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  1. Honeybee Any advice on how to deal with the meeting would be appreciated Thanks
  2. Yes he is going to the meeting, he agrees with the notes taken at his investigation meeting I just thought it strange that each individual has received copies of each others investigation notes.
  3. My son along with 3 others have been suspended from work as a result of the loss of some money. They all have individual disiplinary hearings tomorrow. My son has today received copies of all the investigatory notes that were taken from the other employees involved and we assume they have all received copies. My question is: is this correct proceedure Thanks for your help
  4. Thats what I thought but my son, who currently has a claim in progress has been told the following by his insurance company, "We give a discount for how long our policyholders own their vehicle as it is a reflection of the driving experience of that particular vehicle, therefore the longer you have owned the vehicle the larger the discount we give.If the vehicle hasn't been owned for as long as stated then this can result in an additional premium, you may still get a discount but the discount may not be as much"
  5. This may sound like a daft question but depending on how long you have been driving the same car do insurers give a bigger discount on your premium?
  6. This is your next step I think http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6971-data-protection-act-non.html
  7. Have had two claims against Cap One on both occasions they have paid the full claim amount once the Court papers have been issued. Carry on and issue your claim through the court they will pay up
  8. Have received cheque from Cap One for £986.65 (full amount of claim) 45 days from sending prelim letter to receiving cheque
  9. Congratulations, you got there in the end. I would suspect that as in my case you will have to send the baliffs in before you see your money, but the end is in sight.
  10. Finally today after 491 days from my first letter and thanks to the bailiff at Salford County Court I have today received a cheque for £2033.80. Many thanks to Brian and the staff at Citi for bringing this claim to a swift and efficient conclusion. ha ha ha
  11. As our freinds at Citi have failed to send me payment as ordered I have issued a warrant of execution, it is now in the hands of the bailiff at Salford Count Court.
  12. Have today received notice from Bolton County Court regarding my hearing with Citi on 29 June 2007. It reads as follows: IT IS ORDERED THAT there be judgment for the Claimant in the sum of £1758.90 plus costs of £220 being a total of £1978.80. :lol::smile: Just got to wait for Citi to pay up now. Its been a long trawl, Data Protection Act request sent to Citi on 15 June 2006 (15 months), but perserverance has paid off in the end. For all of you out there claiming against Citi, keep going, dont be put off by their stalling tactics.
  13. If you are writing to the OFT it may be worth addressing your letter to the Chief Executive JOHN FINGLETON. And if you are writing to the FOS address your letter to WALTER MERRICKS, Chief Ombudsman
  14. If you are writing to the FSA it may be worth addressing your letter to HECTOR SANTS. Mr Sants took up the post of Chief Executive on the 20th July 2007.
  15. Have attached a list of 156 MPs who have signed Early Day Motions regarding bank charges and excessive profits made by banks. If your MP is on this list be sure to send them a letter. mps.xls
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