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  1. Should I request a copy of the original credit agreement from Next Directory as it obviously won't be my wifes signature on it. This has now been passed to Russel and Aitken Solicitors of edinburgh, but I suspect that may be part of Debt Managers Services.
  2. Fraud is a distinct possibility. We had all our mail redirected for 6 months until we could inform everyone but you get that much junk mail nowadays it's a possibility that the junk started again at the old address. We still get junk for persons who we purchased this house from. Have just checked my CRA file and everything appears to be in order.
  3. We moved into our current address in March last year.
  4. Thanks for the help. I will get that letter off to them tomorrow and see what happens. I will be checking our credit files in the meantime.
  5. Unfortunately it was by telephone but i've told her anymore correspondance has to be in writing to them. That's the reason I have posted on here, a sking what our next course of action should be. There should be no details of my wife to pass on, she has never had an account with next directory. In fact she has never had an account with anyone. Apart from my credit card, which I use for business, and our mortgage we have no other debt. We are in the fortunate position to pay most things by cash.
  6. My wife has recently started to get correspondance from these stating that she owes xxx amount for an account with Next Directory. She has never had a Next Directory or an account with them. She has contacted Debt Managers Sevices on two occasions explaining this and both times they stated they would remove her from their database and she would receive no more correspondance. Guess what, the letters keep on coming, the latest from their court dept., threatening court action. Yeah right. What should she do next: ignore them, which I'm inclined not to as this will obviously affect her credit rating and also mine by association. write to them asking for proof of account i.e. signed agreement which they will obviously be unable to provide. Contact Next Directory. We are now at a loss as to what action action to take as these numpties won't take no for an answer. regards Ken
  7. Hi Just need a bit of advice on how to proceed. Equidebt keep sending me letters saying i must contact them. I've had a few and just kept ignoring them. Anyway I have looked into this a bit further and it's for a credit card I had with the Royal Bank of Scotland. I did get into financial difficulties around that time but I know I subsequently paid this account off in full in 2001. I have never had any requests for payment until recently, almost 10 years, but as its been so long now I have no proof of this. Equidebt state I owe around £450. I haven't contacted them and I must admit I'm inclined just to ignore it. What should I do ??? Thanks in anticipation.
  8. I am quite happy to claim for just 6 years but obviously want to take it through the English system as i can claim more...
  9. Thanks for the info Sarah I did read that thread earlier but being new and still wading through all the info on this site i just wanted some confirmation thanks again
  10. Bit complicated but bare with me. My clydesdale account is held with their branch in Aberdeen where i resided when i opened the account. However, i have now resided in England for the past 6 years whilst still using the account and, of course getting hammered with charges. Can i submit my claim through the English small claims system and contact Clydesdale through their head office in Leeds, or must i use the Scottish system Kena...
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