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  1. I fully expected a disaster but was pleasantly surprised! The holiday went fine. Apartment and location good. Staff good. Terrible turbulance on the way there-apparently the pilot had only seen it like that 3 times in 30 years and we dropped 500 feet. The adults thought they were in for it and the kids thought it was a great ride! The flight attendants made you feel better though, even though a few of those were injured. Honestly cant complain about the hol but the pre travel service was terrible. I have made a complaint to customer relations but I'm not holding my breath... I am sure I wasn't alone in the takeover problems and I hope everyone else holiday went or will go well. Thanks for asking!
  2. Thanks for that. Whilst it's not nice for others to be going through it there is some comfort in knowing I'm not alone! I am definately going to take some action against them - they at least owe me for all the phone calls when I've been on hold and no-ones answered. I'm gonna leave it until Tuesday and see what comes in the post and then phone them one last time to make sure the names are alright and the tickets will be at the airport - if there's one more thing go wrong then I will play up and see if they'll upgrade us or something?
  3. Right then! Myself and 10 other family members are all going to Turkey 2nd June. We have got 4 different bookings for us all but the holiday and dates are all exactly the same. We have had this booked since July last year and I understand somewhere in between then and now Thomas Cook have taken Direct Holidays over. We all received the first 2 invoices July and September last year and paid our deposits. It came the beginning of this year and I realised I had booked mine using my married name and my passport still says my maiden name. Seeing as though my passport still has a good 7 years left on it I thought it would be easier and cheaper to change the name on the booking - that's what I thought anyway! March 08 came round and we were due to pay the rest of the holiday off. We didn't get an invoice but we phoned and paid anyway. Days later all the other 3 bookings had a letter to say they had paid. We had nothing but I wasn't too worried. On this paperwork the others were informed the flight had changed. Again, I wasn't too worried because there was still plenty of time and I knew this could happen. About 3 weeks ago the others all had their tickets. We didn't. Started to get worried now. I phoned and waited and got fobbed off every week. They kept telling me there was plenty of time, blah blah. But I knew something was not right or else why would the others have theirs and us not ours? Phoned them 2 days ago and could got get anyone to answer the phones on all 5 different numbers I had. Then phoned accounts, knowing this was the wrong number but I just wanted to talk to someone. She told me that my name had not been changed! Crying down the phone I asked to speak to a manager. She put me on hold saying she was putting me through and I was there for 15 more minutes - no one answered. Devasted-bearing in mind I travel in 12 days and can not travel in that name-I found the number for the head office. Found someone there who actually sounded like they knew what they were doing - and they answered straight away! She took only a second and she could see what was wrong straight away. She basically said that when I changed the name on the booking our account was put on hold. She doesn't know why but that is why we ddn't get any paperwork. My name apparently has been changed although I have had nothing in writing to say so.. What I'm getting at (finally), is how will I stand if: 1: my tickets are not at the airport as they are now saying they'll be because it's too late to send them to my address. 2: they've got the wrong name on the tickets? Will I be left behind through no fault of my own? 3 or 4 people have confirmed it has been changed but I am so worried and can not trust them anymore. 3: We all received a letter yesterday (11 days before we fly) saying they had changed our flight for the second time and we wont get to the hotel now until around 9.30pm - losing a whole day of our holiday. I know flights do change but this is so close to us going. Can they do that? I have been fretting and worrying for weeks now and will definately complain when I return - if I get there to start with! Has anyone got any advice? Sorry for the waffle!
  4. Hi mtaylor80 I would say that it depends on who is on your paperwork from Cobbetts. There should be a signature on there from someone - quote that name and the last 4 digits of their reference number and you should get someone..? Good luck.
  5. Well guys.... I'VE WON!!! Cutting the story short: I followed the step by step rules and sent all of the letters. Filed at court using the N1 form. Before I sent the AQ to the court I phoned Cobbetts and said I was giving it one last chance to settle before we went to court. She told me to email a figure I was happy to settle with. Natwest agreed to it. Never got anything in writing though but was promised a cheque within 2 weeks. It turned up today - 3 weeks later. Meanwhile, I still sent the AQ to court to cover my back in case I didn't get the money. Sooo glad I phoned Cobbetts though because last week I received a letter from the court saying that my case is being stayed until Feb next year!!! It was cut very fine but I have my money back! Keep going with it everyone. It's more frustrating at the moment with the extra waiting but it'll be worth while in the end. :p
  6. Just phoned NatWest because about 2 months ago I phoned and told them that I had someone elses statements and they said they'd get back to me and no one ever did. So, just been told that they are very sorry and to dent them back to Customer Relations. Also. I asked them about my money. I kind of knew that she wouldn't be able to tell me anything because it's in Cobbetts hands now. But I am a bit worried about what she said.. I told her that I had been told over the phone that I was going to get my money and she asked if I had had an offer letter - I haven't. Only verbal confirmation. She said that I'll probably get an offer letter then it's a few weeks after that when I'll get my money. I told her that I was banking on getting my money on Tuesday not a letter. But then she said something about I'll be getting a letter in 2-3 weeks (along with everyone else who has a claim going on with Natwest), but she doesn't know what will be in the letter... I'm sorry but I dont think her manager would have said to her "there's a letter going out soon but I'm not telling you whats in it..." They know whats going on. Grrr! Got a funny feeling I wont be getting my money and they're playing me for a silly bogger! Soooo glad I carried on with my court stuff!! If they do muck me around I'll have all my money back-don't care how long it takes!!
