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  1. I know it was mentioned yesterday by the mods that the thread could be closed but it seems to have disappeared altogether?? Regardless of all the sniping that has been going on, there was valuable information for many members new and old contained within it! Is it right that it's been completely removed?
  2. Also interested in any answers Jimbo as I'm in the same boat with YW.... recently received the same from Northampton BC, missed 3x £25 instalments and now they are demanding the full yearly amount to March 2011 with costs via Northampton. I have offered the arrears and a payment plan to them however they will not accept this Can they actually claim for sevices that you have not fully recieved? And will the Courts look favourably on a company that continues with a CC claim despite written offers of a payment plan and arrears?
  3. I sympathise with anyone who has and is suffering with back pain, I frequently had bouts of severe pain until I was introduced to the McKenzie Method by a Physio I knew, and am now more in control of my back problem. I would highly recommend researching this self help method as opposed to waiting for treatment or spending lots of money on osteopaths and alike!!
  4. There is the issue of costs coming up on the on the 24th/25th March? Cartel customers face £30k court fees Alan O'Sullivan, This is Money 15 March 2010 Reader comments (1) |Chat Customers of claims company Cartel Client Review could find themselves further in debt to the tune of £30,000 after it has emerged its legal firm botched their court cases. Court costs: courts fees can cost between £20-30,000 if a case is unsuccessful. How long to clear your credit card debt: Wake up and smell the coffee... - Card debt calculator The firm working almost exclusively on Cartel's 'debt-free' cases, Consumer Credit Litigation Solicitors, was shut down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority last week due to concerns over 'suspected dishonesty'. It has now emerged CCLS took four cases to a Manchester High Court before Christmas as part of 10 test cases chosen by a Judge Waksman to decide the circumstances in which debts could be deemed 'unenforceable'. CCLS failed to win the cases for its clients and had costs awarded against them. However, the solicitors did not have insurance in place to cover it in the event of a failed court case, according to a source at Manchester Civil Justice Center, which has details of all upcoming cases. This means the indebted individuals who originally hoped Cartel would free them of their debts could now be slapped with further court fees of up to £30,000 each. This comes despite Cartel customers being led to believe their initial fees were the only costs they would pay in the event of an unsuccessful claim. Further cases are being held in Manchester presided over by Judge Waksman on March 24 and 25 to decide whether these costs should be borne by the individuals involved or paid for by CCLS. A judgment is expected shortly after Easter. The SRA says between 50-70,000 people could have paid at least Cartel's £495 minimum fee, with many paying more. The firm promised to free clients of their debts for large fees. The SRA said it found files which just seemed to have been piled into boxes at the CCLS' offices. • Concerned about the fees you paid to Cartel? Read our Q&A on your chances of getting them back... And what has been going on at Cartel Client Review? Cartel founder Carl Wright paid himself £790,000 in the year to September 30, 2008 from his company Cartel Group Holdings (CGH), of which Cartel Client Review is a subsidiary. CGH also earned £2.2m from its subsidiaries throughout the year, but Mr Wright declined to disclose how much of these expenses were paid directly by Cartel Client Review. A This is Money investigation has also found Mr Wright took out a £300,000 loan in August last year, secured against the future success of hundreds of client cases. He said this was for the 'expansion of the business' when asked by us in January. However, this deal values each claim at only £500, little more than the money paid by some clients to have their case reviewed. At the same time, Mr Wright took out a 'debenture' on the company, which makes him a priority creditor over any other creditor should the company go bust. This would make it difficult for Cartel to secure loans from other sources, as any other creditor would only be paid after Mr Wright was paid funds owed to him. Marian Owen, editor of Business Opportunity Watch, a subscription service for entrepreneurs, said: 'Why did he feel it was necessary to suddenly do that? If a company did go bust, debentures like this could be set aside if the liquidator thought a person was trying to get an unfair advantage over other creditors by using insider information.'
  5. You have 14 days from service to acknowledge the claim, service is deemed 5 days after the date on the claim form so this will bring you up to the 10th March? As long as you have submitted I'm sure you will be fine however for peace of mind I would double check the status on moneyclaim online.
  6. Try looking at Common Purpose this seems to be the elitists new club of power and influence
  7. Including them that don't!! Convicted drug dealer keeps his £4.5m fortune - because lawyers refused to work for £175 a day | Mail Online
  8. Has to be Gas and Electricity board and not cheap!! Toilets can be moved anywhere nowadays if you use Saniflow system. You won't need planning permission but I would think building regs may? come into play with the meters.
  9. I don't think the Claims Companies/Solicitors did themselves any favours with this Government especially with the double charging that went on with the miners compensation scandal a year or so ago....
  10. Moneybox maybe worth listening to at lunchtime today, looks like Cartel are in trouble.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/moneybox/8538925.stm
  11. Hi, this calculator may help you Start Calculation there is also one on the directgov site Benefits adviser service : Directgov - Do it online
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