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  1. In a nutshell: Old T-Mobile debt. Horrendous service in home location, numerous handsets, loads of calls to customer relations, stopped paying, escalated to CEO office after 5 or 6 months of pain. They admitted they couldn't provide service, arranged termination of account and a refund. Job done. Years later, Lowell purchased "debt" as something clearly had gone wrong. Took me to court for just over £1200. Somehow managed to find documentation from T-Mobile confirming they had done me disservice, apologising, arranging refund, hope to see me back as a customer one day, (email fr
  2. I was recently being taken to court by Lowell for an alleged credit card debt and good old Bryan Carter got involved. The hearing was held and the judge made an order that as I had stated the original documents hadn't been provided and the copies were so illegible they couldn't be read without a microscope, that Lowell were to provide a "clear and legible copy," and a new hearing date would be set. As the new date approached, nothing had been heard and a notice of discontinuance in full was filed by Bryan Carter. I immediately started a war with Lowell, trying to make them
  3. Hi all Please can I seek some advice? My bank account has been cleared by Capital Finance One, (worst ever people to deal with,) and this has left me in a case of hardship i.e. no money for rent, bills etc. During August 2010, I applied for a PDL with CFO. This was in addition to a number of other debts I had and on reflection, it was a stupid thing to do. However, when faced with the choice of eating or not, I felt I had little choice, having already explored other options. As the end of September 2010 approached, when the loan was due for repayment, I realised that I was not g
  4. Hi everyone I wonder if you can help me with this nightmare. Two payday loans – one to Wonga, one to LendingStream. On the payday loan roundabout – rollover after rollover – nightmare to try and clear with other priority debts at the moment. Emailed Wonga and LendingStream on 22nd September 2010 instructing them I was revoking their permission to use my card details to collect any form of payment in relation to my account. I advised that by the end of October I would have reviewed my situation, (DMP most likely) and I would contact them then. I of course received nothin
  5. OK cool. Thanks very much. I have unfortunately already sent the info to them but however, if they don't play ball i'll use the £1 a month for life proposal and then start demanding to see the legally correct stuff via the SAR that I'll send ;-)
  6. Hmmmm OK, points taken - esp the one you make about if they don't remove the negative info then there is no point. The I/E shows a minus figure available to pay them LOL. I was acting on the advice of National Debtline........any pointers of where I should go from here instead ? Cheers J
  7. Thanks both for coming back to me. Much appreciated. I spoke with Lowell Group today - I know, I know - don't kill me - I should deal in writing but I wanted to here what they had to say. Have a debt with them for £611 which was passed by O2. Suggested £300 in FnF settlement but she would only give 15%. My debt list is as follows - total £1533 Quick Quid 459 225 Gothia Orange 146 72 Mac Hall O2 611 300 Lowell Vanquis 317 156 CARS Left to right - Creditor - Amount owed - FnF Offer - Debt agency Now inte
  8. Hi all I am in the next couple of weeks finally going to be able to make some payments to creditors - some in "full and final settlement" and others completely in full. Has anyone had any luck in the same situation and getting adverse information removed from their credit file as part of the "deal?" If so, how is best to go about this? I presume getting something in writing before handing over the money is a good starting point? Cheers J
  9. Hi all I would appreciate some advice. A number of years ago - at least 7 or 8 - I can't recall without going into an archive box, Nationwide debited my account with an unpaid direct debit fee, which took the account £3 into an unauthorised overdraft. I was in the process of leaving them anyway for another monster financial institution so I wrote to them closing the account. I then exhausted their internal complaints procedure, by which time the charges amounted to £298.80 and this has been passed to a debt collection agent. I think it is absoutely disgusting that a ba
  10. Hmmm interesting but the latest flashing would only bring it up to T-Mobile's latest branded firmware which is 2 releases behind Nokia's and even Nokia's latest firmware does not fix that problem. So in effect, if you bought a television and a bug prevented it receiving channel 4 but it received 1,2,3 and 5 OK, you would be expected to live with this ? I am not trying to be released from the contract but the goods have been supplied as part of the contract and therefore, it's not just sim-based service that is covered. The goods supplied by the service contract provider in order to r
  11. Hi all I would welcome some advice on this please. In September, I upgraded my phone with T Mobile and entered into another 18 month contract. Had a nightmare with the first handset that 2 T Mobile stores were not interested in despite quoting the usual sale of goods act etc. and me taking the handset back on the 10th day after having received it. Eventually, Customer Services on 150 relented and replaced it as a swap out the next day. I got round to reading the manual last weekend to see what exciting things I was missing out on and I decided to download some new screensav
  12. I have just sent this via the BBA website, addressed personally to Ms Knight. Good evening Ms Knight I read with interest your statement to the BBC today concerning the Supreme Court ruling on bank charges and note that you advise that customers can avoid bank charges by arranging authorised overdraft facilities in the first place. I was wondering if you could also make a statement to the BBC advising what customers should do whereby the bank refuses to give an overdraft facility due to past credit history? Your statement infuriated me, as has the results of the test case. Whi
  13. Angela Knight, from the BBA, was asked whether they would continue to make unauthorised overdraft charges. "The banks are mindful of their customers, they know the concerns of those who have paid the unauthorised overdraft fees and those who have not," she said. "Individuals can avoid any charge by putting their overdraft arrangements in place first." Thoughts ? Angela Knight appears to be EXTREMELY out of touch. Fine if your bank will give you an overdraft Ms. Knight !!!!!
  14. Here here ! My intention was to come home tonight and write exactly the same thing. Anne "whatsherface" (surname escapes me now) of the BBA apparently pointed out today that consumers can avoid charges by putting overdraft facilities into place first. What a joke! As you say, easy if you can get an overdraft but especially now with the criteria much tighter than 5 years ago, this is easier said than done. I bank with Barclays and am into an unauthorised overdraft every month because of charges but they won't give me an overdraft facility until I have run my account in credit for at leas
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