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  1. It went well, basically they were having a phone in as it was top news, they asked at ehat stage my case was at etc, they asked what I thiught the outcome of gthe case would be, I said I thought it would be in our favour in veiw that a simalar procedure happened with credit cards and they are now capped, also how that the banks have sent out new terms and conditionds already, they wont make the same mistake twice! They asked me about beind charged for using a bank account in the future, I said at least we would know about the charges and would have freedom of choice. they will do a follow up show in the near future and call me, Brilliant.
  2. Good morning all, woken up at 6.45 this a.m. to a phone call from southern counties radio, they have quastion and answers on bank charges, they have been following my story, so will be on the radio, as always will mention cag. Back soon!
  3. im back, obviously the case got stayed, i will post up the outcome tho for you all to see. hope your o.k Gary, happy new year to everyone. Roll on next week, thats what I say.
  4. Hi ther , just seen you have been reading psm s thread and left message re, a liftinng of a stay, you may be interested in reading mine , I was at court yesterday, and the judge and reserved his desicion for now!
  5. Yes, it does feel good, waiting now for the newt part of the roller coaster ride!
  6. when I asked about "why abbey didnt apply for astay sooner,rather than using today, the hearing, the answer given was that they had sent out a letter about the stays being applied for and showed me a copy, I said I had a copy buy personally felt that the letter could be miss leading to some people in that a stay was already the case and that you can bet your bottom dollar that if I hadnt kept to my part of the order they would be applying to have my case struck out today! the judge mentioned about me claiming as alitigation in person, basicaaaly claiming charges against Abbey for being ther today. I hope all this helps everyone.
  7. I took along an extract of psm:s for the judge , I asked first if it was o.k and gave him the bit about their judges descion to stay the aspect of the case relating to unfair terms whowever the Abbey in its defence had stated at para 6...... and so on and that this part of the case was ajourned. We then went through Abbeys defence cross refrenceing, he seemed interested and will consider. so basically several isseues. So in summing up the judge reserved judgement on the application of a stay , to discuss with his brother judge , he said " they wanted a consistant approach to case managing" and would conider all infomation given and give an answer in writing within 3-4 weeks, with consequential directuions, and if a stay is ordered with supplimentry orders.Hopefully granting the points bought up in the "in the alternative" part of the stay statement. If he turns down the stay it will come with a new court hearing date. The judge was understanding and I am so fed up with the banks fobbing off, again will just have to wait and see, but in the mean time food for thought on our part, but also for Abbey, not to be so compacent. Before we went in the barrister said , dont worry it shouldnt take more than 5 10 mins ,he shook my hand when we got out after an hour and half and said well done, he wasnt expecting that!!! Thank you to everyone especially Gary, who without you I would never of done this ,I mean it from the bottom of my haert, no other way heart.... good old vino.
  8. psm, read my last post on my thread, just gonna eat tea will finish it, but used an extract of the decion of your judge and gave it to my judge today, he took it to read. will catch up later. thanks for all your help.
  9. Well, back from court, was in ther for a hour an half! Abbey did not get granted their stay today! The Judge wants time to reflect on today and discuss with his felow judge. The Harry Potter lookalike requested ther stay along with all the jargon, which I appossed to for a number of reasons. He did not have my bundle so obviously i mentioned breach of the order, why didnt they apply for a stay weeks ago and that if the judge was not to give the stay , how would he defend the case. he had no instruction to defend the case. At this stage I passed on the stay statements, Thanks to GARY. It was explained to me it was in our best intersts in veiw of the OFT. I said I realised this however my case has been dragging its feet and then mentioned the cpr 18 and that I requested that back in June wey before the OFT and I had no responce from Abbey. I then mentioned about my Hardship case and that I had looked at various websites of the social security act 1992 and that benifits should be inalienable , I passed a load of printed stuff showing this, the barrister was asked about it , he said he new nothing about this, so could not comment. The judge said he would take it on board and have it looked at, we spoke about how much of the charges taken was benifit money etc.I took income and expenditure which I did with the CAB and proof etc. going to eat tea finish in a bit............
  10. o.k ready as i will ever be, be back on in the a.m need to leave at 1pm ready for case @2pm. .... off to drink a little vino!
  11. I will , just finished all prep and having some dutch courage and a fat double cream scone to top. Time to top with revision in am . case @ 2pm , thanks for your support.
  12. thank you I have printed the sticky by Gary the whole of it.I have tried to gather my own evidence also the money should never of been taken from my account as they are benifits and they are inalienable and printed of the acts and sections to relate, ther is so much to remember....... Thanks soooo much for your advice i apprciate it will keep in touch.
  13. psm, I am in court tomorrow, any top tips, I am finding it so hard to retain info, its so hard for me, anything significant to install in my brain?
  14. Called the courts and all is on for tomorrow. They told me that the defendants had just called also for confirmation so I will undoubtably see them tomorrow!
  15. Does anyone know if there have been any wins latley with srike outs or anyway realy, interested to know, I have read psm which is very interesting, am so nervous now!!!!
  16. Nothing thro the post this A.m will call the courts , just in case , but very much doubht it, Please need to catch up just to go over last things .
  17. ok, been away at weekend, can I catch up with you tomorrow DEF . day before court!!!!!
  18. well done Gary Brilliant will sit down and get my teeth into this. THANKYOU
  19. WOW! Well done have read all the way through, will do so again and again and again till next Wednesday. So tied, so scared and sooooooooo much to take in!
  20. On the above document which I wana send 2 moro shall I leave para 3 out, as I have not done this?
  21. Just above paragraph 3 , shall I delete that part as I have not written,as suggested. I get what you mean now ,but will send this letter. I have not done my stay objections yet will do tonight, have you got any links to oft and fos sites? Would be good to catch up , do you know if anyone can possibly come with me yet? I did speak to Clare Fletcher briefly, I told her it would be put forward as a hardship case and to remind her that I had explained this before in writing . She really had nothing to say, except that they would be sending a Barrister! Nothing we dont know.
  22. just bathing kids will answer rest in10! thanks so much your a star!
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