  7. Well, 1 week later and still no cheque. I can't hold on anymore. My AQ is due on the 6th so I've done it all now and I'll hand deliver it tomorrow to the court.
  8. Thanks Hedgey. Yes I will do. You cant be too careful!
  9. I've won!.... kind of... I phoned Cobbetts on Friday and told them I was now ready to despatch my AQ and that I was giving it one last chance at settling before court. (I had heard of someone else doing this...) The very nice lady said she couldn't do anything over the phone and that I should fax a figure that I would be happy with and she would then consult her 'client'. I emailed her Friday and then chased it up today. Today I was told that Natwest would be very happy to settle with that figure and I should get the cheque within 14 days! This is great news but I cant but help being doubtful... 14 days seems longer than what most of us wait and it just so happens that my AQ is due in 14 days. I will still go ahead with the court claim though until I have the cheque cleared. It's mine and my daughters birthday in a few weeks so this is going to be a treat! Hopefully this is the last bit of waiting I have to do now!
  10. Thats good then. I received the AQ this morning so I'm going to tackle that now. I phoned Natwest last week to see what they'd say and they told me they would be ready to offer me something on Tuesday 24th... Do they know it's going to court? I think I'll fill out the the AQ and contact Cobbetts on Monday to see if they want to settle before I send it off...? It's all happening now!
  11. Phew! I'm glad about that. Thanks. That link's really good. Thanks again!...
  12. RIGHT! Received Natwests defence this morning - a whole week before the deadline! Is this standard? Getting a bit worried and need some reassurance. Specially worried about the six years thingy.... 1 The defence is filed and served without prejudice to the defendant's case that the Particulars of Claim do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the defendant to recover the bank charges (and interest thereon) referred to in the Particulars of Claim or any other sum(s). In the event that the Claim is not properly particularised then the Defendant will apply to strike out the claim and/or for summary judgement in respect of the same. 2 Without prejudice to the foregoing paragraph, if and to the extent that the claimant proves the allegation that the Defendant debited charges to the claimants bank account, insofar as such charges were debited on a date or dates more than six years prior to the issue of the claim, any remedy in respect of the same, whether damages, restitution or otherwise, is barred by the operation of the limitation act 1980 and/or the doctrine of laches and the defendant will apply to strike out this aspect of the claim and/or for summary judgement. 3 On allocation the Defendant invites the court to direct that there be a case management conference in order for the court to consider the making of appropriate orders to give the Claimant the opportunity to properly particularise the claim. 4 No admissions are made as to what charges have been debited to the claimants bank account. .... I wont put it all down but if this ISN'T standard then I will. Is the same ordinary drivel or should I be worried? There are only 2 charges that fall out of the 2 years but I didn't think that mattered anymore anyway.? If this is drivel then what happens next? Wait for the court? What timescales are involved now? Thanks
  13. Hi all I'm currently waiting for Natwest to defend (they've said they're going to). They've got 2 weeks left to do so. I want to phone someone to check on the progress of my claim. I'm only claiming for just over £1000 so I'm suprised it's got this far already. I want to give them a chance to settle before court but I dont know if this will look unfavourably on my part..? What does everyone else think? Does it go against me to phone? and do I phone Natwest or Cobbetts now..? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi Mbaz Have you tried phoning them? I would give that a go 0800 015 4212. If no joy, you can send a letter from here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html Hope this helps Skylario x
  15. Thanks Hedgey! Ever so helpful as always. My little Kittoo always makes be giggle too! Skylario!
  16. Quick update. Received Acknowledgment of service today with Natwest saying they are going to defend - and there I was thinking they wouldn't acknowledge!! What happens next... Am I right in thinking that they have 28 days now from the date of service.? But what do they have to do in that time limit? What am I waiting for now? Thanks x
  17. If I understand it correctly, we are not properly entitled to the 8% interest until we file at court... That said, the offer is still short of your £931 claim. It's completely up to you. As I've been reading around the forum, it is said a lot of the time that natwest aren't in the habit of closing account/taking away overdrafts. Skylario
  18. You've made it sound so easy! Congratulations!
  19. I had that letter too. It's the standard. I phoned before I filed for court and they basically said that it will be 8 weeks from when they received my claim before I get an offer. Soo... filed for court. At least we can get the 8% interest then too. Good luck with your claim.
  20. I dont mean to sound dippy. But I didn't think that you could claim back Advantage Gold Fees? If it actually went to court you surely wouldn't get them back would you...? Skylario
  21. Good advice! Sorry for being a pain! lol
  22. Thank you. I know they'll look for any excuse to put a spanner in the works so I'm worrying a tad too much. Back to ticking the days off the calendar now then.
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