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  1. I have a compulsive gambling problem. I took out a 8k loan in Sept to pay off two credit cards MBNA and Barclaycard. After I cleared these two cards off, I took what I felt was responsible actions to close both of these credit lines and to remove temptation. I contacted both MBNA and Barclaycard through their online messaging consoles. MBNA cancelled and closed my account within 24 hours of contact. Barlcaycard I received this response about 30 mins later However I never heard from Barclaycard as per my simple request to close down the account ASAP.
  2. I cancelled an 02 phone contract a couple of months into a 12 month term, however they have not put a debt collection company onto me (Moorcroft) looking for £329 for the term of the contract. Is this right enough? or is there anyway of getting round it? I ordered the contract via Mobile Phones Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2&3 - UK , and they are saying I am liable for this ammount of the term even though I didn't sign a contract. Thanks for your help Stu
  3. I managed to contact a lawyer within betfair and reached a settlement of keeping my account open and retaining £160.00 io my money. I will let Betfair keep £250.00 since I had used the promo code more than once. But keeping my account open and retaining £160 of my money is much better than them keeping the lot - I am more satisfied now.
  4. em the situation is a tad different. the above case is a different company, relating to poker fraud, they guy admits to cheating so the company are quite entitled to keep his money. what is money dumping?
  5. ps , how do you know this, is there a link to the story or anything?
  6. I used different paypal accounts because those were the ones that had funds in them and the ones I could use at the time. They will see that on any betfair account I have ever had there has been a different method of funding it. I am annoyed at their lack of response and don't think myself lucky as it was a genuine mistake and now they are keeping my money, whether I broke terms or not.
  7. sorry, infact when I tried to post a message it said I couldn't. could you please post up the following for me: many thanks Stu
  8. Is that on the forums mate? I think I can possibly access them.
  9. will try that mate, but the b**tards will probably ignore me or hide behind Data Protection Act. I can actually still log into both accounts and see the money, but I get a message saying the accounts are suspended. When I call the help desk their staff are just reffering me to e-mail the verification team who keep accusing me of this promotion abuse and ignoring. But I am not willing to let them keep my cash, and will continue to pester them.
  10. When they were still communicating with me , I offered to do that, and they said I could have £24. They said the total ammount of credits I got were 382.73 , which doesnt quite calculate. I am not convinced by this, and even if that was the case I dont think they can just keep my money. Because like I say its not as if they are down money - they have made plenty from me in commissions and I have a genuine reasons for opening other accounts for depositing purposes, and if they were willing to reason and review my case they would see this, but they just hide behind the data pro
  11. not directly no. although both accounts may have benifited from the promo i.e. a free £25 matched bet on each account. but the accounts have been active for a while and would have seen a good bit of turnover. I have deposited much more than £25 on each account. Betfair will have made plenty of comission from me, I dont mind them closing my accounts if they have to but I am really annoyed that they just want to keep my money and ignore my e-mails.
  12. Hiya folks, hopefully someone can give me some advice on this. I have a few accounts on the betting exchange betfair, recently their verification team e-mailed me for further verification details for my accounts, so I duely sent off scans of bills, passport etc and a few hours later I got e-mails saying both accounts have been validated, but when I logged in it was still saying my accounts were suspensed. Then a couple of hours later I got this follow up e-mail: Now, I have had several betfair accounts, but I have certainly not engaged in promotion abuse a
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