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  1. This topic was closed on 2019-03-08. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I wonder if anyone can offer some advice. We got our son an iPhone 5C the Christmas before last. It's on a 24 month O2 contract, which expires in December 2015. Last week the touch screen stopped responding. The phone switches on and powers up just that the touch screen doesnt respond to any touched or swipes. From a visual inspection the screen and device is undamaged, no cracks, chips or the like. No water damage (never been exposed to water). Took it into the shop it was purchased from and they sent it off for repair. Yesterday I received a tect to say the repair wasnt covered by them and to phone for a repair quote. On phoning the cost of repair is £180 as they say it is pressure damage. Although outside of the manufacturers warranty I was hoping it may have been covered under the EC directive about purchases within 2 years.Putting aside the fact I wont be paying £180 to pay to fix a phone, is it worthwhile/possible to try and pursue this further under the above directive or any other Act? Or would I just be wasting my time. Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks
  3. Thanks for confirming. I'll get the written back up done today. Thanks again for your help
  4. Hi, just looking for a bit of advice. My mobile contact is due up first week in February, so contacted orange last night to see what deals they had. I was offered an upgrade deal which I accepted however speaking to friends I could get a better deal elsewhere therefore phoned them this morning to say was going to be cancelling the upgrade and was giving them their 30 days notice to move elsewhere. I was told no problem if I declined delivery of the handset (which is likely to be tomorrow) once they have received it and logged back into their inventory I would then be able to give my 30 days notice. I was advised this could take 10 working days. This doesn't seem right to me. I've asked for it to be noted I'm giving my 30 days notice form today. I know it's only 10 days but that practice seems wrong to me. Is this correct? Thanks
  5. Just to let folks know. Phoned the number as advised by dx100uk and get a decent result. Basically accepted my offer so things are on a more even keel. Thanks again for all the help
  6. This was the first letter I had received. When I called yesterday they say they have applied for the warrant and it has been granted. At the end of the day i appreciate this is my own fault, done the one thing your advised not to do, and ignore debt and hide. Its quite probably all too late to expect any flexibility
  7. They are the electricity supplier. Its technically Scottish Gas as I live in Scotland however Scottish Gas, British Gas, one and the same
  8. I wonder if anyone can offer advice in my situation. Separated in January of this year and moved into rented accomodation with my 2 young sons. Its a struggle financially and emotionally and as a result I've put off and put off paying the electricity (there is no gas) Long story short - despite intending to deal with it I havent. I received a letter a couple of weeks ago talking about applying for Warrant of Entry on 5 September. I waited till pay day (yesterday) and called them to explain I couldnt pay the full bill £262 however could pay £100 and set up a direct debit for £100 per month to clear the debt and for future bills. I was told it was now too late and I would now have to clear the full debt or else they would be enforcing the warrant of entry on 5th. I recognise this is my own fault and buried my head in the sand for too long, however now that I feel a bit more like me, I'm trying to resolve this issue. Not keen on having a pre paid meter, given how expensive they appear to be and the inconvenience (theres not a local pay point) especially having kids. I've emailed there complaints as I figured that would be quicker than customer service, but guess it'll be next week before they respond. If anyone has any experience of this type of scenario, I'd appreciate any guidance. Thanks J
  9. Hi stu007, Looking at the letters, it's council finance department who have been writing,
  10. Scotgal68, thanks for replying. I just couldnt believe they are so off hand. I'm not disputing I owe then rent but it's surely reasonable that I get an explanation when 2 wildly differing figures have claimed. I've had very little involvement with my local council in the past (Falkirk) but if this is anything to go by, they're a nightmare. As much as a part of me thinks drag my feet and wait for sheriff officer involvement, I can do without the hassle and stress so will just stick to my initial plan. Thanks again
  11. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I was made homeless with my teenage son in January. Council put us up in temporary [expensive] accommodation. As I work I dont get housing benefit. Anyway, I quickly found new accommodation through private letting. I was in the council flat less than 2 weeks. I handed the keys back in, got a receipt and gave them my forwarding address to contact me regarding rent owed. This was 17 January 2013. First letter I received was on 15 March 2013, stating I owed £660 and this was due to be paid in full within 7 days. I emailed them straight away saying I accept there is rent due however a) why has it taken 2 months to write to me and b) how has this figure been arrived at. About 10 days later I get a letter stating I owe them £144 and needs paid in full. No explanation, basically the exact same letter as the previous one only the amount differing. I emailed them back again and said I will not be in a position to pay it in their timescale however I will pay the full amount by 24 April, (my payday) In the circumstances I did not think this unreasonable. To contact me after 2 months, to give me an outlandish bill for less than 2 weeks accommodation, I could have stayed in a hotel for that amount. However I've just came home from work today to say the amount of £144 is still outstanding therefore it is now their intention of passing my account to sheriff officer. Financially its been tough to set up home on our own (me and my son), I have no family alive and my sons mum takes nothing to do with him and contributes nothing, so I dont have that sort of money to hand however I didnt think it unreasonable given how long its taken the council to contact me to state payment will be made in what is roughly 2 weeks. Their conduct seems so heavy handed and aggressive, their communication poor. They've never even explained why my bill was £660 now it's £144, surely that in itself is worthy of an explanation. Can anyone offer any advice?
