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  1. heard from court this week we have been transferred to local court and hearing is for 24th september and we have been allocated 10 minutes for the hearing. So looks like we have nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs and wait and wait and wait. Has anyone any suggestions on whether or not to contact NatWest/cobbets and if so what to say to kick them up the backside
  2. skeggs - daughter just got account number for pre six year account from nationwide with just a phone call - unfortunately she has been in hospital so has not started the statement process but will do very soon, will keep posting on here as and when - good luck with yours.
  3. ok here is the latest - received a letter from nat west yesterday (thursday) making yet another offer of £935 which is less than the last offer! Today (fri) we have received a copy of defence from the courts which says:- A defence to this claim has been filed. The claim has been transferred to the court covering the area where the defendant lives or carries on business. (where it says 'defendant' someone has crossed it out and written above 'claimant') Please read the accompanying documents and note that the allocation questionnaire should be returned to the newcastle upon tyne
  4. Michael - just want to say thank you for your help - sorry i haven't got back sooner but i have been away for the weekend
  5. can someone please look at the above defence from cobbetts - pretty please:D
  6. should have kept my big mouth shut!! defence received today also saying that they have sent a copy to courts - oh well here we go again:(
  7. ok, i have been reading every defence i could find on here but i there are a few things different in mine to the ones that i have read so i will copy it here in the hope that some kind, wonderful person will have a glance over it and reassure me that i havent made some dreadful mistake in my POC and lose my case:???: here goes, 1 the defence is filed and served without prejudice to the defendants case that the particulars of claim do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the defendant to recover the bank charges (and interest thereon) referred to in the parti
  8. Just realised - we have never actually sent copies of statements to anyone - just a schedule of charges (stupid me!) would it be a good idea to send copies of bank statements with schedule of charges to cobbets?
  9. we have today received a copy of defence from cobbets (**** was keeping fingers crossed that they wouldnt as this is the last day they had to file) they havent asked for any further information or sent cpr18 or anything else. I think its the usual defence they send out as standard! Anyway - do i need to do anything - ie send them a full version of POC,copies of statements and schedule of charges with copies to the court as i have seen on another thread that it is adviseable to do this.
  10. thank you michael and everyone else who had given me advice - dont know what i would have done without you all.
  11. Can someone please clarify something for me -i have just been reading thread from DP37 and am now totally confused! Notice of issue for our claim was deemed to have been served on 28th March - which means that nat west had 14 days to acknowledge, which they did. we have received a notice of acknowledgement dated 10th april in which cobbets say they are going to defend - so does this mean that cobbets have 14 days from 10th april to defend or 28 days from 10th april?
  12. congratulations and well done emme - we will be ringing cobbets on tuesday next as we are away for the weekend, providing they dont get a defence in of course!
  13. hi emme - cobbets had until yesterday to file a defence with our claim - as of today haven't heard a thing from anyone so will be following all the advice given to you as you and a couple of others on here are a few days ahead of me - good luck and keep us informed as i am stalking your thread:D Made a mistake on my previous post said cobbets had until 28th when i should have said 24th april - brain cells clogging up with confusion i think!!!
  14. thanks Deller - its daughter in laws claim and she was all set for pressing the judgement button - will slap her wrists firmly and do as you advise - as we are away over the weekend think we will wait until next tuesday (31st) if you think thats not too long, or, on a different post was reading that it is advisable to write and give them another week to defend - confused now - what should we do?
  15. Update - sent 2nd rejection letter to natwest last friday (20th april) apart from the two offers from natwest and an acknowledgement from cobbets on 10th april haven't heard a thing, no allocation questionaire, no defence - absolutely nothing. They have until tomorrow though to file a defence so i suppose we should still wait and see what happens. If a defence is not filed by tomorrow should i just go ahead and file a judgement against them on wednesday on MCOL?
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