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  1. I echo Badwanger's sentiments "Well done the Van Owners on Golden Sands" Red Rebel
  2. Hi GamezBond Here are a couple of links that may help. Etihad Airways Infant Policy - Infant Fares, Bassinets, Baby Changing Tables, Baby Food Guest charter regards Red Rebel
  3. This organisation could be a useful resource for those who feel they have been exploited by park owners. PHRAA, Park Home Residents Action Alliance Red Rebel
  4. Examples of what this thread is about. BBC NEWS | UK | Mobile home owners 'preyed upon' http://www.thevisitor.co.uk/morecambe-news/Caravan-owners-told-to-pay.5576495.jp Red Rebel
  5. Not sure about the pent up anger thing , but having been a caravan owner for a number of years and witnessing the underhand way most park owners make there money (especially regarding the buying and selling of caravans). I think its high time something was done in order to protect people from being blatantly ripped off. Red Rebel
  6. Hi Just-ice, Laws need to be introduced to combat the powers these park owners have, in order for this to happen caravan owners who have had the mis-fortune of being sited on a park run by rogues need to complain to the likes of Trading Standards, OFT and there local MP. If enough numbers did this then change might happen. The forming of owners associations within parks is also another effective method of combating unscrupulous park owners. Red Rebel
  7. Information on unfair terms and conditions park owners impose can be found on the OFT website below: http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/unfair_contract_terms/oft734.pdf Sections 4.72 and 4.74 are could be deemed relevant to whats happening on Golden Sands. Red Rebel.
  8. Steven, happyowner is right my issue was regarding late payment of the annual site fee (due April 1st) and the manner in which they dealt with that issue. The current issues being fought by owners on the park have wider implications. I am just supportive of there actions. Red Rebel
  9. Conniff maybe those currently contributing to this thread have not purchased a caravan from GS so dont have the information requested. But hopefully someone will soon Red Rebel
  10. Larry i am afraid to disappoint you but at no point did management say my caravan was to be moved off if not paid by the deadline. Offer of Payment was made 2 days after the deadline (as explained in previous posts) but was refused point blank. Payment was due in April + i had paid a large proportion of the fee which in most cases would count for something. Red Rebel
  11. It doesn't matter how long I had to pay the bill, I informed park management I was going to be a little late......2 days beyond there self inposed deadline to be precise but was removed from the park without warning. Does that sound fair to you? Larry
  12. Hey Larry havn't you had enough warnings about your conduct on here or is there an alterior motive........such as getting this thread closed;) Red Rebel
  13. Happyowner, I did not lose my caravan I simply moved to another park with better facilities and am very happy Red Rebel
  14. Happyowner stop hiding behind the pretence of being a caravan owner the language used above is indicative of the language and attitude of GS management. Red Rebel
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