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  1. they'll probably wait till youve got no money in your account to incurr more charges....thanks buddy
  2. hey guys, just need to know if i need to send a cheque with my SAR to barclays? cheers....
  3. i have sent both my prelim and lba, i have 2 more recent charges i need to add, do i need to re send both letters or add them to my claim??? cheers again.....
  4. hi, i am about to submit my money claim online form using the template on this site, i just need to know, as i am submitting my claim including the 8% apr, do i just put the ammount in the template and submit it on its own or is there a seperate form i need to fill out, also i have had a charge since i sent my letters to lloyds, can i include this charge? any help appreciated, cheers guys
  5. hello, i have sent prelimenary and lba and have waited now 28 days, although, i did not add interest i was charged and did add the 8% apr, is this ok or should i submit my claim with the interest i was charged?? cheers guys
  6. ok, had my refusal letter back from LTSB...im sending my LBA today and giving them until the 19th as its my payday (which they can see) hope that puts the willys up them...the court application form on here states to enter the charges plus overdraft interest, although i originally used moneysavingexpert.com, used their calculator to calculate interest of 8% (tatutory rate) since the date of each charge...which should i use? or both? also is there a quick way to get to my post other than scanning thru pages and pages? cheers again guys
  7. no, if you are abbey staff and bank with them your paid 1 day early, if the 19th is a monday then friday will be the 16th, but thats it, i am currently working for them. if your current abbey staff i dont know how you managed that....
  8. ok. here goes. i work for bnq warranrty take em for all you have . take money for loss of earnings . say you took time off work for when the delivery was supposed to take place and it didnt. send the recipt and a covering letter i dunno the fax adress but it will be something like b n q installation service centre units 2 and 3 lancaster court barnes wallis road fareham hampshire ... something like that cuz im at home at the moment but if you call 08453093093 thats the warranty department one of 2 of us will pick up the phone and give you the fax/email address or the company address and once you send the recieot we WILL refund you the costs since it is through fault of bnq that you incourred the costs write a small letter explaining all the bits and bobs and sound very very confident that you have spoken to trading standards about this and i completely promise that you will get comp. im sorry i can not give my name because of reasons that im worried i may get fired because i know full well that bnq will fob you off over and over again because we are so short staffed to get anything done honestly call our number and something will egt done i promise. as long as you have what you want. take take take get as much as you can out of bnq cuz they will give may take a couple of months but they will
  9. Abbey - 19th of the month (unless falls on weekend or B/Holiday then the friday before hand).
  10. but should i wait the 4-8 weeks or take this as their response? should i send the LBA yet? or give them a chance....
  11. Hi everyone, i am at the early stages of claiming back my charges from lloyds tsb, i have used my online banking to obtain all of my charges over the previous 6 yrs which ammount to just under 1k without interest , i have then used the template on moneysavingexpert.com to request they repay the charges with interest (exept i added "I will expect a full response to this letter within 14 days or i shall press with small claims court proceedings" is this advisable to ammend part of the request???), 10 days later i have recd a letter stating that they have acknowledged my complaint and hope to get back to me within 4-8 weeks?? what should be my next move guys? how early should i file the small claim? im hoping there are lots of "success stories" to advise me on, hope to hear soon, sincerely andyC!!!!
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