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  1. This is perhaps a really "fick" question but I'm going to ask anyway, Sunflower99 says at the bottom of the post "type in name never sign" - is that incase they try to forge your sig?
  2. I posted earlier on today but it was a bit half baked - so I'll try and start from the begining this time. My DH has gotten into quite a financial mess. I only found out about it in April 2008 - about 3 weeks after my mum died, so it was all a tremendous shock. DH had been accumulating debt for quite sometime - to tune of about £100,000 - mainly cards, loans and a secured loan on a property he owns jointly with someone else. Obviously I went ballistic - and there were many, many times I decided to leave, but we have a young son and thinking of him decided to try and work at it to make things work as a family. He has a well enough paid job £35,000 - £40,000 a yr, although this hasn't always been the case. I work part-time too, but none of the debt is in my name, so I can't be held responsible for that. The only joint financial agreement we have is our mortgage £63,000. When I found out about the debt I told him he had to deal with it and to stop putting his head in the sand - incidentally I only found out because he was getting phone calls, to ask why things hadn't been paid. So...... I went on the AIB website and found a council approved debt advisor who came to the house, lovely guy, he worked through everything and as we were trying to protect two properties and DH had a bee in his bonnet about paying it all back we went for a DAS. Due to the amount of debt it was touch and go if the AIB would approve him but low and behold the DAS went through £540 per month for the next 13yrs!!! I was dubious at the time, as there wasn't much slack and with the best will in world sh1t happens, and the few times it did my dear old dad was left to bail us out. We're over a yr down the line with the DAS and we're mega struggling. We had the advisor (same guy) come out again and we discussed a few alternatives. I want to keep our house for our sons sake (I am prepared to buy the BI). DHs other house is jointly owned between him and his elderly Dragon - opps sorry Mother. She's nearly 85 and not in the best of health either, so we can't unroot her. We talked TDs and BR but both put the properties at risk - I just don't know what to consider. I'd be grateful of your opinions, and if I've missed anything out please ask. Ta Miss P
  3. Alrighty - why did I expect you to know what going on here - silly me. I'll get dinner by then try and word the current situation as best I can. Be back later.
  4. I posted this question on another site as well, but I thought perhaps as this one seems to have more Scottish input I'd ask here too - hope thats ok? Its a kinda broad question but, in considering BR or TD what should the major deciding factors be? What are the important questions to ask regarding which path to go down? Many thanks. Miss P
  5. Miss Poohs

    An New One

    Thank you very much for your replies. I suppose I did get what I wanted with regards to my complaint - an accident enquiry, and an assurance that the staff would undergo a training review. It is hard to accept those short comings though - as I really do feel they had ample warning in the appearance of my mum. I suppose had it been me I would have understood their reasoning more, but under the circumstances I do feel the ambulance crew were very short sighted. Just using a common sense approach, I'd hazard a guess that any 80 yr old having a fall like my mums would be more than likely to actually break a bone. My only hope is that they don't do the same thing again to some other poor old soul.
  6. Are you sure about that? Perhaps she said no, and you developed selective deafness!! I know alot of men with that
  7. Miss Poohs

    An New One

    to mull over. Last August my mum, then 79, got on a local bus to bring herself home from the shops. She fell on the bus, was catapulted down the stair well and got trapped behind the front door of the bus. The bus driver called an ambulance and tried to make my mother comfortable without moving her. Someone on the bus called my dad who made his way down to the bus from the house. He arrived at the bus before the ambulance crew, so was with her from that point. I was called at work and made my way to the accident. By the time I got there the ambulance crew were there and had my mum on her feet - she was in a terribly distressed state. The crew walked her down the steps and onto the pavement, toward the waiting ambulance. The whole time she was on her feet she was complaining of pain in her shoulder and hip. Two comments were made to me by the ambulance crew around this time. 1. Does she always walk this slowly? - she's nearly 80 for Gods sake did they want her to run. 2. In response to her telling them telling them her hip hurt - they said "It can't be that bad if you can walk on it" My mum was taken to hospital in Glasgow where it was discovered she had a broken clavical and fractured pelvis. To say I was furious was an understatment. I made a formal complaint to ambulance headquarters who eventually responded to me and started an investigation. The crew stated they offered my mum a seat off the bus, but my dad was adamant they did not. They also said that they tried to get me to ask for a stretcher!! At this point I more or less laughed at the ridiculous situation they were painting. Ultimately they wrote to me upholding my complaint - as the ambulance crew did not obtain a diclaimer to say my mum had declined a stretcher, and that of the two fractures she had the crew failed to identify any one of them. From what I've been told the crew were given a full and complete training review. During which time my poor wee mum was left in a hospital bed for 7 long immobile weeks. She will never be a 100% I don't think - and has side effects of her injury. Is this as good as I'm likely to get or am I missing something? If you made it this far Ta - I know it's a long one
  8. WOW this place looks like a mine of information. Not one who's scared to complain myself - this site looks like it's packed with tips. No doubt I'll be asking away very soon, and I'll offer advice where I can
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