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  1. Update - managed to get full payment details of payments made after the court order and that balance is now suddenly over £400 less than it was in the first letter. Aberdein Considine have said that their client is not obliged to send the copy of the signed credit agreement for the overdraft as the overdraft facility is not covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
  2. The letter that came said it would only consider in case of hardship
  3. Received in post a letter from Nationwide and an income and expenditure form to fill in and also want further information on how I am in financial difficulty so they can consider request to waive fees and charges. Says that once returned they should have a reply by 13th April.
  4. I have sent of a CCA request (to Aberdein Considine) asking for a full breakdown of the account and also put in a complaint via the Nationwide website so far just had an automated response that they will get back to me within 8 days.
  5. Is there a way of stopping or challenging this from being renewed at the end of its 5 years (before the actual debt is cleared)? Original debt: Nationwide Overdraft back in 2004 of £3500 Nationwide refused to deal with Christians Against Poverty who were sorting out a repayment schedule at the time and as soon as they were involved took me to court. They had been phoning me in the evenings to try and get me to repay the overdraft and had offered if I could pay the overdraft of £2000 - they would waive the £1500 over that but I was pregnant at the time and about to come off on maternity leave soon and did not have that amount of money available to me then. The guy I was speaking said that in that case they would take me to court and take my house away from me. Decree was granted in April 2005 and Order of inhibition on any property I own after that. Was renewed on expiry in 2010 and due again to expire in May. Have £1900 left of balance. Have not received any statement of the account since the decree in 2005, so have no idea of interest and charges that have occurred or how much I have actually paid back. First was passed to Morton Fraser solicitors and now with Aberdein Considine. I have tried to put in a claim for unfair fees and charges that were added to the account - the overdraft was £2000 and the fees and charges the rest. Morton Fraser said I was not allowed to contact Nationwide Building Society to do this. Never got a reason why they would not look at the fees and charges - on the one hand Nationwide were saying to contact Morton Fraser with a settlement offer and they would consider it through them but Morton Fraser said they received no such instruction from Nationwide - so just kept going round in circles. This was a few years ago and I had too many other things going on in my life to fight with them about who said what so just left it. However, I want this inhibition removed so I can move on with my life. I could possibly just about manage to settle the debt before May, but it would be a struggle (we are a family of 7 so every penny counts). I do still have some other outstanding debts that I still am paying that defaulted at the same time. Any advice on how to go about this one?
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