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  1. I well know that but i live in hope, well they need to look at 2500 of charges so its worth a go What about this guy in the rag that lost his case ?? Tech issue or what?? Any Light here anyone??
  2. Got me 6 yr Statements today on the 40th Day may I add Chq also returned. Looking forward to my full refund:-D
  3. Do I need to check If Barclays have issued any Default Notices against my credit rating etc????? Ive seen this info added if required in the LBA etc??? Anyone??
  4. Did they send you all your info? I have calculated 4900.00
  5. Printed off SAR post on 26th March 2007 40 day deadline commences:)
  6. Thx Nik Ive spent a good few hours reading on procedures etc and have already printed off my SAR to Barclays and have some other Docs ready when they do or dont reply. This place is great I shall forward and donate from my award:)
  7. Hi must say im glad ive found this site as Barclays have been ripping me off for 20yrs ;-) Joe:lol:
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