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  1. OK - that's a good idea. I'll sort something out with a DSAR to Aqua and see what happened to the debt .. Another, simple thing to do is to dig out my paperwork - I keep everything.. - and track any statuses I've overlooked and re-examine anything to do with Aqua. Thanks for your help so far Andy and DX!
  2. In the past, with that older debt, Cabot would make a new entry for the same debt but push the date of default forward by a couple of years so it was still on the file more than 6 years later. I would see that with other dcas too.. If this one has an incorrect date (but turns out to be still current) - can I get the date changed or should I asked for it to be removed (well, I already have requested that!) ?
  3. Ok - fair enough for the title ammendment! Thanks. The older stuff was defaulted on in 2011 and they made the claim in about 2017/18 by the time I'd contested it and all that, it was dropped in 2018 (withdrawn rather than struck-out - I probably should have pursued an official strike out?). That was from an old credit card debt too. It is possible then that it this particular entry is from an Aqua card .. they've purchased the debt and I've not been aware of the purchase, or at least not registered mentally that their communications a few years ago were about something new..
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I only meant that the entry is fraudulent as there is no such thing as a Cabot Financial credit card... or is that the only way a dca can register a debt they bought? I'm not sure of the original creditor to be honest - might have been an Aqua card? I think that would have been the last thing I've defaulted on in my past.. everything else statute barred from poorer times 10 years ago or so.
  5. Not really - it's closer to being a report on who set fire to their pants and why. Turns out to have been people who wanted to get new pants out of doing so... Funny how there hasn't been much talk in the press about their pants being on fire since the election. Almost as if much of the press were fanning the flames of the pants for their own gain - owned by billionaire pant moguls ? Which is ironic, given that same section of press have spent so much time denying their man's pants were on fire (liar liar) !
  6. Hi all, Does anyone have good advice on how to best remove something that is fraudulent on your credit report? ClearScore is the one I'm looking at - (Equifax?) I have requested its removal but is that enough? I would presume Cabot to just come back and say it's real... IT is listed as a "Cabot Financial" credit card - with no data entered - claiming to be in default. They are a DCA and I have in the past had debt purchased by them. They don't even give credit cards, let alone being in a credit agreement with them, they purely have bought some debt from somewhe
  7. (If I were to argue it in a court) I would say that it is a fine - one reason it's an unfair term in the User Agreement - because they don't charge you an introduction fee if you exchange details after selling an item, they don't charge you an introduction fee if you give/state your business address and contact details in a listing to a potential buyer (giving your business details is a requirement for business accounts). Yet they *do* charge you a "final value fee" if you send someone a contact number even if you don't sell the item to them, the User Agreement specifically stating that the f
  8. In the short term, owing money to ebay will cause me problems I may have to swallow the fee / fine for now and then leave with an equal-sized debt at a later date. Not ideal way of working but that's what happens when companies deliberately act outside of your accessible legal framework in order to be a law unto themselves regarding user agreements and contracts. Tit for tat... and then of course another mark on the credit file that won't be removed for not being just or fair. Right old stitch-up from big companies..
  9. Hi all, I have a strange problem with ebay. I have been charged £93 as an "off-ebay sale fee" after I signed a message with a potential buyer with my number in brackets underneath. They wanted to talk about the item over the phone. The item was for sale for £980. I then sold it to another person, yes off ebay, but through an ad on another classified advert. Here is the wording of their policy: https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/member-behaviour-policies/user-agreement?id=4259#4. Abusing eBay Item #5. Fees: Is this a f
  10. Hi, Sorry for not replying at the time- My time was running out for my response to the claim didn't have time to fill in the CAG form etc then get bogged down in questions about the specific details of my claim when it was a technical question as to whether the Letter of Claim was part of their submission to the court. I think I had to submit it that night or the next day.My response to the county court did ask for all the details that was lacking on the court claim form - I obviously can't properly respond legally without these details. In response, Mortimer and Clarke
  11. Hi, I've received a County Court Business Centre claim from Mortimer and Clarke on behalf of Cabot. The description of what they're claiming is so very vauge and doesn't even mention an account number or any reference at all. It just states that it is regarding a claim for an amount arising from an agreement with a credit card company a rough date as to when they think an agreement was entered into, a statement that the debt was assigned and then "The claimant therefore claims £xxx costs" . And that is it. I had missed the Letter of Claim I had been sent which, now I've f
  12. Cool. thanks - I'll have a look for it. Getting Eronious (my new name for them) letters myself now so want to keep ahead of things.
  13. Odd - got a notification on Jan 2nd:
  14. (P.S. - has part of this thread gone missing? I received an email update from Jan 2nd saying there was a new post ... but there isn't, definately not the one I was emailed.)
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