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  1. Had a reply just after festive period saying they have reduced the charges but are still looking for £96 so second letter on its way saying 'thanks but no thanks, reverse them all or else' LOL Fingers crossed
  2. I got plenty of fight so don't intend to be a walkover
  3. Hoping it wont get that far but its a fair point, I'll look at getting that done
  4. OK think I'm sorted... modified the request for repayment letter and attached a schedule of the charges that have been applied (very kind gentleman gave me dates when they were applied over the phone so need to send S.A.R. saving me loads of time ) Just about to go and post it to them ...... registered of course Fingers crossed cos my poor old Dad cant take much more of their harrassment Watch this space
  5. You think thats bad... I worked out that over the years and past agreements I've paid out over £1500 just in service cover alone... and thats not even taking into consideration the amount I've already paid on my current agreements
  6. Went in to pay my account os Saturday as normal and Brighthouse very kindly printed me of a copy of my current agreements as I was unable to find them at home and WOW..... I'll actually be saving £40 per month. Really can't wait to find out if I can reclaim all the 'optional' service cover I've already paid to them. :o
  7. Yeah I am but have to make sure my contents insurance cover HPI goods before doing anything about that..
  8. Thanks guys... confusing indeed lol So is there a letter for Black horse in the templates page as I couldn't see it
  9. Hi Rory I've had a look around the templates library but can't seem to find anything with regards to claiming back charges that I haven't actually paid..... can you point me in the right direction please ?? Thankyou
  10. Hi all I'm looking for some advice.... A few years ago my Dad done me the enormous favour of taking out a crdit agreement for a suite with Black Horse... the payments were never missed although were sometimes late... thus accruing penalty charges of £225. The agreement was paid of in full back in July this year and I have documentation to state this although they are now chasing the charges on the account of £225.... I obviously don't want to pay these as they can be deemed as unlawful but the a*******s are now harrassing my poor old Dad with letters and phonecalls demanding the money.... I have on numerous occasions called them and advised them that if needed I will take them to court to have the charges reversed but to be honest I'm not sure if I can do this as I haven't yet paid any of them. Can someone please offer any advice as to whether I have to pay them to reclaim them or if I can just write threatening court action to have them reversed without actually paying a penny. Any templates for letters would be very helpful too :grin:
  11. Hi all After a long successful fight with Lloyds TSB I decided to hang my gloves up and have a rest However now I've come on here (actually looking for something else) and a couple of threads caught my eye about Brighthouse, having read them at length I have to say its given me an appetite to get the gloves on again. Having been a customer with BH for alot of years I have never once defaulted on a payment so have never been subjected to their exhorbitant penalty charges, although I have every time been forced to take the "optional" service cover. On looking back at a few of the agreements I've had in the past (well the ones I've been able to lay my hands on) I've calculated that they've had a whopping £1503.64 just in this so called "optional" service cover. And so my question is this.... Can I claim back the so called "optional" service cover on the agreements that are now paid in full or is it money badly spent never to be recovered?? I'm already preparing my letter to hand in this weekend with regards to cancelling the "optional" service cover I'm paying at present and look forward to saving myself some money in a weeks time Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... boy its good to be back
  12. Thanks guys.... just abnout to embark on journey 2 and go for all charges dating back to 1994 when the account was opened
  13. OK having 1 victory under my belt I'm hungry for another... about to write to Lloyds and ask them for statements dating back to when account was opened in 1994 before challenging them again to get my charges back. Has anyone had any luck with claims over the 5 year limit ????? :? Well worth a try anyway
  14. Hey WSM.... I won... Lloyds paid money in yesterday so just faxed court to cancel hearing tomorrow
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