it will cost a £5 fee.... almost as if they havnt received my £5 postal order but they must have as it was with the letter that they have just returned back to me again
  8. i only sent it to my local branch on the ist mar the rest has been to rrr
  9. hi , wondered if its just me or not but i wrote to natwest requesting my previous 6 years worth of statements showing charges from my account. i sent off my first letter on the 1st mar , i have since received this back along with a letter (my original letter i sent them has a stamp `recieved 2nd mar my local branch & also 6th mar ) this letter request`s a £5 fee to be sent via return in the way of a cheque or postal order payable to natwest.this was a fee to cover the services i had requested. i sent them a postal order for £5 as natwest wont give me a cheque book... this was sent back to them on the 12th mar. i have now just received my original letter back again now with a stamp sayin received 28 mar along with another letter requesting a £5 fee for this service this letter is dated 4th april the thing is they have obviously received my £5 postal order as it was with this letter that they have just sent back to me again . are they seeing how many £5 postal order`s i will send them also i`m still waiting for my account information is this normal or is there anything i should put in a letter that i shall be returning to them...not with another £5 though...
  10. i thought you could only claim back up to a maximum of 6 years worth of charges
  11. does it matter that i no longer bank with lloyds however my acc is still operative ?
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