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  1. Ok thanks for that info. Could you point me in the right direction of a template letter to request a CCA?
  2. Thanks dannyboy. Can they just do that though, as far as I knew I was dealing with ECI and paying them but now they write to me as "CAS" and their bank details change without telling me. So how can they day that I have defaulted when I havent??
  3. Hi everyone. Im new to this forum but after reading loads of threads im so glad I found it!! Ok, before I start can I just say my username is not my real name!! Right here goes....last year my other half recived a letter from a company called ECI that stated they were acting on behalf of Abbey National to reclaim £4600 ish that he has left over from a loan he hadnt paid back. After several letters and phone calls they agreed to accept a payment of £10 per month. My other half set up a standing order and has been paying it for 18 months or so. Last week he received a letter from a totally different company (CAS or something I think??) with a totally different customer ref number but relating to the Abbey loan. It was signed by the same bloke that was signing the ECI letters and thats why ive guessed that they have changed their company name. Anyway the letter said he has defaulted his payments and that if they didnt receive the £10 withing 7 days then he would have to pay the total debt. We checked online banking and the £10 did come out as usual and hasnt bounced back. Looked on back of letter and their company bank details have changed!! Am i right in assuming that ECI have gone into liquidation or similar and therefore have changed names and bank details?? If so where has his £10 gone and also, can they just do this without informing him?? Ive seen on other threads that theres some sort of letter you can send to these companies requesting the original credit agreements - anyone know of a template and how I go about this? If they can stump up the proof they have purchased the debt, does he have to pay them or can it be written off? If they do porove they own the debt, can he offer to pay them say 10 or 20% as settlement?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. I have a private plate on my vehicle and due to expecting a baby we have to get rid of this car and get a new one. We arranged to get a new car yesterday and we plan to pick it up on Saturday. The car with my number plate on is being used as a part-ex but because the car will be newly registered this week we dont have a log book for the new car and probably wont for a few weeks. My problem is, I need to fill out a retention form to enable me to retain my plate whilst im awaiting the new log book. The form says that I cannot sell my vehicle until all the relevant paperwork is through which could take 4 weeks! Does this mean I cant get my new car on Saturday??? Everythings been arranged with the finance company for handover and ill cause some serious problems!! Hope someone can help!
  5. Ive been on entitledto.com and all it says I can have is "possibly a funeral grant..." ha ha - made me laugh! Thanks for all your help - I shall ring cab and ask their advice!
  6. Im new here so would really appreciate some help. Im 22 weeks pregnant and due to go on Maternity Leave early October. Ill be getting the standard maternity money - 6 weeks paid @ 90% and then 33 weeks paid at £117.18 per week. So by christmas ill only be bringing home £400 a month in maternity money! My partner works full-time and we live together as a married couple I suppose. Ill be getting Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit but would like some advice on the following: Will we be entitled to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit? Ive read that they pay out to low income families but I wasnt sure if they classed Maternity Leave as low income or not? I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me on what I can/cant claim whilst im pregnant/on mat leave. Just in case you need to know - after the 33 weeks I WONT be returning to work. Thanks
  7. We live in a road that only allows permit holders to park between 12 and 2pm Mon-Sat. This morning my partner left home about 11pm to go to work and there was a pcn on his windscreen. Having looked at alot of threads I think the wording used is all correct except this part confuses me: WAS SEEN AT MOORELAND ROAD FROM 09:14 TO 09:19 DATE OF CONTRAVENTION: 28/06/2008 CIVIL ENFORCEMENT OFFICER NUMBER 114 BELIEVED THAT THE FOLLOWING CONTRAVENTION WAS COMMITED: PARKED IN A RESTRICTED STREET DURING PRESCRIBED HOURS Surely this isny anything to do with not having a parking permit as it wasnt between 12 and 2pm?? It could however be something to do with the fact he was parked half on a yellow line - BUT this yellow line is very badly broken so you cant even tell where the line starts! If it is because he was on a yellow line, shouldnt the wording suggest this? Also, it says the full amount of penalty charge is £120.00 but will be reduced by 50% to £60.00 if paid within 14 days. I would obviously like to challenge this PCN but I havent got a clue what to say in my letter - any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  8. Ok ive officially been "stayed" - 2 bl**dy days before court!! Ive decided not to bother applying for a removal of the stay as they're never removed anyway so i suppose i just have to wait until 31st march 2008!! Will i still get my MCOL charges back??
  9. Ok i dropped off my court bundle yesterday - such a massive queue!! So i have to send one to DG aswell yeah?? Cor thats gonna cost me a fortune in postage! The court said yesterday that my case was still going ahead. I got my letter from DG on Friday saying they had applied for a stay - how long will it take for the court to let me know their decision?
  10. Oh yeah i forgot to ask: I need the OFT Statement Summary for my bundle - soes anyone have it? And do i need to put my latest letter from DG in the bundle?
  11. Ok thanks Freaky - ive took annual leave from work tommorrow so i can make a special trip to the court to deliver my bundle by hand! Is there a covering letter i need to put in with it for them and also DG's copy? With regards to the stay - ill ask the court in person tommorow and ill ask about the fee. £35 isnt so bad - i thought it was £100! Ill just wait and see what the court say! Thanks Freaky!
  12. Ok i had a letter from DG on Friday - My first ever one!! Its the same as everyone else has received....we are applying for a stay...blah blah blah. My court bundle is due on by Friday so do i still go ahead with it? Also, is it actually worth applying for a removal of stay? Has any stays been removed?? I only just managed to scrape together the £120 court fees so i doubt ill afford another £100!! Is it worth me asking for a lower settlement from DG? E.g. "forget the interest and ill accept"...? Any help would be fab!!
  13. Oh Maybe Mine Is Not Good News Then!!?? Oh This Is All Driving Me Mad - I Wish They Would Just Pay Us All Out To Get Rid Of Us!!
  14. Ive just spoken to Bromley Court and my hearing is still going ahead on the 21st September. She said "the banks are really trying it on but your hearing is still going ahead as normal". This must be good news right??wayhey!!
  15. Ive just spoken to Bromley Court and hearings for 21st Sept are going ahead as normal. She said the banks are really trying to get out of it but theyre all going ahead as normal! Wayhey!!
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