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  1. One of the main users of current basic accounts is undischarged bankrupts. There is only the briefest of mentions of those people in the documents and that is this line; "Upon revision of the Insolvency Act (1986) to align with Scottish insolvency law, the Bank will open a basic bank account for undischarged bankrupts". In the treasure document referenced above. So can someone who knows tell us how Scottish insolvency law differs from the English / Welsh one? and will this be a problem for anyone seeking bankruptcy going forward?
  2. It's a bit more than that though. The new act is actually to replace the Distance Selling Regulations, which by and large were okay just in need of an update to allow for streaming media sales and will make it much harder for the one man bands and other home workers who sell on line either via Ebay, Amazon or their own website to comply with the revised regulations. (I'm not allowed to post links so you will have to google for) "The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013" If you want to see the full extent of it all rather than the rather fl
  3. Hello, I've already had my property re-posessed and now the mortgage company is seeking more money in various 'charges'. This site seems to have loads of info on how to go about at least diminishing these charges. I've also got a previous bank trying to charge me for a debt that is mainly made up of charges after they failed to bounce all of my DD's despite instructions from me that they sould do so (they randomly bounced some but not all). I'm glad this site is here as it gives me confidence that if others can succeed in making claims then I can too. I'd thought that bankruptcy
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