  12. Hi I bought a jacket in Glasgow Debenhams last weekend. It was fairly expensive, for me at least, £110. Its never actually been worn yet, but my partner was looking at it and noticed stitching is burst around the inside pocket. To be fair I had never noticed this when I tried on in the store. I did look at the out side and under the sleeves but not on the inside. I took back to my local store in Falkirk, however they dont sell the jacket. Staff member said they could send it away to get fixed. I reasonably believe if spending that money on a jacket I dont want it repaired, however they said that was the company policy, which sounds totally ridiculous to me. Initially I was looking to exchange, which I explained to the member of staff, however now I'm so peaved off I'm thinking I want a refund and I'll get a jacket elsewhere. I'm going to go through to Glasgow tomorrow assuming but would appreciate if someone could explain what my rights are rather than what Debenhams want them to be. Thanks in advance
  13. I appreciate all the responses and your kind words. I'm not sure what we'll do but I feel less stressed about it, just need to calm down my partner. Thank you
  14. Hi Wonder if anyone can offer some advice as my partners getting really upset. We received a parking ticket (operated by DaVinci)for parking in Ninewells Hospital in Dundee as we put a wrong parking ticket on the widescreen. It was £30 or something. I asked for the circumstances to be taken into consideration and wrote within 48 hours of receiving. We heard nothing and a month later had a letter from Roxburghe saying they had been instructed to recover £70 form us. The background is we had premature twins (25 weeks) As they were so small and sick they were transferred to the specialist unit in Ninewells (70 miles away) We have 2 other boys so travelled up and down daily, which continued to happen until mid December. The neonatal unit gave us parking tickets were you scratch of the date to help out. Our youngest twin died on 1 October after 11 days. His brother was more of a concern miraculously continued to battle through, however was on more than one occasion not given a great deal of hope. Sometimes we had to leave the ward when he required intervention or procedures to be carried out. One of those days 17 October we went into Dundee to get away and came back later when we got a call that we could come in and see him. By accident and in our rush, we've put up the pass we scratched the day before and we've therefore had a parking ticket issued. Absolutely it's our fault however, I would have thought in the circumstances (and we did have a valid ticket although not displayed) this could have been waived/cancelled. Is it worth continuing to fight this, I honestly thought they would have seen our letter and even tried to verify it with the ward and waive the fee in the circumstances but alas no. My partner gets upset talking about it. I've asked Roxburghe to only phone my mobile however they phone the landline and she gets upset as it's still so very raw. Its just not needed at this time but none of us really have the emotional energy for fighting. Thanks in advance for any help
  15. Thanks for the reply. Thats my view. if there is a pricing error, and especially that they are aware the issue exists they should be contacting purchaser to make them aware rather than just asking them to pay the higher tariff. Unfortunately I can't replicate what I did and take a screen print as when you log in to your orange account, you cannot upgrade your phone when you are not due an upgrade. Really starting to annoy me the more I think about it, just so wrong, however I will be pursuing. Their complaints procedure is a joke as well, talk about obstacles to complaining!!!
  16. Hi Wonder if someone could advise where I stand re this. Sorry if a bit of a ramble. My recent contract expired at the start of February, however just before Christmas I took advantage of the early upgrade. I had been considering the new iPhone so went looking around for what was on offer. There my account page I could see I could get the 4s for a one of payment of £29.99 on the 41 extra tariff. When add it to your basket the £41 pm showed as £36 and pennies, this is after taking into account for loyalty discount, been with Orange for roughly 4 years. After reading some posts here I phoned up there retention team and asked what sorts of deals they could offer. Explained the deals I had found, there were a couple at £36 a month, guy said with your discount its costing you only a few pennies over the £36, I asked if he could waive the £29.99 he said that wasn't possible. Said I'd think about it and at the same time asked for a PAC code as I figured I might go elsewhere. At the same time Apple were offering interest free one £10 months on products over £420 but figured I still needed a contract. Anyway having thought it over I decided to stay with Orange and as wasn't getting any better deal over the phone from Orange, logged into my account and ordered over the internet. . .one of payment £29.99, £41pm tariff reduced with loyalty discount to £36 and the pennies (can't remember the exact figure something like 40p) for 24 months. Thought nothing more of it. I did call late December, early January to query info on my online account as it was still showing my old Raccoon tariff. Person I spoke to said it was because I upgraded part way through the billing month, but it would sort itself out, which was fair enough. Anyway I normally pay a few pounds over each month so have a tiny bit of credit against the following months bills. January bill came and went and never really noticed anything, plus my Raccoon tariff had some bolt ons which I had recently removed, so paid no real attention to it. However come my bill in February, I wondered why it was so high over £41 and seem there was no discount on the monthly tariff. Called customer services they said owe you don't get that on the iPhone, I said but I did, it showed me what I was paying before I ordered plus I was told over the phone same thing. Thats when