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  1. OK I have received a PCN in the post and I was wondering what is the mileage in contesting it. As per my title I will quote the details "62 J Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of the road other than a carriageway” I am in the process of writing to the council to see the video as this was due to the result of a recording device. I am a fairly good driver and do not make a habit of parking on the pavement so I am a little surprised by this. Some details; The date of the contravention is 06 March (Sunday) and I believe this when I went to g
  2. K, I am trying to get my head around the idea myself. So why does the signage etc not say will be fined? In my head I think that it is not really clear and to add fuel to my verry little fire same train last night and insoectors and a guy sitting in first class just gets moved on, no fine. So is this an I feel like fining this guy and not that one policy? The guy last night even went and sat back down in first class and just got moved on again. Do I accept the fact I am unlucky or is the may just some kind of legal red herring?
  3. Hi, I have had a quick look and didn't find a similar thread so my apoligies if this has been rasied before. I was travelling home on Monday night, the train is packed, its hot and so I sit down in the rather empty !st class area. It is at this point I should mention I do have a correct and valid normal class annual ticket. Of course along come the revenue protection people who inform me I don't have a valid ticket and I have to pay a penalty fare of £20. Now at this point fair is fair I pay up, but as I do so I notice that the warning booklet I am given states thet that I may be fin
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply. Extra info Ticket (?) was issued by The UK Parking Enforcement Agency which is a trading name for Wilsea Services Ltd. The NCP clearly has a 24 hour tariff giving me the intention that I can park that long. Do I write back to them as per the sticky on this forum not acknowledging I was the driver etc ?
  5. Hi, I hope you can advise me on the following. I and family went for a visit to the cinema on Friday 8th June 2007. I parked in the NCP car park, around 20-20.30, which is under (I believe) the Centre Court shopping centre in Wimbledon, London. When we came out I realised that the car park closed at 24.00 and my car was locked in. I spoke to a security guard (over an intercom) who advised me to come back at 08.00 (Saturday) to collect it. 08.01 I was there to pick up my car (as directed) and had to pay the NCP ticket (£20) to get out. I then noticed a parking ticket on my win
  6. Thank you. I will bear this in mind next time. Have quickly checked the warrenty and didn't see any specfied time limit, Bah!!!
  7. Sorry I didn't know about this forum before I contacted Sagem. My bad I know (now) and no I didn't buy direct. But can i do anything now, or do i just sit and wait (been over 2 full months now). As stated before I don't want much, just my TV back and working and without marks on the casing. Oh and as an after thought what should I have done?
  8. Title hopefully explains it all. Back in 2005 (end of March) I bought an expensive TV. In January 2007 it starts to make a sound so loud that turning volume to full doesn’t block it out. Now here is where I should have looked at this site but I didn’t so….. I reported the problem to Sagem Jan 15 and faxed a copy of the receipt. (they have a 2 year warranty on their TVs). They informed me that they would pass the problem onto their engineers to call etc. 2 weeks late and numerous calls to a very unhelpful customer service call centre, the engineer telephones me and af
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