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  1. Hi hedgey, Thought that may be the case. I`m not too worried if it takes a bit more time, as long as i know something is happening. i will just keep dreaming about how to spend the money to help pass the time a bit quicker!!
  2. Hi all. I have just recieved (some of) my requested statements. I only sent my sar on the 22 of march so was supprised to recieve them so soon. Usual story of damaged brown envelope, statements missing etc. Went into my not so local branch and saw the manager to inform them of my disgust that my private statements were now potentially in the hands of anybody who wishes to abuse them and that i would like my account numbers changed to protect myself. To change my account numbers i was told i would have to open a separate account rather than ammend existing one, and that there was a possibility of being refused my existing facilitys - overdraft etc, on the new account. does anybody know if this is true? The manager has also requested replacement statements be sent to me dating back to 1993 (the time i opened the account) and not charged me for them! I previously only requested 6 years but with all of this talk of claiming back further i thought what the hell, go for it! I have to say that the lady was very helpfull and the complete opposite of the service i normally recieve. The only trouble now is that i am unsure how long to give them to respond to this request. Is it classed as a new sar due to requesting extra statements, or are they still on the original deadline of 40 days from the 22nd march (+ few days for delivery)?
  3. Thanks for your replies. I think i will make british gas my next on my hitlist, after natwest of course!
  4. I have been having trouble regarding late payment penalty charges on my bg electric account. They have issued £10 charges for sending out each (computer generated) `telemessage`. Could this be classed as a missleading and intimidatory tactic? Also the customer service is terrible. If you mention that you are recording the call they immediately hang up. If you dont record it (or tell them that you are not ;-) as they always ask me now:lol: ), they lie through their teeth and try to use scare tactics to make you pay. Does anybody have a contact number for somebody superior at bg as when i ask to speak to a supervisor/teamleader/manager etc, i am told that they dont take calls. Am i correct in thinking that their charges are illegal in the same way bank charges are, i have only had a few (unlike the bank ones!) but bg have infuriated me so much that i intend to really dig my heels in and make them earn their money, and give back any that they aren`t entitled to!
  5. thanks dx. Can`t wait to get back that money they pinched and then charged me for the privelage!!! Seriously tho, have you claimed against capital one, how easy (or hard)is it? i`ve read that the banks are getting a lot craftier with their tactics.
  6. should i pay with a cheque or po? does anybody know who to make it payable to?
  7. And capital one, monument, premium credit . . . . . ..!!!!
  8. Thanks kate, only my first few posts and already so many helpfull people. Things are looking up. Natwest here i come!!!
  9. hi Kate, it could just be me being stupid and not doing things right. wouldn`t be the first time!!
  10. I think you might be right on all counts hedgey! The more natwest have to pay out, the happier i get!! not that im bitter or anything, honest!!!
  11. I just dont want to be made to travel for miles by some awkward little jobsworth to pick them up! Do capital one even have branches?
  12. hi bitingback. I have set up email notifications and am looking at other pages then returning to main page, subscribed threads etc but still dont see new replies. It could get a bit confusing if i have to reply before reading posts, so i appologise in advance!!!
  13. ok, NOW i see your reply on the main thread, but surely i should be able to see it before i reply to it!??
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