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  1. does anyone use this forum any more? does anyone have links to somewhere else to receive some help? thanks john
  2. A little of what i had done previous to the court case. I asked for all my bank details for last 6 years under the data protection act,althugh these took over 100 days to arrive, before they arrived i wrote a letter to clydesdale bank from a template on here asking for all my charges to be refunded,By this time the court case was about to happen and in the last letter back from clydesdale bank it told me all claims were put on hold until after the case,well we know how long that went on,after the case i heard nothing back from them, It works out with interest i am due back over £4000 if successful, what step d i take now and can i still do this? I have just had £105 of charges on my accounts this week and no doubt will have more because of this it is getting hard to clear things when these charges keep pulling me back,hpefully someone can help. Best regards john:(
  3. Hi 3 years ago i took out a loan with Black horse, At time i was told it was a requirement because it was a secure loan. 8 months later i topped up the loan,In order to do this i had to pay off existing loan. Knowing the amount i had paid and what the final payment was on first loan i am positive i paid off the PPI to, 5 months ago i topped up again. I had a £12,000 loan and topped it up to £16,000. On the £12,000 loan i had been paying around £250 a month including PPI,When i topped up my final payment was £13000,this i know PPI was included,I have since cancelled the PPi as i was misinformed i required it, How tdo i go about claiming back the PPI i had been paying for 2 years plus the final payment,IMO it must run into at least £2000. Going to go to black horse today and find out,But really is a lot of money and dont want to mess up,Is there a letter i can download in templates? many thanks john
  4. Yes Idainfife was june 2nd how do i go about doing that? would it be successful you think? thanks for your help
  5. hi barracad yes bought from the states i had done dealings before with seller with no problems then noticed seller was no longer registered with ebay a month into my purchase so to be on safe side i thought and with the paypal protection decided on that route as got no reply to my emails from seller
  6. hi still have all the auction ID,s as they were for several items and paid through my maestro/switch card through paypal. to be honest i am willing to go all the way with this, not so much for the money although i want this back but more a case of sick of the big boys walking all over us.......
  7. hi Last year using paypal i got stung for an item i never received on ebay, done the whole resolution thing and received £5.67 of a total of £12.67 back.Have just been stung again this time for the total amount below,now paypal ebay had offered there £500 paypal protection on auctions surely there is more i can do on this,quite sure i,m not the only one in the world this has happened to...Help....email below Dear john , After careful review, we have concluded our investigation of the Buyer Complaint described below. We have decided in your favour, however, we were unable to recover any funds from the seller's account. As stated in the PayPal User Agreement, recovery of funds associated with a Buyer Complaint cannot be guaranteed. Please know that we will make our best effort to recover the funds in question if they become available in the seller's account in the future, and will take appropriate action against the seller. Such action may include issuing a warning, a temporary restriction, or terminating the account. Keep in mind that PayPal uses a number of factors, including member complaints, to determine when to take action. Due to privacy laws, we cannot discuss the details of any action taken. We hope you understand our policy and that it reassures you that you are safe using PayPal. ----------------------------------- Transaction Details ----------------------------------- Transaction Date: 2 Jun 2007 Transaction Amount: -$320.08 USD Your Transaction ID: xxxxx Seller’s Transaction ID: xxxxx Case Number: xxxx Seller's Name: xx Seller's Email: xxxx ----------------------------------- What to Do Next ----------------------------------- This case is now closed. No further action is required by you at this time. yeh really re-assures me to use them
  8. thanks service charges now being added>>>more to come later LBA being sent tomorrow,already had a no in prelim so all failing this one will take the FOS route as claiming over £2000 now..
  9. I was under the same impression as yourself and thought i could add service charge,i was told over the phone the service charge was for exceeding my overdraught limit, i have removed them for now to play safe but might go back with them depending on how my original claim goes as they dont exceed the small claims limit and would take my chances. thanks john
  10. After 130 days my bank statements for last 5 years finally arrived this morning...Now need know what to claim for,i know i can claim for returned DD,s and late fees but i have on my statements a few things i,m just not sure about.....All help is greatly appreciated.. SC at Period to (every month i have this ranging from £1 to £26?)this is a service charge but in respect to high charges at an earlier date i would not have these can i claim all my service charges back as i would not have been overdrawn if i wasnt gettin hit with the high charges?? Interest to (again every month ranging from £0.45 to £22.98 )which i think i dont include as i,ll be adding 8% using the calculator on site to all my charges,this right? DD BGS Service(again every month ranging from £0.00 to £31.7:cool:lost with this one!!!!!!!!!! ps...bank charges so far add up to £1340 without interest Many thanks john
  11. Have worked out on my statements i have been charged a service charge , obviously for exceeding my overdraft limit, Can i claim these back? As if i wasnt deducted so much for returned DD and irregular fees i would not have these charges,just making a list of everything just now and if i can add these it dates back to february 2003 at roughly £20 a month so been charged roughly £800...Would be good if i could claim these back. many thanks john
  12. on the interest one u have each month is this the overdraft interest i can claim back?
  13. Hi I thought you charged the 8% interest on all late fees on your initial LBA letter? thanks john
  14. After 130 days my bank statements for last 5 years finally arrived this morning...Now need know what to claim for,i know i can claim for returned DD,s and late fees but i have on my statements a few things i,m just not sure about.....All help is greatly appreciated.. SC at Period to (every month i have this ranging from £1 to £26?) Interest to (again every month ranging from £0.45 to £22.98 ) DD BGS Service(again every month ranging from £0.00 to £31.78) I have all 3 of these with differ amounts each month just wondering if someone can explain what they are? and what ones i should add up to ask for back...ps...bank charges so far add up to £1340 without interest,will calculate this with the interest at 8 %? i take it... Many thanks john
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