the guy said, oh yes, the website does show you that and your order will show that, however thats a problem with the website, which has been raised with the management before but it's not possible to stop the loyalty discount showing against the iPhone. I said I'm paying roughly £5 extra a month for 24 months, and want the deal I signed up for, he said to get that deal I would have to have paid £99 up front and not the £29 I paid. I said, had I been given the full information up front that may have changed my decision as in hindsight plenty of other companies where offering the deal he's stating. He said to give it to me for that price would mean it was costing Orange money, explained why should it be the customer that takes the hit as they won't pay to upgrade there website. Although he appreciated my point of view and said it was an issue they were aware of nothing more he could do. Long story short, he went and spoke to a manager and he said he could offer a £50 one off credit, I said how would I escalate the complaint - need to speak to a manager. None available, said I will accept the £50 just now as appreciate that is all he can do, however I will be writing in further re this as I think it is totally out of order to have a known issue on there website which fundamentally affects what you sign up for. Came off the phone and emailed customer services. Had an answer machine message the next day, saying tried to call you however from there notes the issue I had might now be resolved however if not to call the customer services line. I emailed them back to say the issue is very much alive and I would like my complaint addressed in writing. Lets face it I've already tried through customer services and its almost like they put obstacles to stop you complaining. That was the 21 February, to date heard nothing more. A) has anyone had a similar issue, I can't be the only one had this issue with an iPhone order form orange b) advise where I stand with this, in terms of rights and legality. thanks for persevering I'm not the most succinct of writers Thanks J
  17. Hi Thanks for the reply, I wasn't aware backdating was limited to one month now. I appreciate everything you are saying my issue with the decision is why should somebody be allowed to claim a benefit which in essence is for the benefit of another if they no longer are contributing to that persons life. It seems totally wrong. My son has not seen any benefit of that, I can assure you of that. His mum might want to see him for a day a week now but for nearly 3 months she had no niterest, however was quite happy to accept some money form the government for supposedly looking after him. I guess thats life and no one ever said it was meritorious
  18. Hi Wonder if anyone has any experience of the above. Long story short however recently separated and my ex-partner had been receiving child benefit for our son. Halloween last year our 12 year son came to live with me and has lived with me full time ever since. She does not and never has contributed to his upkeep since he came to stay with me. Up until middle of January his mum had nothing to do with him, and since then has been seeing him for a few hours most Sundays. It wasn't until February when social services had come to see me about issues with our son and his relationship with his mum and her boyfriend that they had mentioned me claiming benefit. I contacted his mum and after a few weeks as she never responded (as is her way, but thats another story) I made a claim to benefits agency to have child benefit transferred to myself. They have now started paying child benefit but are not back dating. Has anyone had an experience of appealing the decision. I thought the whole point of child benefit is the fact its for the benefit of the child. If he doesn't live with you and you make no contribution to his upkeep surely it should be a no brainer or am I being naive? Thanks in advance for any pointers/guidance you can offer
  19. Hi Lee I appreciate the very kind offer, unfortunately the account was with orange. Thanks anyway John
  20. B I think this might be one to put down to experience. Thanks for the input, its appreciated John
  21. Scott, thanks very much for your reply. I suspected as much, just thought as the bills where changed to her name (and continued to be sent to her all this time, hence why I've was never aware till it got to this stage) I may have been able to take her to small claims. As I say thanks again for your reply John
  22. Hi Around 18 months ago I split up with my long term partner. At the time she had a mobile phone contract. She was 6 months into a 24 month deal, paying £15 per month. As she didn't work and hadn't worked since our son (10 year old who stays with me) was born, the contract was in my name however once the contract was approved we agreed she should get the bills changed to her name. It turns out for the last 5 weeks of our relationship she was seeing someone else and the bills were touching £80 a month with calls to him. I told her I certainly wouldn't be paying that any more and that it was her phone and she should deal with it (she had started working again 2 months before we split up) I thought nothing more of it, until the other week I got a letter from a debt collection agency saying I owed a mobile phone operator £280. Turns out this is the contract the ex had and as its in my name they are pursuing me which is fair enough. I'm off the mind to pay it however I want to know if its possible to e.g. take her to small claims to reclaim from her. When we split up she took everything, which I accepted at the time as I just wanted away from her however this does stick in my throat having to pay this.
  23. Hi Thanks for your quick reply. I'm going to see if I can send them an email as per your wording above. Failing that I'll get a letter sent off tonight. As an aside ridiculous that the consumers rights are on hold but the banks have carte blanche to attempt to harrass and distress people into paying something which they dont owe.
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