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  1. This topic was closed on 08 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Filed my questionnaire today. Hopefully the bank will settle. However since I have moved my bank account to another bank I am hoping the money I am claiming £1230, will pay off my current overdraft with the Abbey, until the abbey withdrew my overdraft facility and are now charging me £20 per month for being overdrawn without an agreed overdraft:(
  3. The last date of filing the questionnaire is Monday coming. I received a letter from abbeys solicitors saying they have files they are about to file theirs as well, and their first offer (50%) is still available. What is likely to happen now? Will it go to court?
  4. hi, well sorry for the dissapearance. been working away. anyhoo, abeey wrote offering me 50% of what i am claiming. Before i could get a chance to refuse this i received a court questionnaire and abbey have filed their defense. i have until 8th August to send my questionnaire back to the courts. Any advise on what I should do? Also I havent hit the start link on the moneyclaim website yet? any comments appreciated
  5. Received a letter from Abbey's lawyers. They are requesting (as one of the posts said they would) requesting a list of transactions. SO I have now sent them and the courts a copy of the transactions. Will keep you posted Claiming £1200
  6. I have reveived a letter saying that they need 4 weeks to look into my complaint. 2 days later another letter says they are sorry that has taken 8 weeks since my initial letter to them to look into my complaint. Maybe because I found out that they froze my bank account claiming I was not living at my address (wondered why i was not getting any responses from them). Sod them. Claiming for £1200, moved all of my money to a new bank account. Going to proceed with court.
  7. Yes I had sent the letter before action with a breakdown of transactions (exluding the 8% interest) 14 days ago. I have not received a reply from them so Is it now I go to the small claims court? BTW on their telephone banking system there is an option for "About the OFT announcement". Abbey are still saying that the bank charges are fair and that they can be avoided and that they have no further comment to make whilst they dispute/resolve the OFT announcment
  8. The abbey have until this friday to pay up (26/05/06) otherwise small claims court it is. What if I do not hear from them by this date with a yes or no answer? Do I start the proceedings anyway?
  9. Sent off the letter special delivery which they have definatly received today. So now just waiting for a response, probably that I must take them to court. Will keep you posted. Claiming for £1250
  10. Things are going quite well now, have received all the bank statements I require (Calm before the storm I think:). Anyhoo, I have filled in the spreadsheet. Couple of questions Does anyone recommend claiming the 8% interest? Should I send abbey a printout of the spreadsheet or just put the total amount in the money claim letter? Thanks in advance
  11. Well, wrote off to Abbey early February and only just got a response back from the abbey asking me to pay £10 for the info (i beleive this is correct). However they said the response was dated from the 2nd March but only posted in April. So, going to pay the £10 for the statement of transactions and see what happens then. Addition : jsut been reading some other threads, the letter I received from abbey gave me the option to take the £10 out of my bank account (which is what I chose) and faxed back the request. So now do i have to wait 40 days for them to send me the statements?
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