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  1. Hello all, About 7 years ago I took out a secured loan with First Plus. I successfully reclaimed the PPI that was missold last year, but now think I may have been missold the actual loan in the first place. At the time I took the loan I had a mortagage of about £450 a month and the job I was in paid about £1000 per calendar month. The loan was about £500 a month. They took into account the child benefit and working/child tax credits I was in receipt of as well. I am going to find exact figures (if I can) over the next week or so and any documentation I can lay my hands on from the time, as I am sure I have requested a SAR in the past at some point. Any help or suggestions gratefully accepted. Cheers.
  2. Sorry, Turfy, it's taken so long to get back but have not been well. Have had a look at all the literature I have fromm 1stPlus and all the credit agreement stuff is dated the 13/10/05 and was signed and sent away by me on the 15/10/05. However, all the dated stuff I have about the PPI is dated the 19/10/05 when my actual loan started, I can only assume (and would stand up in court and swear to this) that all the undated info i have on the PPI didn't turn up until the 19th as well.
  3. Thanks for the reply sandbro, will get the SAR sorted this week and take it from there. mr.d
  4. Back in Oct. '05 took out secured loan for £51K with FirstPlus, just finished going back to Uni so lots of debts to consolidate, needed the money, usual story. Over the phone was sold PPI on 2 points: 1. In my situation would need it to get loan, but don't worry as 2. Would get £12.5K (amount for PPI) back after 5 years (term of loan 25yrs). Didn't tell me that it was a lump sum added at start of loan that I would pay interest on. All the literature I received loan agreement, terms, etc. pointed this fact out, but by this time I was under the impression I would not get loan if I didn't take PPI out (in the literature they merely say they would recommend PPI - slightly different to what I was told over the phone). Does this fall into the mis-sold type of PPI? Have looked in other threads but cannot find another case for FirstPlus. Any help gratefully received.
  5. I am with DFH a company that is manging my debt (interest stopped, smaller payments, etc.) and had an account with Halifax with them. When I won my charges back it brought the account back into order so I started using it again on 16th January. On the 21st March they put a stop on the account because they were inforemd by another company that DFH are dealing with for me I was still with DFH. My question is, has this other company broken any confidentality laws by passing this info on to the Halifax, and can the Halifax stop my account after telling me they only needed confirmation that their account was not with DFH any more (which the got direct from DFH)? Any help or advice gratefully received.
  6. Hi, Just joined up and am busy reading as much as possible about going to court. Have been successful getting money from Halifax, just threatened court and they paid, but Northern Rock have sent letter full of legal stuff (sadly I am only a maths teacher so need some advice!) Has anyone dealt with Northern Rock before ? I will post what they put in the letter when I get back from work, if anyone can help would be very grateful.
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