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  1. I have developed dark blue stains on my face and when I went to my GP was told that they were because I had been prescribed Minocycline tablets for Acne and left on them for 30 years and never been told that the skin staining can be a side effect. I was referred to a NHS skin clinic and was told by the consultant that the patches may never go and they are not suitable for lazer treatment as they are on a lower layer of the skin make up. Only option is camouflage make up, I am extremely upset over this and very angry that I was never warned of this side effect. I feel I have a genuine c
  2. Hi I am thinking of buying one of these to use as mainly a disc printer. Has anyone had any experience of these and if so how did they find them? thankyou
  3. Thankyou so much for your trouble. It has helped me so much for tomorrow. I will try for a replacement but now I know I may have to accept a repair. Thankyou all for your help.
  4. I bought a Kenwood car sterio system on January 28th2012. Yesterday it goes off when I start the car engine. I phoned Halfords up and they said if I bring it in I will have to wait for it to be sent back to Kenwood for repair. My question is do I have a right to a full refund or a replacement without having to wait for it to be sent back for repair. Any answers welcome.
  5. I have had three life insurances with Barclays connected to an endownment mortgage. On my statements every month it just says the policy numbers of the three monthly payments but I have a recollection that there may be ppi on one of them Would it show up on my statements or should I just ring and ask them if there is ppi on them? I have had these for over 15 years
  6. what does this mean " thread moved" I cant access any replies now?
  7. Thanks for that, but how did it end. Do I have to make up the shortfall all by myself??I only have two years to run on my mortgage
  8. My husband is in reciept of pension credit and before that he was recieving income support.. The social security were paying all of the mortgage interest but since the interest rate went down the building society rate has stayed the same so now their payment doesnt meet the full monthly amount. We are having to find £27.60 per month out of our own money which isnt easy as the pension credit and my reduced pension(because of lack on NI stamps) is out only income. Can the Social security do this or indeed the Building society (Woolich for Barclays) thanks
  9. I bought an expensive pair of boots from John Norris of Penrith on line,on the 28th Feb 2009. .I have the bank statements to prove when they took the money from my account The catalogue stated them to be waterproof and they did cost £180 so you would think that you would be getting a waterproof pair of boots. They let in quite badly around the toes and I rang them today and they state I have to return them so they can send them to the manufacturers to be examined which will take two week My question is I thought they were liable for faulty goods and they should refund or examine them the
  10. I am looking for a new years Home and buildings insurance, my bank has asked me to come in and discuss it but I heard that you can get much cheaper deals online. How do I know if they are what they say. Any recommendations?
  11. Thankyou for clearing that up. I rang them today and they confirmed the original warranty period would be transferred to the new machine..To further complicate things when I bought the original machine I paid to have an extra 1gb of ram put on and I asked if they would put that on the new laptop for me and after a discussion they said they would be then I discovered that the new machine will not in fact be new but reconditioned. I am not very pleased with this as with my washing machine insurance it is new for old if they cannot repair the fault which is the fact with acer
  12. Thanks Bankfodder so should I ring them up and tell them I want a full 12 months guarantee with the new machine, and if so is there anything I can quote to convince them? thankyou
  13. I returned my laptop to acer under an extended warranty which I purchased from them that runs till 30.04.2010 After three weeks of phone calls they finally told me they could not obtain the spare part(a fan) so they were going to send me a new machine(obviously less all my programmes) and the warranty would remain with the same expiry date. Would this be fair as I think I should get a new 12 months statuatory guarantee with a new machine? Any suggestions what I could ask for if anything thanks for looking
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