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  1. awh thanks jaybabes, wot a helpful bunch!:grin:
  2. hi eileen, the way i understood it was that in scotland you would be over the £750 small claims limit and would need to get the fos involved and thay wouldnt entertain it until i either had a no or no result in 8 weeks. how do i take them to court if in scotland, im a tad confused. thanks for getin back to me, pete
  3. if they offer me the full amount i will bite their hand off, lol!
  4. was using the interest as a negotiating tool, will give the bank 8 weeks to come up with the goods then go to court, thanks for the advice:)
  5. hi, i am claiming the statutory interest i would have accrued from the date of the charge. is this correct?
  6. Hi was wondering if anyone could help me?!im going through the procedure of reclaiming charges from rbos.sent a letter 24/03/07 establishing charges, they came to £1190 plus £187.50 in interest totalling £1377.50. got a reply saying they were considering my claim. i carried on with next step of process when 14 days passed this time reitterating that id take them to court. once again another reply stating they were dealing with my claim. Now another 14 days have passed and the bank is obviously not taking my complaint seriously so what to do? ive heard that i should get in touch with the fos, is there a clearcut time to have waited or should i sit back and wait? any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks pete:|
  7. Was basically wondering if anyone has had any experience of the Royal Bank of Scotland. also, i saw that in Scotland you can only claim for 5 years, is it true that the maximum you can claim in the small claims court is £750 here (Scotland). I havent started the ball rolling yet but would expect my charges to have exceeded the said amount. Any advice on how to handle it i.e if the small claims isnt viable would be greatly appreciated.Cheers, Pete
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