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  1. Hi thanks for the advice, I have tried to get my money back from Comet and everytime they are refusing saying charges are fair etc etc, I have now in my posession a copy of the CCA from Lewis Debt Collection group, so I assume they have the power to collect the debt and I now have to pay up?
  2. Hi all, My G E Money debt has now been passed to Howard Cohen & Co, do I need to ask them for anything in relation to the amount owed such as the original credit agreement, and does it cost anything to ask for this? Any help gratefully received.
  3. Hi, I am hoping that somebody can help me as I am going crazy trying to sort out my problems with the above. In 2004 I purchased a computer base for £400.00 and my monthly payments were £12.97 per month for 60 months, at first I had no problems paying this and they minimum payment was taken monthly by direct debit on the due date. However in early 2005 I lost my job and was unable on some occasions to make the minimum payment or payment was made late. Anyway the total charges for the late payment and interest now stands at £275.00 and they want payment in full as the monthly payments (60 x £12.97) have now been paid. I have written asking them to review these charges and they are coming back saying they are fair and must be paid. Do I pay them and shut them up to go away or fight them? If so what can I do. Thanks
  4. Btw the Police are involved, in my interview I made NO Comment all the way through
  5. Hi people, I am just after a bit of advice really. I have written to Nat West detaling charges and dates on my account for failed direct debits, I have received no reply. Do I need to send them a spreadsheet showing the interest at 8% p.a If so do I need to re-send my letter to them with the spreadsheet? I started to complete my money claim on-line and under particulars of claim I am a bit confused to to what to put down relating to my claim, as there is a lot of information and not sure what to put. Any help is most welcome Thanks
  6. 8) Hi I am new to this website please could somebody advise me of the shortcodes as above or point me in the right directions to see them. Thanks
  7. I have had delaings with Link Financial who took over my MBNA account, they have phoned me on several occasions asking for money I cannot afford, I have offered £1 per month until I find a job and can start paying a higher amount however they declined this amount and told me they would see me in court, which is fine with me. However they have spoken to my Mum and called her by her first name, they knew also that I have a sister and called her by her first name too. I found this very scary does anybody know how and why they have obtained this information and where from? I asked them where they got the information from and the said "I dont know what your talking about, we dont hold that information"
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